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When You Fall, You Fall Hard Tall, Dark, And Handsome Is An Understatement When It Comes To John Day With Rugged Good Looks, His Ever Present Plaid Shirt, And A Dog Named Babe, John Is A Modern Alpha Male Lumberjack In Ways Than One Lurking Beneath The Gruff Exterior And Beard Could Be The Heart Of A Romantic Or Is John A Wolf In Flannel Clothing After His Favorite Neighbor Rents Out Her Cabin For The Winter, John Finds Himself Playing Fireman And Tour Guide To Diane Watson, A Beautiful Brunette With Her Own Messy Past And Recent Battle Scars Will He Be Ready To Fall In Love Or Will He Go Back To His Old, Flirty Ways Hold Onto Your Heart And Get Ready To Fall With John Day As He Tells His Story In This Contemporary Adult Romance Romantic Comedy Told In Male POVReady To Fall Is The Second Novel In The Modern Love Stories Series This Is A Spin Off From Geoducks Are For Lovers Though The Books Are Interconnected, Isn T Necessary To Read That Novel First

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    5 Fun and Fluffy StarsI had so much fun reading this Told entirely from John s point of view, this sweet story was just what I needed Daisy Prescott s writing reminds me of Penny Reid with a touch heat thrown in Never a bad thing.

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    5 STARS

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    4 Hot Lumberjack Stars John Day is one hot lumberjack After reading this book I m totally asking my hubby to grow a beard for the winter Ready To Fall is the follow up novel to Geoducks Are For Lovers which is one of my favorite book of this year, this books feel like comfort food to me heartwarming and with a lot of humor.John Day is handsome, strong and a really nice guy After his favorite neighbor Maggie rents out her cabin for the winter he finds himself unable to stop watching after the beautiful brunette with sad eyes that lives next door Diana is a big city girl leaving in a small island, escaping her jerk of an Ex and a very messy divorce, the last thing she expected was to be neighbors with a hot Alpha male logger with a beard John and Diane start spending time together and become fast friends, and even though they both have battered hearts, without knowing they will be ready To Fall and we will be there, front seat to experience all the romantic and sexy action Because The words weren t mine yet to say, I had to show her she meant everything to me Daisy Prescott s books are feel good stories, with relatable characters and her writing style is so flawless that she makes you feel part of the story I still remember Maggie every time I eat a delicious scone and John Day is definitely bringing sexy back with that beard, did I mentioned the man is HOT I would recommend both books to absolutely everybody Lets go Geoduck hunting together wiggles eyebrows.My Ready To Fall Palylist Arms By Christina Perry Try by Nelly Furtado Better Man by Pearl Jam Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk

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    Was it a joke The H had a gf who was still technically married, but apparently filed for divorce.The h was also technically married and filed for divorce.The H continued to sleep with his gf after meeting the h.Wow, they sound like a bunch of nice people Small island, everyone knew everyone everyone slept with everyone wall, meet my head

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    3.5 Lumberjack Stars I really enjoyed this book The Hero John Day was absolutely swoon worthy and the heroine Diane was very was a different in the sense that it s from the hero s POV, which is a first for me at least that I can recall There were some family dynamics that didn t make much sense to me, but, maybe it was just me Other than that I found this to be a thoroughly fun, romantic, and enjoyable read.

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    Passion Beautiful setting Are just a few of the elements making this well written, engaging, at times humorous love story an entertaining and enjoyable read.The author takes readers back to Whidbey Island and gives sexy, John Day and Diane Watson s story I was hooked from the get go and while all is not perfect, I found it to be a fun, sexy, appealing read I recommend this to everyone who enjoys an uncomplicated, passionate, feel good love story with a small town setting I found the dog adorable too Babe.

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    Hero JohnHeroine DianeHero s sex buddy KellyThe hero was weak He had a high school crush, Kelly, who he was sleeping with The sex must have good because all she would do was order him around and he still be with her She would say John, we are meeting my parents for dinner John would say ok John said he did not want to take the next step with Kelly, but he was the one that was calling her his girlfriend and he was the one upset that she did not tell him that she was still seeing her estranged husband The I read about John and Kelly, the disconnected I became with the story Kelly was not the heroine.John Day was too wishy washy for me I like my hero to know what he wants and go for it There was no insta attraction with the heroine, Diane The story did not have to be insta love or insta anything, but it needed him to stop being a fool with Kelly The book was written in John s POV and sometimes, I just wanted him to stop talking He was not a strong hero By the time anything happened, I had lost all my connection with the characters and did not care John Day was supposed to be this strong guy, but he was the opposite.This was not for me.

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    I want, NO, NEED my own John Day Swoon.Review to come.

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    Nothing wrong with the way the book was written just wasn t my thing The MC starts the book dating another woman He seems to have a past history of mostly hook ups When he finally breaks up with the first woman he immediately sets out and achieves another hook up all while knowing the heroine and forming a bond One good thing, no OW descriptive scenes It s just told to us dispassionately and in one sentence forms.