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All Beth Michaels ever wanted was to get out of her small hometown But when a heartbreaking call sends her back she meets Matthew Wright and he makes her uestion everything she thought she knewWhen Beth Michaels hightailed it out of the hole in the road town she grew up in she only had two goals One—get as far away as uickly as possible and two—never set foot in her parent’s home again But when she receives a heart breaking call from her childhood best friend Jen she has no choice but to turn her ’56 Ford pickup back in the direction of Salem Missouri to attend a funeral There’s a new local in town when Beth arrives and suddenly it ain’t all that easy for her to remember her rules for dating #1 Cookie cutter perfect guys ain’t her type #2 Tie wearin’ and church freuentin’ is an automatic dismissal #3 Most importantly never date anyone from small minded conservative Bible thumping towns like Salem Unfortunately Matthew Wright breaks all her rules and then some Matt might be from a small town and have small town values but that doesn’t mean he fits into a little slot of Beth’s preconceived notions After all ever so often good guys are good Now if he could just convince Beth to let go of her past and give him a chance he’s pretty sure there’s a whole lotta sweet under that prickly exterior His own Sweet ContradictionFAIR WARNING If you are easily offended by books that happen to mention things concerning God Religion Etc in a favorable or unfavorable light then this book might not be for you

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    The FAIR WARNING might have given you a pause for a few moments and leave you pondering if you will continue reading or not but let me tell you not to let this part of the blurb discourage you Because despite the religious subject of this novel Ms Martinez is able to pull off an amazing heartwarming and one of the sweetest story of love and friendshipMeet the CharactersGetting interesting huh?Beth Michaels rushed herself out of Salem the moment she reached 18 travelling across the country she never dared look back But when Jen her best friend suddenly cried for help she came back Her best friend who has been with her since she was a child needed her Despite all the resentment of coming back home she drove her Ford Pickup back to Salem to mourn with Jen What she didn't expect is to run in into a new face in town Matt who is a total contradiction to what she wanted in a man Matthew Wright is indeed a sweet contradiction He's than just your ordinary small town guy with some values He may be a good boy but he too has some wild side If only Beth can let go of her stigma and give him a chance to show him how much he wants her “The town whore and the pure preacher’s son? You’ve got to be kidding me” Poor poor Beth I hated her family I hated how they use God religion and faith to verbally and emotionally abuse a child I couldn't blame her from bailing out on them the moment she reached her legal age She deserves a childhood filled with fairy tales and happy ever afters not some parables with distorted story lines being used to frighten a child Good thing there's Jen and her mother who took her in and made her family Somehow despite all the things happening at her home Beth had experienced a near normal childhood because of her friend And when Jen needed her she came back It seems that there was to coming back than joining her friend in mourning There were some things Jen isn't telling herI love Matt and if I could just creep inside his brain I'd probably love him even Nevertheless he's just what Beth needed to stay put Yes he goes to church Yes he's family is religious But no he's not like Beth's father He's a wonderful wonderful guy who adored Beth He wants her to be happy and he's willing to do anything for her If only Beth could see how lucky she is I love his romantic side The scene on the lake under the stars in the fair and during the barn dance yay #totalswoonThe pacing of the story was excellent it didn't bore me I like how the story progressed and how Beth's character developed Jen managed to snag my heart too She's a keeper Beth is totally lucky to have her as a friend and a sister I wish she too would have her happy ending when it's time for her story If only Hunter managed to come to his senses before its too late Sweet Contradiction is a short sweet read that left a dreamy smile on my face and a sense of anticipation for Jen's novel I'm hoping it comes out before 2014 help me pray ARC copy was given by author in exchange for an honest review

