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BOOK #1 THROTTLE MESuzy’s a control freak and has her life mapped out work hard find a man with a stable job and live happily ever after She’s content with the status uo but her plan comes to a screeching halt when he enters her life and turns it upside downCity gave up on love when his heart was crushed in college preferring to be the typical bachelor He spends his nights hopping from one bed to another and his days working at his family tattoo shop Inked A chance encounter on a dark road makes him uestion what he had sworn off forever – a relationship A night of passion and lust causes them to uestion everything Is City the knight in shining armor to the damsel in distress? Can their relationship survive when a fantasy falls apart and a secret comes out that changes everything?

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    35 stars A sexy tattoo artist who rides a motorcycle a sweet and clean cut math teacher with a bit of a dirty side thats just dying to come out That sums up City or Joey as I prefer to call him and Suzy Sunshine Their story starts with Suzy stranded on the side of the road Her car is broken down and her best friend isn’t answering the phone Along comes a biker named City to save the day City helps Suzy get her car fixed and offers to get her home safe and sound These two couldn’t be opposite if they tried but they hit it offI liked the premise of this story I’m a sucker for the bad boy with a good heart and the good girl who’s not all that good I really loved Joey’s character He made the book for me He was alpha sexy but also had a sweet side And the guy who narrated him in the audiobook had the best accent He was just so fun to listen to Now Suzy Suzy’s judgmental side really bothered me When it came to Joey she seemed to jump to conclusions and perceive the worst She got over her misconceptions fairly uickly but I was still irked by her Throttle Me was a nice start to the Men of Inked series I did like the characters and the story was enjoyable I just wanted I wish there was a little to the story When I get time I’ll definitely give the second book a go Especially now that I see it’s City’s younger brother Mikey’s book I liked him a lot in this one

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    DNF 11Okay I giveMaybe I'm just not in the mood but this thing is reading like an old spaghetti western For real cowgirlsSome snippet uotes from the old saloon bar fight 'Get the fuck away from my girl or it won't end well for you' If it weren't for Suzy I would've laid the motherfucker out by now but she didn't seem like the bar fight type of girl 'What's going on over here?' Bear said behind me 'This asshole is bothering my girl I think he needs to be taught a lesson My fist landed against his face I would keep reading But the writing is atrocious IMO And it's not because I'm feeling bitchy or sad eitherXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXI want to bang this cover I swear

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    Fucking Hell I am in LUST with this covertalk about covergasmmmm

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    35 Tattooed Sweetheart Stars Okay so this was not what I expected at all I was expecting some bad ass bikers with tatts who lived a biker lifestyle What I got was an overly 'sweet' story that had a Hero who owned a tattoo studio with his siblings who just happened to ride a Harley City was a 'sweet as pie' alpha if there is such a thingSuzy was a straight laced school teacher who was maybe a bit too straight laced for my liking I have been reading some really dark books lately so it was nice for a change I am not sure I would have lasted through the length of this one if I had read it at any other time It was a case of right book right timeI will say that it was a nice and realistic love story that had some really HOT scenes It didn't have much else I'm sorry to say and for me I really do need something happening like a side story or some suspense or even a big fight just somethingIf you like a nice sweet love story involving a hot tattooed harley riding alpha I highly recommend this one It will bring a smile to your face

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    25 StarsThis book had the potential to be a good smut tastic in between read Unfortunately it fell completely flat with underdeveloped characters and a plot with no real sense of purpose or direction Suzy was supposed to be your girl next door goody two shoes who didn't swear and was full of hecks and darns Yet her internal dialogue was full of fucks and cocks Also her lovable nickname for her best friend was whore Suzy made no sense Also She has some imaginary checklist of the perfect guy and perfect life which is ridiculously bland and vanilla and based solely on what looks good on paper rather than what HER actual likes and interests are I did not like Suzy City aka Joey was suppose to be this manwhore Alpha who comes from an overzealous and fun loving Italian family What he ended up being was a dirty talker with no depth and no real personality outside of his forced sex God status What will I remember most about this book? City's nickname for Suzy is sugarand boy does he like himself some sugar So much so that he says it 143 times in under 300 pages That's almost once every other page Now rememberthere are scenes where they're apart so reallyif they're together it's on every page No thank you I feel like I've developed a cavity with how much sugar I waded through My next read will definitely be unsweetenedOh I'll also remember the coverbecause damn did the author get that right

