MOBI Melissa Perea ☆ Dismantled Sun Cardboard Hearts 2 PDF Ù Cardboard ☆

“Selah please Please let me make love to you It’s our wedding night”I sit at the foot of the bed—our bed—my cream wedding dress draping over the edge like a waterfall made of snow “I can’t I need time I need forever”My husband kneels at my feet and nuzzles his face into my lap drawing his arms around me he holds me “I have given you forever The only forever I have”I blanch at his words It’s truth weighing me down My body slides alongside the foot of the bed and puddles onto the floor My husband follows shifting so that he now holds me instead of I him “But but what if—I can’t finish that if I won’t”He lifts my chin and holds my eyes I blink at the certainty I see in his not mirroring the fear I know lives in my own “You are not going to kill me Sey I promise”His fingers clench the edge of my jaw— not painful but no longer delicate “How can you be so certain?”“Because Because I was already dead before you found me”

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