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The rollicking story of Ed Frink a young handyman who wins the 200000000 lottery This small town romp finds Ed not only dealing with sudden wealth but also with odd relatives thugs from Vegas and wild women Playfully serious the plot rolls along offering action romance and mystery How does Ed spends his money? How would you spend the money?

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    I read Connie Spittler’s “Power Ball” in two sittings and was not happy that it ended I haven’t enjoyed a book in that same way that is smiling as if I’d just been invited into the coolest party on the block since I read my last Tom Robbins novel It takes two flat seconds to fall in love with Spittler’s odd sweet characters and to be enchanted by her invented down on its luck town From the deserted chicken factory to the Chinese curiosity shop she keeps things moving and her skill with language and attention to detail provide a magical overlay on the story This is a good fun book with themes that stick to the ribs