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, Boston Harbor James Sparhawk, Master And Commander In The British Navy, Knows Trouble When He Sees It The Ship He S Boarded Is Carrying Ammunition And Gold Into A Country On The Knife S Edge Of War Sparhawk S Duty Is Clear Confiscate The Cargo, Impound The Vessel And Seize The Crew But When One Of The Ship S Boys Turns Out To Be A Lovely Girl, With A Loaded Pistol And Dead Shot Aim, Sparhawk Finds Himself Held Hostage Aboard A Rebel Privateer Sarah Ward Never Set Out To Break The Law Before Boston Became A Powder Keg, She Was Poised To Escape The Stigma Of Being A Notorious Pirate S Daughter By Wedding Micah Wild, One Of Salem S Most Successful Merchants Then A Patriot Mob Destroyed Her Fortune And Wild Played Her False By Marrying Her Best Friend And Smuggling A Chest Of Rebel Gold Aboard Her Family S Ship Now Branded A Pirate Herself, Sarah Will Do What She Must To Secure Her Family S Safety And Her Own Future Even If That Means Taking Part In The Cat And Mouse Game Unfolding In Boston Harbor, The Desperate Naval Fight Between British And Rebel Forces For The Materiel Of War And Pitting Herself Against James Sparhawk, The One Man She Cannot Resist

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    Re read..still 4 1 2 starsSetting Boston 17754 1 2 StarsSteam Factor Med Hot British sea captain James Sparhawk s mission is quite simple He is to board a rebel ship, and bring the vessel to his commanding office in Boston Harbor Everything does go according to plan until a boy he wants to impress onto his ship turns out to a beautiful young lady holding a pistol on him and the tide is turned and not in his favor Sarah Wood, is the daughter of a once notorious pirate who has turned merchant Sarah cant lose her family s ship after their business has been nearly destroyed With a betrayal from a fiance, and the colonies on the edge of a war, Sarah is playing a dangerous game It is now made even dangerous because of her attraction to James Sparhawk.Sarah will be put to the test of loyalty, when she has to scheme to free James, and throughout this they uncover a few surprising secrets and a love that was not thought possible.The Rebel Pirate for me was a quick paced tale, with smuggling, suspense, rebellion and so many wonderful and descriptive swashbuckling moments Also within this story, there was great historical detail of the American Revolution The backdrop for the story never took away from the hero and heroine, and you cant help cheering these two on as they are caught up in a wildly and exciting game of cat and mouse and their shifting loyalties I really enjoyed mine time in James and Sarah s story, complete with history as it s key character while at the same time the characters and the rest of the story fell neatly into place with one adventure after another I enjoyed reading her first book in the series and I look forward to her latest to come out Although this is a series, I m pretty sure each can be read as a stand alone Highly recommend to anyone who loves historical detail and lots of adventure thrown in with characters you wont long forget.

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    Authentic detail, amazing characters, and a dazzlingly broad sweep of action make this a richly romantic adventure that s hard to put down Truly brilliant Prepare to be blown away New York Times Bestselling Author Susanna Kearsley A fast paced, soundly researched historical intrigue, with vivid characters and sharp writing, The Rebel Pirate is a compelling read New York Times Bestselling Author Madeline Hunter We enjoyed The Rebel Pirate immensely It is great read with all the joy of wonderful historical detail and surprising plot twists Thumbs up from us Tom and Sharon Curtis writing as Laura London, author of pirate classic The Windflower totally captivating Alex Myers, author Revolutionary richly vibrant and utterly believable If you re a reader who enjoys immersion in another place and time, or if you re simply looking for a riveting page turner, you can t miss with The Rebel Pirate Amy Belding Brown, author of Mr Emerson s Wife and upcoming Flight of the Sparrow Donna Thorland has done it again, and it s even of a scorching read this timeSwashbuckling high seas adventure crossed with desire driven romance, all dished up with perfect historical detail from head to heel what could be better Nothing, say I Bee Ridgway, author of The River of No Return The Rebel Pirate is a quick paced tale, complete with smuggling, suspense, rebellion, and too many wonderful swashbuckling moments to count RT Book Reviews

