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Russ Bopp unleashes his demonically scarred hero Rurik upon the path of savage righteousness to smite the wicked and free the weak Nothing since the bloody rule of Conan has there been a man savage than Rurik Born in the frozen wasteland of a brutal world he set upon his path destined to seek out that is which not of the known plane Demons devils and warlocks all forsworn foes of The Demonwatch a secretbrotherhood brought forth to keep the realm of man safe from demonic invaders and those who would summon them Now faithful reader step back into a barbaric realm where chaos rules the land and man survives fueled by blood and iron In Rite of Passage Rurik faces a dark shadow from his past while he is on a mission of peace and commerce A wizard's pupil is threatening to rip a portal between Rurik's world and one swimming with blood thirsty demons Enjoy Rurik of The Demonwatch in this blood drenched saga full of pulp goodness

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    storywriting was ok but this hadn't been edited at all i think typos run onincomplete sentences seems as if sections of the story were missing suddenly jump to a scene that didn't follow from the previous scene got frustrated and quit at 50% mark