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Alex Carter is the lead singer of Uni Fi one of the biggest Rock bands in the world He should be living the high life enjoying the fame and the women but thanks to an out of control crazy fan that's not how his life is panning out Now unable to control the nerves and fear that strike every time he has to get on stage Alex is desperate for a solution A solution that comes in the petite very attractive form of Grace a TV Exec who grips Alex's attention from the word go The only problem is Grace doesn't want anything to do with a renowned rock star like Alex Its going to take than his money fame or knicker dropping smile to win her over

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    I loved this book it is a world away from Dancing In The Rain Caroline Eastons first book but has all the tention and romance you could ever needThe story is well told and grips you from the very beginning whilst it has its steamy moments it is the pure romance that simply stole my breath A fantastic read and I look forward to a second book with these charactersCR McBride Author of The Coffee Cafe Series

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    Really nice sweet read but was quite short and just felt like it was missing a lot of detail and could have been a lot longer Like why didn't she get on with her parents he never actually told grace why he had his fear But I did like his vulnerability it was a nice read and I would definitely look at other books from this author as I thought the writing was very good

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    I am new to Caroline's writing was fun to check out her books I do plan on reading from her soon enough So many books I gotta read 1st never a dull book moments around here I love these covers for this series If you are a fan of the rock star series you will love this one up I did have to look up a few terms 'cause it does have or does use British lingo that was fun always makes me smile Love their accents I was reading a review and I totally agree with them in that this is a rock star read but it is so light not deep and heavy like most are when dealing or approaching that sort of subject line There is lots of steam so no worries there I can't wait to pick up from Caroline ;

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    Now if you check out my reviews you'll see I have read many and I mean many books a lot of them have been rockstar romances This is the first rockstar romance though I have read that is really light on the steamy side I'm not sure if I am going to get this over right but here's a for instance there is mention of drugs and usage with one of the group members but you only know he's taken a drug not what the drug is we're privvy to the after effect of what can happen to the personality of drug taking So I suppose the term I am looking for is this whole book comes across as 'toned down'This is probably what I would class as a mid to older teen romance yes it has swearing it has sex scenes but those scenes are very tastefully done it's left to your imagination it isn't deeply descriptive but it's descriptive enough to keep it lighter Has some typos that an editor would have caught or beta readers but in this instance they weren't roaring in your face and there was not a major amount of themI started this book and then surprisingly found myself drawn to it it isn't my usual read it's too tame but I got hooked I think I was definitely in touch with my inner romantic reading this and was happy with the hearts and flowers and no angst and suspenseA good summer read with a good storyline with a fun set of cast Worth your time if you enjoy the 'nicer' side of romance but still want a rockstar to keep you company for a bit

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    Its an Ok book but for me it didnt have that nitty grittyness about it It didnt grasp me like a lot of the rockstar romance books I have read and I have read a lot Its nt a bad awful book it just was 'mild' for me in comparison to other books The characters are sweet and its a smooth easy read at times I felt it some parts seemed a bit rushedvague it lacks that bit of 'in tenseness' it just didnt grip me i the way I thought it would Maybe its because its a milder book to read and I felt like it was aimed for the older teen age range

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    This was the first book that I have read by this author and it certainly won't be the lastAlex carted should be enjoying his high flying career in his famous bandall isn't so well when he is struggling with nerves and panic attacks before any gigsAlex meets Gracie before he goes for an interview and she leaves her mark on himso much so that he flies back to Scotland just to get to know herI loved this book It was a sweet romance that focused on Alex and Grace I look forward to book 2 now

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    Can I just say that Alex Carter and his lighthouse are mine I licked him firstI flipping loved this book from start to finish It was an easy read and flowed very well I love Rockstar Romances but this was totally different but in a very good way Yes Alex Carter is a gorgeous alpha male but he isn't arrogant and cocky with it Alex is quite a romantic guy but he does have a lot of issues to deal with and he hopes that Grace will be just the person to help him through themI loved Caroline Eastons writing and will definitely read from her

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    I received this book as an instafreebie and I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this sweet romance Although the book is essentially about a rock star finding love it is very much grounded in reality I prefer this approach as I don't need endless descriptions of conspicuous consumption that many rock star books haveMy only small criticism is there is too much description I would have liked dialogue That may be a personal choice thoughOverall an enjoyable read

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    In general it was good it had real things and you could feel how the character of Grace was evolving during the book she started like the awkward girl next and finished brilliantly I wish there were about Ben and Izzie they were so cute It was very explicit so if you are not ready for a PG 20 s bookstill read this because it was not all about the sex

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    This book was worth the read It had very likeable characters throughout minus of course a couple of the band members the manager It was nice to see how Alex was able to change and mainly because of Grace It was a sweet rock romance book that is worth reading