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    Where I got the book ARC provided by the publisher This review first appeared on the Historical Novel Society website and in the May 2014 issue of the Historical Novels Review.Donna Thorland s latest novel, like her debut The Turncoat, tackles the complex loyalties and shifting allegiances of the American Revolution This time the action unfolds in BostonHarbor, where British naval commander James Sparhawk has captured a ship carrying gold and flints toward the Rebel forces The tables are turned on Sparhawk by Sarah Ward, the daughter of a once powerful pirate now crippled by illness Romantic sparks fly, but Sparhawk cannot make a commitment to Sarah until he has proven his own identity and decided where his loyalties lie His hesitation throws Sarah into the company of the man Sparhawk would least have her meet, and into the power of her dangerous, amoral former lover.Having enjoyed the surprises and complexities of The Turncoat, I was dismayed to see The Rebel Pirate starting out like a straightforward romance Happily, though, the hero and heroine were soon forced into different paths and the story began to take on some satisfying twists It slowed down a little after that, only to become fast paced and convoluted toward the end I came to the conclusion that Thorland is comfortable writing the history of battles, raids and intrigues than love stories, and the unevenness of tone may be due to the effort to recreate the romantic heat of The Turncoat Other than the revolutionary setting, there is little in common between the two novels other than the presence of the spy known as the Widow, and a heroine who is caught between gentility and wildness.I enjoy Thorland s writing, which is lively enough to carry the reader through any number of plot twists Her command of dialogue is excellent, as is her attention to historical detail I ll be looking out for her next novel.

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    It has pirates, naval officers, gold, a revolution, ruthless traders, an illegitimate nephew of the King and ginger cake What could a girl want in a romance I got this one from the publisher through goodreads firsts, and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it I m a total sucker for pirate naval romances, but throw in some serious historical detail and a hero and heroine that aren t perfect by anyone s measure, and I m completely lost The only slight downer was that I felt could have been made of the hero s father I m not saying because it ll give it all away.Honestly, though, I m struggling to come up with anything negative about it.If you love romance, history, the high seas. just read it You don t have to have read the book before this in the series The Turncoat, because I haven t and there wasn t any hangover , although I ll admit, I ve requested it from my library because I really want to get my hands on it now 5 stars It was amazing.

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    The Rebel Pirate, the second book in Donna Thorland s excellent Renegades of the Revolution series, opens in 1775, near Boston James Sparhawk, Master and Commander in the British Navy, has just commandeered and boarded a ship that is carrying ammunition and gold With a country on the brink of rebellion, Sparhawk s duty is clear confiscate the cargo, impound the vessel and seize the crew However, Sparhawk soon finds himself a hostage on the ship thanks to a young Rebel privateer The young privateer turns out to be a beautiful young woman, Sarah Ward Sarah doesn t want to be a rebel, in fact she had planned to be comfortably ensconced as a society matron after marriage to one of Salem s most successful merchants, Micah Wild However, once her family s fortune disappeared and Wild betrayed her by marrying her best friend, she finds herself with limited options and needs must when the devil drives, so Sarah sets sail to try and restore her family s fortunes Now branded a pirate, Sarah finds herself getting pulled deeper and deeper into the naval battles between British and Rebel forces Her spark with the handsome James Sparhawk is strong and immediate and their desire to be together, while still supporting their individual causes, drives much of the action in this story The writing in The Rebel Pirate is excellent The combination of authentic historical detail, thrilling action and passionate romance is rare as hen s teeth these days and I found myself reveling in the depth and scope of the narrative DT is an elegant writer with a real feel for pacing and the ability to create wonderfully complex characters that you will love, hate or, in some cases, love to hate as they pull you into their adventures As a romance reader, I was thrilled that Thorland didn t shy away from sex in this book Make no mistake, the relationship between the hero heroine is hot and passionate, but as was often the case in the older, meatier historical romances, sex is also used as currency and for control Spying and espionage is not a polite business and DT s characters are forced to make some tough choices in order to stay alive This is the kind of big, meaty, utterly engrossing story that I crave from the historical romance genre I expect that some might argue that DT s books are historical fiction than romance, but in my opinion, the romance is at the center of the story in the series and it definitely drives the action and serves as motivation for the protagonists, so I m calling it a romance Call them whatever you like, just take my advice and read them.