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    355 StarsThis review and many others can be found on my blog Feed Your Fiction AddictionMy thoughts on this book are really complicated so forgive me if this review ends up being really long I want to start out by pointing out that there is a disclaimer on Goodreads that I didn't include in my summary because I wanted to address it here The disclaimer says FAIR WARNING If you are easily offended by books that happen to mention things concerning God Religion Etc in a favorable or unfavorable light then this book might not be for you Hmmm this already got me wondering I need to point out that I am a Christian and not just a go to church on Sunday but forget about God the rest of the week kind of Christian When I read the blurb for this book I thought It might be good to read a fun summer romance with a good Christian theme to it I mean I love my vampires zombies and teenagers with magical abilities but I can't say they're always the most wholesome charactersBut I have to say that the book was not exactly what I was expecting in some good ways and some not so good ways And honestly I think the disclaimer might be scaring off some of the wrong people so I thought I would take it out of my description and address it here This is NOT a traditional Christian romance book As you can probably tell by my R rating it's a bit explicit than you would expect a Christian book to be and some of the ideals in the book will probably not appeal to a lot of Christians but will probably be pretty appealing to non Christians so long as you're not so anti religion that any mention of it makes you run for the hills actually the main character starts out that way so maybe even you might appreciate the bookSo now I need to try to coherently explain how I felt about all of this In general I REALLY liked aspects of this book There were a few things that kept me from loving it though Instead of just a list of bullet points about what I did and didn't love I'm going to address how the book handles Christianity as it's own LoveDidn't Love topic and go from thereReligion in Sweet ContradictionWhat I loved I absolutely LOVED that this book explored all sides of Christianity and showed that there is than one type of Christian from the Bible thumping hell fearing extreme to the extremely liberal we love everyone extreme There were Christians in this book who we really kind of hated and Christians who we really loved and a few in between I thought that this was great I also LOVED that the book had Christian themes and a redeeming message but wasn't preachy I can't stand cheesy preachy booksbut I thought that the book really only presented the two absolute extremes and not a lot of the in between was shown Beth's parents are the ultimate purist Christians who believe that any sign of living in the real world is sinful They emotionally abused her throughout her childhood and turned her completely against religion They are pretty much portrayed as conservative monsters On the other side of things Matt is a pastor's son who is supposedly very committed to God but he has no problem sleeping with a girl on their first date has a gay brother and doesn't care at all if the person he loves and is a relationship with even believes in God or not Okay so the gay brother part was actually totally fine with me although I know it won't be for some Christians his brother is gay but his family doesn't worry about that They love him the end Makes sense But the rest of it gave me pause if I'm being truthful Okay I know many if not most Christians have pre marital sex But you'd think he'd have some ualms about telling a girl he just met that he wants to sleep with her and then following through on their very first date I mean really most non Christians have a few ualms about that It just seemed a bit odd And then there was the fact that he did not care in the least if Beth even so much as believed in God She thought it might be an issue but he acted as though there was absolutely no reason to even think about that It just seemed that he was too accepting so much so that it didn't feel realistic I'm not saying he should have broken up with her but you would think that a pastor's son who was a strong Christian and supposedly possibly on track to become a pastor himself would at least consider that being with a non Christian might be difficult at times I consider myself to be a pretty liberal Christian so I was excited to see that explored in a book But in the end I started to feel that Matt and his family were just a little too accepting of just about anything to ring true for meThe only people in the book who didn't seem to be completely extreme were Jen Beth's best friend and her mom But their influence as far as Christianity went seemed to be largely ignored Even though Beth considered Jen's mom like a second mother to her she apparently didn't influence her at all as far as religion was concerned which seemed odd to meOh one thing that I loved I loved that Beth grew throughout the book and came to realize that she didn't have to completely shy away from everything having to do with God or religion in order to escape her past She came to a place of acceptance and possibly understanding with God but also didn't necessarily jump on the Christian bandwagon which would have been a little sudden I thought that this growth was presented in a touching non preachy way and I loved itOkay so I'm sorry if that was a really LONG explanation of my feelings on the religious aspect of the book but I warned you that my feelings were complicated As far as the Romance and Other Stuff in Sweet ContradictionWhat I loved The romance in the book was sweet and romantic it felt like a perfect light summer read in that respect Matt was a really interesting character sometimes a bit arrogant but also fun and lovable and very romantic He was definitely swoon worthy I also loved the serious storylines in the book death illness escape from a haunting past All of these things were explored but they didn't bring the tone of the book down you didn't feel like you were reading a heavy novel about the effects of a horrible childhoodbut This book featured the dreaded insta love and it was hard for me to get past that sometimes I guess I just didn't see that instant connection between them or understand why Matt was so sure they were soul mates At one point in the book he talks about how he was engaged to someone for a whole year before he figured out that she wasn't meant for him and yet he was sure after one date with Beth that they were meant to be together forever? He said it didn't matter if the person he was with was a believer or not or whether or not they had anything in common so long as they could sit in silence together and their souls could commune or something okay that's not exactly how he put it But I couldn't help but think Really? You could tell all that in one date? Ah insta love why do you taunt me so? So I apologize that this was a long rambling review I think that this is a GREAT book to read if you're like me and you like to obsess over the moral and religious themes presented I really like a book that makes me think but you will need to realize that if you have very strong opinions about religion you might find things in this book you don't like If you are neutral on religion then you can probably happily ignore all of that and just read a sweet summer romance and be happy Either way it's worth a read Disclosure This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review No other compensation was given All opinions are my own

