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Problems? Sure we all have problems Too many bills not enough hours in the day muscle aches that refuse to leave friends and relatives who ask for too much mobsters who want you dead or alive broccoli sprouting out of your headYeah we all have problemsWelcome to The Broccoli Agenda An illustrated story about guns mobsters legends heroes villains and produce

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    How do you describe this book? What starts out as family drama is quickly transformed by a freak accident into a crime story with a broccoli twist then by a spiritual experience into a rather strange superhero story followed by three brief pages of doomed romance with spikes until finally a revenge plan is revealed but never executed What's not to like? Admittedly the story is sometimes poorly paced and a little too bizarre for its own good Still it somehow succeeds as a very unconventional and surreal genre mix largely on the strength of Yurkovich's moody and suggestive yet rigidly structured artwork Worth checking out

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    Not as polished as Yurkovich's later work but the sad tale of Dr Broccoli is weirdly surreal while still emotionally touching The author is one of the best creators of post modern superheroics and I recommend all his works highly