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    Update 16 Jun 2014First, I thank Penguin Group and Goodreads for generously providing this copy for an honest review.I suggest reading the blurb or back matter and come right back I ll you know what this gem is about so I can get to the good stuff.I was introduced to Donna Thorland s writing with her first publication, The Turncoat I loved this story than her first which is saying a lot.As with her previous book, I am in love with the lavish writing, rich, without being overly fussy, the twisty turny adventure, and expertly putting the lip biting UNF in unforgettable Thorland truly knows her history and has proven her ability to wield a wickedly delicious pen.How can you not be intrigued with a book opening like this The gold was Spanish, the chest was French, the ship was American, and the captain was dead The second installment of the Renegades of the Revolution series, albeit a standalone, is classic pirates and gold, spies and revolution, loyalties, corruption, and hearts filleted open Sarah Ward, our brave heroine, is pure, unabashed determination and bravery Strong female characters always appeal to me, mostly because I can put myself in her 18th century shoes without effort I love her imperfections, mostly those unknown, frying pan into fire decisions that keeps the reader turning the pages till the wee hours of the morning.Capt James Sparhawk, our British naval herowhat can I say Honor Loyalty Principled, including his determination to exact certain revenge on one wholly deserving And yes, in any good romance pirate story, there must be a man who knows how to put his incredibly delicious self in a uniform I don t know if it was his dashing side or his honor that appealed to me the most I would say both, couched between his own flaws and fallacies that made him the perfect hero.Other characters that brought great character to the story were the unscrupulous Admiral Graves, the notorious Red Abed, and Sarah s protective shadow Mr Cheap, and her brother Ned Well written supporting characters.Overall, The Rebel Pirate is a well researched, adventurous tale that keeps Thorland an absolute favorite in historical fiction 4 Aug 2013Arg, me hearties WENCHING AND PIRACY I m in love.

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    The Rebel Pirate is the second book in the Renegades of the Revolution This book can be read as a stand alone novel Right away I liked Sarah I found her to be a strong heroine James may be a pirate but he does not have a true hearted pirate soul He is kind I actually pictured Sarah and James as Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom s characters, Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies They were meant for each other So at the back of the book are discussion questions to ask if you are in a book club or you could ask yourself or a fellow reader I picked this question to answer James Sparhawk and Sarah Ward are drawn to each other right from the start Does Donna Thorland convince you that their attraction goes deeper than mere lust How does she accomplish that Do you find their romance satisfying What future do you envision for them Yes, the author does convince me that James and Sarah s attraction is than just lust They share a deeper connection that involves true love, family, and acceptance Their romance is satisfying as again it is not built just upon lust In fact, they don t get physical until a good way into the story I envision a future filled with a long, happy life for James and Sarah that includes several children, who will turn out to have salt water in their veins like their parents.

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    Okay, so, I blew through this whole book in one day because I could not bring myself to put it down, once I started Sarah is FANTASTIC, strong and brave and determinedly loyal, and Sparhawk is everything you want him to be to match her but even lovely, the rest of Sarah s family leap off the page, as well I could not get enough of Red, her retired pirate father And OH MAN, the thing I DID NOT EXPECT and then BAM I literally said out loud, to the cats, after a gasp I cannot EVEN before turning the page.I LOVED The Turncoat, but because the Revolutionary War isn t exactly my thing, I still hesitated to pick up this next book in the series until recently, when I realized I was STILL thinking about Kate and Tremayne, and pieces of their story all these months later So I bought it in paperback to go along with my kindle edition, and because The Rebel Pirate was RIGHT NEXT TO IT on the shelf, I grabbed a copy of it too Gentle Readers, I do not regret this From pretty much page 1, I was sucked in Thorland writes such ENGAGING characters, and brings her period so richly to life, I cannot resist And I promise you, I won t be waiting to get book 3, or book 4.October 2018 hi, I still love this book Will for sure read again

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    THE REBEL PIRATE by Donna Thorland is another exciting Historical Fiction set in 1775 Boston Harbor, Massachusetts 2 in the Renegades of the Revolution , but can be read as a stand alone See, The Turncoat.This is the story of British Navy Commander, James Sparhawk and Sarah Ward, a pirate s daughter.Set against the backdrop of the American Revolution Filled with Red Coats, Rebels, intrigue, pirates, smuggling, conflict, romance, and a wonderful romantic adventure Fast paced and action filled from the first page to the last page, you will not be able to put this intriguing adventure down From seafaring to historical intrigue, the conflict between country,family and love makes THE REBEL PIRATE a most enjoyable read With engaging characters, and an intriguing and interesting storyline, THE REBEL PIRATE is a delight to read for any historical reader, whether they enjoy fiction,romance, high sea adventure or a breath holding adventure you will not be disappointed with THE REBEL PIRATE Well done Received for an honest review from the publisher.RATING 4.5HEAT RATING REVIEWED BY AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More

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    You can see my blurb on the inside pages of this novel but to repeat my praise here the book deserves it this is a fun read It is equal parts thoroughly enjoyable and delectably historical Of course, I m a sucker for the era and setting Thorland does a wonderful job with capturing the costume and custom of the times.