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    This was just an ok read for me It didn't wow me and it was uite unrealistic It is a series though and I believe the next book is about the hero's brother I am willing to take a risk and see if this is one of those series that gets better as they go along

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    25 StarsBasically this was a book all about sexual desires with little story line It had potential to be a great book yet it didn't work for me completely Why add a small bit of story if you just wanted to write about sex?I gave it 25 stars for1 Suzy's friend Kayden2 City's family3 City's love of his bike friends Suzy family and his job4 Little bits of story line that was evident with out sex being the main part5 The epilogue Perfect way to end it and a bit different then I'm used too And City shares with her a surprise detail regarding the Gallos6 Dual POVsWhat could have made it better?1 Less sex2 Less F words Search button found this 352 times in the book3 More story line4 No point in having Kaylee in the story since she didn't cause any real angst or relationship issues This could have been expanded on5 Derek and his sexual harassing didn't do much for the story either6 Not enough friend time with the couples together Sophia and Kayden7 Not enough family time And certainly no real involvement with Suzy and the Gallos until the epilogue I thought his family was everything? I wanted that to be seen with Suzy not just a tell me moment8 More involvement with his friends maybe9 More involvement with his work and siblings since they all work together I felt like we don't really know them that much and this is supposedly a series about them hence Men of Inkedover allThe story had awesome potential to be a great story but unfortunately was wasted on sexual appetites I didn't see the points of some of the story line It felt like filler to drag out the book and to make it a story and not a sex book Also Suzy 's supposed good girl and innocence was lost on me Her mind is dirty as hell and her clothes don't always ring true to innocence Nor does her favorite term as she calls her BFF whore like its a normal greeting or endearment Her sex fantasies were shocking too As for City he wanted to ruin her anyway he could It's like he got off on it Oh wait he did No shocker there So over all if you are looking for a pierced in 3 places tattooed sex fiend dirty talking in control in the bedroom biker Then look no further then City aka Joey

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    ah well this was an OK read it started predictably goodlol She SuzySuzette gets stranded on the side of the road and the one who stops to help her is a tattooed guy CityJoey on a bikeShe's uptight as hell a bit annoying i must say and he's well not what he seems at first he's a tattoe artist in his family tattoe shop Inked and he's sworn off relationships after he's been hurt in college sighwell all I can say the steam is on and when one night of passion sets them on a course of uestioning their so far point of views on life and importantly loveit's a runchase gameshe's scared cause they are so different and he's willing to risk it again to have her completelyas they learn about each other and discoverre live the sexual fantasies Suzy in her uptight form was afraid to unleashbut is it enoughas I said OK read

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    225 starsI am up to the point where I have read so many OK books and I am looking for THE ONE This wasn't itIf you are just looking for something to pass the time just reading about some characters then read this book But if you are desperate for some deeper connection and a book that will make you look forward to your reading time of the day DON'T EVEN BOTHERThis whole thing boy gets his heart broken boy turns manwhore boy meets girl girl changes boy was what the author probably had in mind Like we don't have enough books with that already The problem is that there were only very brief mentions of what happened to him and how it affected him One minute we are reading about his biiiig love and how it changed him forever into not wanting anything other than casual sex and the next INSTALOVE and his first love NEVER mentioned again Like she never existed Yeah that's not gonna work All in all I tried to connect with the characters I really did But it was just IMPOSSIBLEThe book just seemed like a fast way for the author to make some easy money Books ain't about that lady Stop trying to use an already used up idea and failing and try to connect with your characters first instead of just coming up with ideas and adding them to the book as if it's a salad

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    Throttle Me by Chelle BlissGenres Adult Contemporary Romance275 StarsStarted off great Then around 30% it started dying the slow death of juvenile dialog thoughts actions I liked Suzy in the beginning then ended up wanting to shake her She comes off as a snooty prude Her nose is stuck up in the air so high she will drown on a rainy day She is condescending and juvenile The dialog between her and her friend Sophia is boring and takes up half the bookCity on the other hand is much mature But even his dialog with his family deteriorates It becomes extremely immature So much in this story in unnecessary and pulls it down to the point of dreary and vapidThe parts that are supposed to create angst and tension come off as forced and artificialThe best parts are the adult scenes Those are hot The rest of the story needs the blue pencil to cross out all the drivel