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    Beth's dad is just freakin' cuckoo dang no wonder Beth was weird because the outward adorning of a woman's body is sinful Because the obtaining earthly possessions is ungodly And sinfulness and ungodliness are what the devil uses to pave the road to Hell What in the HELL are these people teaching their child Beth I love her when she's all woman she's saucy looks like your muscles have gotten even bigger but I wonder if that has played a role in you diminishing brain cells Oh my Matthew you little charmer you I don't mind so much especially if the damsels were guaranteed to look as pretty as you Oh my word Matthew you sex on two legs guy you I want to taste your lips again but next time I want to take my time I want you under me so I can feel your entire body uivering beneath me when I make love to you His voice lowered and his words did funny things to my body But having a uick meaningless fling is not one of them He's also a jokester and I love that so you're scared then? You wearing your granny panties today and don't want me seeing them? Matt good lord I just love that man you won't frighten me away baby I'm not looking for someone who looks a certain way lives a certain way or even believes a certain way I'm looking for the person who drives me so completely insane that I feel like a hole has been ripped out of my chest when we're apart Oh good lord I REALLY love that man stands up for beth don't speak to her like that She's no who and I'll not have any man saying she is I don't care who you are Beth's dad needs a good swift kick in the nuts he's there for you now when you allowing him between your legs but will he be there if he puts a bas in you? Or will he move on to another who? I really liked this book and I'm kinda hoping Ms Peggy writes Jenn and Hunter's story I would love to read about them

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    Sweet Contradiction is the story of Beth Michaels a girl who was raised by parents who were extremely religious They weren't your typical church going love your fellow man type of religious No Beth was raised in a home where she was reuired to return a birthday gift because a charm bracelet is vain and vanity is a sin She was not only reuired to return said birthday gift but to recite and write out applicable Bible verses after her hands were swatted with a ruler multiple times for accepting the gift in the first placeNeedless to say Beth resented her parents and the way they raised her So when she turned 18 she left home and spent the next 4 years traveling across the United States The only thing that brought her back was the death of her best friend's mother When she first arrives back in town she meets Matt Wright He's easy on the eyes but she can tell he's not her type When her best friend Jen informs her that he's a pastor's son Beth KNOWS he's not her type But Matt is persistent and Beth can't deny the attraction And thus the two learn from one another that oftentimes preconceived notions aren't necessarily accurateI enjoyed reading Sweet Contradiction It was a love story a story of friendship and a story of personal growth Everyone has tough things they go through in life those experiences have the ability to shape us However we are free to choose how we let those experiences influence us Beth chose to rebel from her parents' oppressive lifestyle to find her own way But she also passed judgment on all religious people Matt gave her the opportunity to learn that her judgment wasn't fair or accurate thus giving her an opportunity to grow beyond her original choice to turn her back completely on her upbringing Through her friendship with Jen Beth has other experiences that give her the opportunity to further grow and develop into a better friend and compassionate and understanding personI appreciated the dynamics between Beth and Matt as their relationship developed It wasn't a simple love at first sight and then happily ever after There was pushing and pulling there were ups and downs There were opportunities to learn about trust and to rely on one another This is a love story where the couple grows together and learns that a relationship is a partnership and that together they can be than they would ever be on their ownFYI does contain premarital sex one scene is open door but not overly descriptiveFYI I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest reviewWhen I let the author know that I’d be interested in reading and reviewing Sweet Contradiction she had this to ask “Are you able to stomach sickly sweet romance?” To which I can only reply “I can handle sickly sweet it’s a good balance for the flirty and dirty ones”Our Main Character Beth Michaels is brought up under an iron fist with a bible in it as her Father uses religion to control his family and keep them under his thumb His wild at heart daughter has other plans than sticking around and takes off as soon as she turns 18 Though honestly why she didn’t leave sooner I couldn’t even guess but hey it’s a story enjoy the rideReturning to town when her best friends mom passes away she’s not in town than five minutes before her paths cross with our leading man Matthew Wright who falls instantly in love faster than you can flip the page Now I know a lot of folks who absolutely hate the whole love at first sight thing and while I don’t I will usually indulge in the occasional eye roll at it But there was just something to how this was written that made me feel that there was something going on to it Like he had been there all along through the years while they were growing up unnoticed by her and he had that unspoken crush for years It doesn’t really seem to be the case though but that’s the “vibe” I got out of it I expected Beth to have stronger feelings against religion and God and for there to be a great deal drama revolving around that Especially when certain things are brought to light No I’m not going to tell you what those are but while there’s a pretty serious story arc going on the romance is definitely sweet as can be There’s a bit of steam but nothing I would consider too graphic The ending though wow that’s frustrating How you view it is totally going to be a personal thing I can’t really call it a cliffhanger but I have so many uestions about the details that would be upcoming There are also so many uestions about all the things happening between Jen and Hunterthe best friend and the brother but apparently we have to wait for the next book “Perfect Contradiction” to find out those detailsIf you’re in the mood for a sweet heavy and drama light romance about finding love where you didn’t want to look this is the story for you

