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High society life can be deadly under the hot desert sun; An art theft turns to murder and uinn is ducking bullets Someone wants Liam uinn dead but he's not sure if it's the aging TV actor the aging mobster or one of a bevy of local gals who have him in their sights The desert's a tough place and Arizona is a long way from his beloved Philadelphia The Nora situation is convoluted than ever a hippie with a mean streak has a gun to his head two goons are digging his grave and the last time he stepped in the ring some guy knocked him out without even touching him Still uinn would tell you it beats dealing with his love life and family back in Philly at least marginally And that's what happens well that and a dead guy when uinn Goes West For lovers of Robert B Parker John D MacDonald and Sue Grafton this private eye series offers a steady stream of action and adventure humor and even some romance Why do readers relate to uinn? He's an ex con A He's a guy who made a mistake and no one is harder on Liam than Liam I think at least in the first few books And he's got a big troublesome extended family I was trying to capture that feeling we've all had at some point around the dinner table or at a family event when you know you really love them but boy what you wouldn't give to say what you're really thinking For a guy who fights so much he's kind of a big softy Was that deliberate? A He developed as a character based on a backstory and a family history that I had pretty firmly in mind; but by having once been a champion boxer it gave me a chance to let him handle disputes without using a gun a definite necessity for an ex con I like to think he's his parents' son Do I need to read them in order? A It helps It's not necessary as every book is a self contained mystery or three; but the backstory of his family and the progression of his life in Philadelphia makes a lot sense in chronological order 1 uinn Checks In 2 uinn Gets His Kicks 3 uinn Goes West 4 uinn and the Vanishing Bride 5 uinn Gets the Blues 6 uinn and the Dead Man's Daughter 7 uinn Slips the noose 8 uinn Goes to Jail 9 uinn Gets Hitched 10 uinn Plays Ball COMING SOON So why should I try them? A Because you're looking for a fun read with lots of action and a mystery to test your sleuthing If you like books by Gregory McDonald Janet Evanovich or Stuart Woods you'll enjoy uinn uinn Checks in is the first gripping suspense thriller in the Liam uinn PI mysteries a new series of private detective novels from the Canadian master of mystery thrillers and suspense LH Thomson The uinn books take Liam from Center City Philadelphia to the west coast Florida and into the dark heart of urban crime but not without Liam keeping his sense of humor intact You'll typically find the uinn books under Hard boiled mysteries Crime Thrillers Private Investigator Series Private Detective Novels Thrillers and Mysteries Best Sellers International Mystery Crime

