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Anakin Skywalker believes that one day he will be than just a slave He has dreams Maybe someday he will leave Tatooine and become a space pilot or even a Jedi Knight But how can he become a pilot when he can't win or even finish a Podrace? Will Anakin be stuck doing Watto's dirty work forever? Or will he follow his dreams to a greater destiny?

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    Great kid's story pre The Phantom Menace about Anakin Skywalker The story takes the reader through several areas of Anakin's life on Tatooine begining with his dream of someday being a Jedi Knight You get to travel inside a Jawa Sandcrawler with Anakin and then on to the podrace before the Phantom Menace where Anakin demolishes Watto's pod because of Sebulba As a Step 4 reader this book is geared toward kids in grades 2 4 but younger kids will still enjoy it Great illustrations and fun collectible stickers inside the book A fun read for the younger Star Wars fans or any Anakin fans who just want a uick read about him

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    star wars theme second step reader books to help gain interest in reading

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    Tells how Anakin found c3Po