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    Sweet Contradiction was a cute short read but the warning in the synopsis made me think that it was going to be a sweet clean read It's sweet but if you are expecting clean this isn't the book for you The beginning of the book sets the tone of the story Beth has completely given up on religion because her parents were basically nuts They called her a whore and a sinner her entire life They'd make her write Bible verses 100's of times on pride if she wanted anything pretty I can understand that turning her away from her parents' view of religion Because it was not religion It was twisted and sick and had nothing to do with a loving God They had no room for mercy in their religion only for judgement Beth comes back to the small town she grew up in when her best friend needs her support after a tragedy Beth expects to be there for only a short time so she can get back to running away from her past But while she's back she meets a man who is not her type but ends up sweeping her off her feet Very uickly I might add So while it's a sweet love story it's not extremely realistic Love usually takes time than in a novel And hopefully most first dates don't go as far as theirs does IDK I've been out of the dating scene for over 20 years though so who knows The characters are believable and likeable Matt's parents are very loving and accepting which is how true Christians should be Yet I think that if Matt is a Sunday School teacher he should be a little better about keeping his pants on Not being judgmental just saying I wish that this had been a clean read I'd feel so much comfortable recommending it As it is if sex in books doesn't bother you then you'll find it a uick sweet love story If it does bother you then steer clear It's not a Christian book though Beth does try to make some peace with God For ages 18

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    Gosh where to start I really enjoyed this book It tugs at a bunch of different heart strings uick read or maybe it just had me pulled in I enjoyed the atmosphere of the book as well warm welcoming and wild at momentsSmall town girl raised under the menacing thumb of a father who used his extreme religious beliefs to scare abuse and torture his own daughter 18 years was uite enough for Elizabeth and she high tailed it out of there traveling around here and there working odds and ends to cover her expenses Carefree and on her own agenda that is until she gets the message of tragedy that has taken place back home the one person that could bring her back to that town that held so many hideous nightmarish memories was her best friend Jen Beth hits town later than planned hoping to skirt through without incident Not happeningFirst stop in town to grab some flowers and freshen up she is confronted with her past but saved by a new stranger a handsome stranger that has “out of my league” written all over himBeth is shortly there after faced with decisions she is not fond of the last 4 years have been spent moving on and not sticking around anywhere for any one Now faced with a friend who needs her to stay and a past that has blurred her view and acceptance of faith religion and her desire to have a stable future A steady flow of emotions from start to finish If you can relate to Small towns County Fairs and Barn Dances then I think you will enjoy this book as much as I have I’m only left with one unanswered uestion but I think it will be answered in the follow up to this in Jen and Hunters storyThis book is live July 13th so throw this sweet read on Your TBR and snatch it up once its available

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    The story is much like characters are the prisoners of the past as main character Elizabeth wanna run from home to faraway because of her past Jenifer Collins doesn't cope up with her mother's death beth parents because they lose their son in the past then enter our hero who change the base of the novel and change occurs in the story who make beth fall in love with him and marry her in the end

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    I am so happy that I picked up this book it's one that will defiantly stay with me and I took away a great deal Let me say that this book will not be for everyone and it should be read with an open mind Beth grew up in cold cruel home where her parents used religion to dominate and emotionally abuse her Growing up she had to hide her true personality hopes and dreams But she vowed to leave that life in order to express herself without limitations Beth did just that at the age of 18 However four years later she is forced to return when tragedy befalls the only persons in Salem she loves and cares about Upon her return Beth meets handsome Matt When she learns he is the preachers son and everything she has ran away from and avoided for the past four yeas Matt is determined to fine real true love and passion From the moment he met Beth he is certain that he has found his soul mate and that all consuming love Matt will have a battle on his hands to convince Beth they belong together Beth will have to face her past and open her eyes to what is right in front if her if they are to stand a chance if having a future This book title was very appropriately titled because it was sweet indeed and contradiction because the subject matter is a very emotional not one you would consider sweet Sweet contradiction is well written captivating real and emotive A deserving 4 star from me Review By Natasha

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    I was given an ARC copy for an honest review I absolutely love Peggy Martinez I love her writing style her characters and how her stories grab a hold of my heart Sweet Contradiction is no different I love everything about this book especially Matthew WrightBeth Michaels has been tormented by her very cruel parents She leaves home to find her own life but is called back into town when tragedy strikes her best friend Jen Beth wants nothing to do with religion or the small town she grew up in but someone new in town catches her eye Could he change her mind?Beth has been through so much growing up but as soon as her friend needs her she doesn't hesitate to come back Their friendship is so refreshing They are like sisters than friends I love that Then you add in a handsome good guy with a sense of humor and passionPERFECTION Sweet Contradiction is a beautiful story I can't wait to read Perfect Contradiction and find out what Peggy has in store for Jen and Hunter My favorite uote I'm not looking for perfect I'm looking for real I'm looking for passion and love Babe