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    Liam uinn is sent to Phoenix to evaluate the estate of Dominic Grey one of PMI's clients recently deceased But the death is suspicious and a valuable painting from Grey's collection seems to be missing Editing oversights found in text of Kindle version Page 10 Well it wasn't like WELL it wasn't like add comma ; 16 I hear ya buddy I hear YA buddy ; 24 Old Gregory McDonald joke Old Gregory McDonald joke needs end uote ; 26 Yeah well people make all sorts Yeah WELL people make all sorts ; 26 That's true boss That's TRUE boss ; 30 as the souls of my shoes clicked as the SOLES of my shoes clicked ; 34 Now Mr uinn you wouldn't be thinking NOW Mr uinn you wouldn't be thinking ;Page 35 how does this involve us how does this involve us? phrased as a uestion ; 43 Okay Mr uinn I'll take your word Okay Mr UINN I'll take your word ; 48 Well while I wasn't his biggest fan WELL while I wasn't his biggest fan ; 56 Thank you Scott Thank YOU Scott ; 59 Well Brenda says she's all mixed up WELL Brenda says she's all mixed up ; 59 I'm sorry Liam I've got to bail I'm SORRY Liam I've got to bail ;Page 59 So why did you leave town So why did you leave town? phrased as a uestion ; 60 do you son? do YOU son? ;60 Sure'n I can son Sure'n I CAN son ; 63 that sort of non descript jazz piano that sort of NONDESCRIPT jazz piano ; 70 I sued him alright I sued HIM ALL RIGHT ; 74 sliding in near perfect 180 degree arc sliding in A near perfect 180 degree arc ;Page 75 If you'd be as kind as to give me If you'd be SO kind as to give me ; 76 by a 1960' sitcom star by a 1960'S sitcom star ; 77 You wouldn't have a Rolling Rock would you? You wouldn't have a Rolling ROCK would you? ; 79 Sure I gestured Sure I gestured needs end uote ; 80 came up her after burning came up HERE after burning ; 82 Oh she's pretty enough OH she's pretty enough add comma ;Page 87 to try and pin down to try TO pin down ; 87 there are any numbers of people there are any NUMBER of people ; 90 you're office is closed YOUR office is closed ; 91 Look Mr uinn I need LOOK Mr uinn I need ; 91 Well you've had some WELL you've had some ; 93 aiming a sub machine gun an uzi copy aiming a SUBMACHINE gun an Uzi copy capitalize brand name ; Page 94 I'm sorry Mr uinn I'm SORRY Mr uinn ; 95 I don't' think I need I DON'T think I need omit extra apostrophe ; 98 little sub machine guns little SUBMACHINE guns ; 98 Sorry folks don't mean to intrude SORRY folks don't mean to intrude ; 105 whispered the guy you were whispered The guy you were capitalize ; 110 I just I just needs end uote ; 111 finding a new one finding a new one ibid p 110 ;Page 114 and I sprung to my feet and I SPRANG to my feet simple past tense of spring ; 115 Let my brother go mister or I swear Let my brother GO MISTER or I swear ; 116 We got a few folks upsets with us We got a few folks UPSET with us ; 118 I wondered if it was an uzi I wondered if it was an Uzi capitalize ; 123 Well hey I guess WELL hey I guess ; 123 listen for a second okay Liam? listen for a second OKAY Liam? ; Page 124 Oh sure OH sure ; 127 Yeah okay Mr uinn Yeah OKAY Mr uinn ; 128 an art evaluation was it? an art EVALUATION was it? ; 132 in pretty good shape kid in pretty good SHAPE kid ; 132 over work it OVERWORK it ; 133 Well you work that bag WELL you work that bag ; 133 a few rounds okay kid? a few rounds OKAY kid? ; 135 Shit old man I'm the best SHIT old man I'm the best ; Page 135 what's your name again kid? what's your name AGAIN kid? ; 135 Oh you think so? OH you think so? ; 135 Hey man I'm sure HEY man I'm sure ; 136 even my head started to swim even AS my head started to swim ; 139 No really Benny it's all good No REALLY Benny it's all good ; 140 he'd try and make that happen he'd try TO make that happen ; 149 Yeah well I got some inuiries Yeah WELL I got some inuiries ; Page 150 someone I bumped into on business? someone I bumped into on business? needs end uote ; 155 introduced him to the right people introduced him to the right people ibid p 150 ; 157 Really Liam? REALLY Liam? ; 158 No I don't want you to walk NO I don't want you to walk ; 171 eyes on the doors she said eyes on the DOORS she said add comma ; 172 I appreciate that Mr Terrasini I appreciate THAT Mr Terrasini ; Page 172 his accident now looks like his 'ACCIDENT' now looks like single uotes are used within speech ; 173 with Vin's retired brother with Vin's 'RETIRED' brother ibid p 172 ; 173 You suggest I wacked Paulie You suggest I WHACKED Paulie ; 174 going to reply who? until he smiles going to reply 'WHO?' until he smiles ibid p 172 ; 176 Why Liam what would you WHY Liam what would you ; 177 occasionally but that's it occasionally but that's it ibid p 150 ; Page 177 Tell me something uinn Tell me SOMETHING uinn ibid p 171 ; 181 Well maybe Daddy that's because WELL maybe Daddy that's because ; 182 Well that's bullshit WELL that's bullshit ; 187 Long story I said' Long story I SAID omit single uote after said ; 190 Well I suppose there's no harm WELL I suppose there's no harm ; 192 handle of the sub machine gun handle of the SUBMACHINE gun ; 193 crashed into fire escape crashed into THE fire escape ;Page 195 Oh relax OH relax ; 196 And why would you be calling on this fine Sunday afternoon And why would you be calling on this fine Sunday afternoon? this is a uestion ; 196 not going to blow his Dominic Grey cover not going to blow his 'Dominic Grey' cover ibid p 172 ; 197 And who might be culpable if you don't mind telling me And who might be culpable if you don't mind telling me? ibid p 196 ;Page 197 Yeah well there's that Yeah WELL there's that ; 199 Let's say I borrowed a key Let's say I 'borrowed' a key ibid p 172 ; 199 you passed on that news tip to Andi you passed on that 'news tip' to Andi ibid p 172 ; 200 This is crazy This is crazy needs end uote ; 200 No you don't NO you don't ; 201 was found at 4 pm was found at 4 pm ibid p 200 ; 203 call desert thorn apple datura call desert thorn apple 'datura' ibid p 172 ; Page 205 don't you Mr uinn don't you Mr uinn? ibid p 196 ; 208 eight o'clock date with Nora 208 eight o'CLOCK date with Nora omit period after clock ; 209 that's fine Mr Terrasini that's FINE Mr Terrasini ; 210 There ain't no buts kid There ain't no 'BUTS' kid 1 ibid p 172 2 add comma ; 214 expecting me be humble expecting me TO be humble

