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Every life form is made up of vibrations that coincide with the harmonic freuency to which all life is attuned The vibrations of the body easily go out of tune when a person is exposed to physical or emotional stress VIBRATIONAL HEALING THROUGH THE CHAKRAS provides the most up to date information on the use of vibrational tools such as crystals aromas sounds bodywork and homeopathy to help the body remember its own healthy harmonic resonance Author Joy Gardner offers this in depth look at vibrational healing for people interested in improving their own health and well being as well as those who want to become practitioners of this gentle art Explore how to use vibrations to release old dysfunctional patterns in the body mind and replace them with new patterns that resonate with the body'¬?s own healthy freuenciesAn in depth resource guide to using vibrational tools at the chakra points to heal the body and mind Includes a detailed explanation of chakras and the human energy field and how to heal with a variety of tools including colors crystals aromatherapy and lightJoy Gardner'¬?s books have sold over 175000 copies

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    I've read this book three times four if you count the endless skimming I 3 it One if not my all time favorite book of reference If I had to pick a reuired reading list for my PRETEND classroom I would put this gem on the top of the list I am going to pull it off the shelf today and start reading it again I get a little out of it with each read It's a bit of a tough read in some spots but the author explains this in detail and coaxes you onward I thought it was funny that one person wrote that it was a little weird Weird? Really? Is it really that out there? I could give numerous examples of why this type of healing should be the NORM but I'll spare you I recently joined a healing circle a few months ago even though I have practiced vibrational healing for as long as I can remember most of us have and are simply unaware of the fact With a INTENTIONAL approach the results are going to be much longer lasting benefits Vibrational healing is a way to heal and not just a band aid to cover up the trauma I suggest getting your hands on a copy if you are even the least bit interested in this type of long term healing I have seen things that are almost unimaginable because of vibrational healingthings that are even hard for me to believe and I am a huge WOO WOO Believe me this book goes WAY beyond the WOO WOO and gets down to the science aspects of the subject as well I can not say enough good things about this book I usually never read books than once I have two GO TO's and this is one of them 3

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    Book 2955 Vibrational Healing by Joy Gardner My first dive into understanding chakras how it affects mood and energies and what to do in certain situations in order to re align the energies It got into the physics of life and I had to remember my eleventh grade physics class all over again which was nice and refreshing I really felt I was learning something new alongside information I already possessed Adding the wavelengths of sound light and smell to show what it can do it really helped me put what I chose to put into my life and body into perspective especially noise pollution and how it affects us all mentally and physically how whenever we go deep within ourselves surrounded by nature it can make all the difference for all the senses The concepts just clicked something in my brain it all made some form of sense even if you don't believe in the power of energy

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    SF library 4 starsThis was a very fascinating book I had heard of the chakras when I took an arts course at university in Studies of Religion years ago This book addressed each area systematically and provided a lot of background and scientific studies to back the research as well as personal anecdotesI found it incredible to learn that all things have their own vibrations How some cancer cells can be obliterated and wholly targeted without affecting healthy cells My mind was blown that different organs of the body have their own freuencies and when exposed to sounds mimicking the freuency of healthy cells they will be encouraged to vibrate at that healthy level tooMy take away has been to try and incorporate some of this ancient wisdom to try and achieve good health I think it's empowering to try and take control of your health without relying on prescription medications This was yet another source that highlighted the importance of aerobic exercise for good health many diseases including cancer cannot survive in the presence of oxygenI've bought some peppermint essential oils to help with headachesmigraines and am looking forward to starting a crystal collection I was already using colours in my life without really knowing why I was drawn to certain colours or what they represented

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    Great reference book and go to book for uick look ups Very informative and accurate information

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    A little weirdbut fascinating nonetheless