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The Man from Autumn is a psychological novel by Dr Mario Martinez In this new eBook edition Dr Martinez teaches biocognition through its enigmatic characters in an incidental learning style that melds science and literature The narrative gradually introduces readers to concepts that include navigating  the drift  the causes of health the mind body codes of longevity guardians of the heart stigmata and many other fundamental principles of  biocognitive theory and practice

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    I heard Mario Martinez on NPR talking about the connection between mind body and spirit and how historical culture influences our health He blends psychology with theology and medicine Really amazing thought provoking work While waiting for the non fiction version to come in at the library I learned that he wrote this fiction version in order to present readers to his Biocognitive Theory in a accessible way So I'm very interested in the subject but wouldn't necessarily recommend this book The characters are not that likable or realistic and it's kind of an odd read It's a fine primer on Galician wines; wow they sure do drink a lot of wine at each meal It did get interesting about 75% of the way in when it got to a situation with stigmata because that's a great example of the intersection of the various disciplines he weaves together in his work We'll see if this helps inform my understanding of his work when I finally get to the non fiction book A few uotes the archetypal wounds transcend cultures and reflect the three main infamies against our hearts shame abandonment and betrayal Some wounds are the result of our naive interpretation of motives rather than malicious intent But the archetypal wounds are clearly inflicted by acts of reckless ignorance or deliberate evil before we possess the strength to cope with their intensity The genesis of these primal wounds resides in childhood and their resulting self loathing is the element that preserves them until we enter a healing partnership to resolve them p 54 5 Each archetypal wound has a corresponding healing field Shame is healed in a field of honor abandonment in a field of commitment and betrayal in a field of loyalty A pledge to implement the conduct that promotes healing can be made alone with the corresponding field or with a partner If done with a partner both parties agree to promote the conduct that defines the healing field If done alone the agreement to embrace the conduct is made with oneself p 55 Since words reflect our personal reality modifying semantic space where words reside can change our collective reality p 116