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    I love this guys books I enjoyed them so much Another book worth your time a good read I'm originally from Arizona so I knew the area that made even interestingIt's very Western how descriptions of Arizona are lovely and I think you'll enjoy it The description of the Cave Creek carefree area is very good and you might like to visit there

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    Another Hit for uinnI always look forward to this series and this one did not let me down Thanks again LHLove the Arizona location and all the characters uinn meets

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    EnjoyableWell written thriller that's not of the run of the mill variety Certainly worth a read

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    Needing a break from all the books I promised to review I wanted something different to get lost in and the Liam uinn Mystery Series was the ticket This author is good enough to be one of the big boys He is talented and can write multiple storylines that merge well the new storyline additions in each book The timeframe is continuous usually picking up where the last book ends The characters are actually people you know OK maybe not all the mobsters but the regular cast They are realistic no Hollywood garbage and they get hurt without a fairy or angel to save them There is humor not just smartalec uinn but good humor too I recommend getting a bunch of these books and just chainreading them; they’re hard to stop as I discovered when I ran out of the books in my library So if you like Wambaugh Remington Steele Moonlighting or Breaking Bad or Weeds you will love uinn toouinn Goes West #3 – This book picks up four days after Kicks ends Man the stuff that happens to uinn Still entertaining and interesting storylines along with the same cast of characters and the new additions per story Still realistic although the author doesn’t know what size ten acres is and tries to pass that amount off as vast but no one’s perfect Good kinks to ruin a person’s day Still good with plenty of humor and the romance 5uinn Checks In #1 – My first read by this author and I am impressed and excited to have found this author This author should be one of the big names since this book reminds me of the good authors in this genre from the 60s and 70s The storylines are interesting and fast paced and the intriguing investigations keeps me wanting to read of this series and this author’s work uinn is a good character; he keeps you on his side with his faults and good heart His family is well cast and the other supporting characters round out the “family” which is common in this genre There is humor and maybe a touch of romance from afar and the cursingvulgar language is kept to a minimum If you like Wambaugh and company you’ll like Thomson There’s minor editing needed like lowercase being used for namesproper nounstitles but most won’t notice I will now start on the second book of this series which is bad for me since I have other books to read with close deadlines 5uinn Gets His Kicks #2 – This book picks up about nine months after Checks ends Another interesting story about uinn with a few kinks in the fast paced storylines keeping the reader involved uinn and fellow characters are interesting and realistic and easy to understand I read this book before the update came out so I don’t know how the two versions differ but I like what I read The conversation style and continuing seuence is good unless you read out of seuence causing you to miss a segment of uinn’s life There’s still that hint of romance 4uinn The Vanishing Bride #4 – This book picks up about six months after West ends uinn keeps kickin’ Entertaining and intriguing storylines that keep the reader involved with uinn and crew As always there’s happening than meets the eye and there’s plenty of humor not all smartalec The characters never disappoint and their dialog and actions are realistic uinn’s the hero of the series and keeps getting the tarnation beat out of him but he gets his licks in too Good mysteries that the reader can’t help but get involved in solving but remember there’s always something thrown in the spokes If you like series like Breaking Bad or Remington Steele or Moonlighting you’ll have fun with this series too Oh there is a romance and Mrs uinn thinks she’ll have two weddings soon; she wants the rugrats 5

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    PERFECT ending to a good mystery with the best couple there is I love Nora I swear she's me if I were from Philly And uinn is definitely my husband if he were outgoing like uinn That date is totally something we'd do But back to the rest of the story That sunburn almost felt real to me And uinn getting shot twice? When he tells Nora And his mom When he tells his mom she's gonna flip I'm surprised he didn't take the deal though Surprised and not surprised at the same time It is Liam after allProbably my favorite of the first three honestly

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    uinn taking any job he can needing rent money Guy died in Phoenix and had a lot of art His wife is wanting someone to appraise them 163 paintings of which the 164 th one is missing three hours later he figured 173 million worth or The wife uestions him dying in a tanning bed and then a painting at the spa goes missing She read the policy if foul play it goes up three times Finding the husband was in a fraudulent deal uinn had a car chaseshits fired at him dragged to the desert All in doing another case that was interesting

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    Third in seriesThis third book in the series was the best so far Set mostly in Arizona around the greater North Eastern part of Phoenix my territory Perhaps a better story for me personally as I could relate better to the location references Also the action was greater and the story well told I am hoping the following books of the series are even better

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    Hooked Liam NoraFinally I’ve been waiting reading and hoping that they would finally start dating Liam is the kind of guy that cracks a woman up He tried so hard to make things right He is the guy we all know and only hope that our guy loves us that much

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    uinn Goes West 3The story was a good read that has you hooked with nowhere to run The author has put you in the story and makes you think about how to make this work Then it all comes together