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Trader Joe’s – Simply Indian isa compilation of gourmet Indian recipes made fromfresh and ready to use ingredients available at Trader Joe’s Thisbook will take you on a spice laden culinary journey through Indialeaving you asking for The book is filled with healthy and flavorful recipes that can beprepared quickly and easily even by the young generationThe beautiful photographs showcase Komali’s mouth wateringfood combining soulful cooking with warm entertaining Flippingthrough the colorful images you will get bountiful ideas to wowyour family and friends with beautiful centerpieces andscrumptious platters of foodTrader Joe’s – Simply Indian is bound to bring you closer toIndian food than you have ever been before So make sure yougrab a copy visit Trader Joe's for the ingredients and headstraight back home to start cooking up your first of many gourmetIndian meals

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