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What happens when a COMPUTER VIRUS suddenly begins fatally infecting computer users all over the country? The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta dubs it CompuFlu” – But other computer users are affected in a totally different way – they discover that they have strange new powers All are beset by frightening nightmares of a wizened old creature they call The Gray Man Ultimately it is he who beckons them to the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina where they all meet and learn the fate he has planned for them and for the WORLD

10 thoughts on “Virus 2.0

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    obviously I did not consider it to be that great Normally takes me a few hours to read a book of this size This one took a few days There were parts that didn't even belong IE back stories about characters that weren't even a part of the book other than a casual mention The ending was the worst everyone lived happily ever afterblahblahOnly one other book out of the thousands I have read had a less likeable ending

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    After reading Sinners and Social Workers by the same author I was happy to find this title by the same author offered for free on Kindle In my opinion not as strong a piece of work as Sinner and Social Workers particularly at the beginning with some clunky characterisations at first it soon picked up pace and I settled in to the story

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    A nice read clearly a sort of parody of The Stand It has funny moments but it's not as funny as Clive Brie I loved that one a lot

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    Liked it Very imaginative people catching a virus from their computer