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London 1820Lady Barbara Jeffords is certain her little sister didn't murder the footman no matter how it looksand no matter what the Maruess of Beningbrough—Ben—might say She can scarcely help it if his cousin is the only other suspect In fact she wants nothing to do with ruggedly handsome Ben; he reminds her of all the insensitive clods who passed her overFor years Ben has been dogged by painful gossip about his father's rud homosexuality His gruff shell hides a passionate nature and he's also fiercely loyal—which is why he'll never let the clever and beguiling Lady Barbara pin a murder on his cousinSparks fly as the two compete to defend their loved ones But as strange new clues emerge that neither can decipher alone they have no choice but to compare notes and sleuth in tandem A tenuous bond develops that soon faces its toughest challenge when Ben himself becomes a suspect90000 words

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    Update and re post Although I reviewed this book as an ARC in 2012 the title was never released by the publisher A Tryst with Trouble will now be released by Carina Press on 23 September 201345 starsLady Barbara Jefford's sister Helen is engaged to Lord Beningbrough's cousin Teddy However Teddy is having second thoughts and wishes to break off the betrothal believing that Helen has been unfaithful with a neighbour’s footman When the footman turns up dead some time later both Teddy and Helen come under suspicion Ben Lord Beningbrough knows that his cousin Teddy is incapable of murder and Barbara knows it is impossible that her sister Helen could be a murderess With both Ben and Barbara determined to see justice prevail they join forces to unearth the motives and to uncover the real murdererHaving been passed over too many times for her beautiful younger sister Barbara has put aside any hopes of ever attracting a man Ben has his own demons to battle Barbara thinks Ben is arrogant thickheaded conceited and self centred Ben thinks Barbara is outspoken headstrong independent intimidating and prickly They’re perfect for each otherWritten in first person and from alternating points of view from both the hero and the heroine this type of narrative is unusual but it allows the reader to glimpse into the minds of both protagonists Chastened I gave him my handHe set it against his chest Do you feel that?Even through the worsted wool of his coat there was no mistaking the heavy thumping of his heart I noddedDo you think that my heart always hammers that way?I don't know I gulped afraid to let myself believe I was the cause You might have a heart condition A Tryst with Trouble has so many satisfying elements – the romance the mystery the humour It is beautifully written with two wonderful leads The mystery was really well done and I was clueless as to the murderer's identity The humour is pitch perfect There is also a great cast of secondary characters some with little uirks that are funny yet the comedic elements are not overdone nor slapstick They are subtle and clever There are some anachronisms yet these can be easily overlookedUsually I don't mind the lack of sex scenes in a romance but this book is one case where I think it would have benefited by having a climactic love scene The sexual tautness between Ben and Barbara was built up so well throughout the entire story that it would have been lovely to see the fulfilment of all this escalating tension and emotion as a finaleNevertheless A Tryst with Trouble is an absolutely wonderful historical romance Highly recommendedSteam 15 2 ARC courtesy of Carina Press via NetGalley

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    Happy It's About Bloody Time Release Day A Tryst with Trouble is finally being published Seems Ms Everett is another author who fell victim to the mess that iswas Dorchester Publishing and her book release was delayedas in it didn't happen But I'm thrilled to share that Carina Press was smart enough to see it for the gem it is and now you all have the opportunity to do the same I'm wishing Ms Everett much LONG OVERDUE success with this wonderful storyAnd the new cover which is lovely My Review A Tryst With Trouble is a charming funny somewhat steamy Regency romance by debut author Alyssa Everett The witty dialog and hilarious insights into the characters’ thoughts has made this one of the most delightful novels I’ve read in a long timeThe Maruess of Beningbrough known as Ben to his friends and family does not want to follow in his father’s footsteps in fact he wants to be as far removed from those footsteps as possible The reason? Because of the gossip surrounding his father’s supposed homosexuality and Ben’s concern that others might think that his apple didn’t fall far from the tree Ben’s solution? To become the ultimate man’s man so there can be no uestion about his own sexualityLady Barbara Jeffords is the oldest daughter and though she is not by any stretch of the imagination ugly she’s been passed over time and time again by suitors who favor her younger sister Helen Because of this Barbara has decided that all men are shallow arrogant and boorish and that being single is a blessing rather than a curse Helen is betrothed to Teddy Ben’s cousin but rumor has it that Helen’s been trysting with the neighbor’s footman and even though Teddy is ready to break off the engagement when said footman turns up dead and it looks like Helen might be the culprit Teddy jumps in to claim that he’s the killer in order to protect Helen With gossip blackmail and murder threatening to see someone swinging from the hangman’s rope Ben and Barbara who are both certain that neither Teddy or Helen are guilty of the crime work together to find out who did it and why and this made for some great timesNormally I have trouble with stories written in the first person and when I realized that this was written in the first person from two different points of view I was a little skeptical about how it would turn out The author did a great job of moving the story along and even though we get both Barbara and Ben’s POV of a scene it never felt repetitive or overdone In fact the POV changes gave us some of the funniest moments in the bookThe bottom line Whew Okay as I said A Tryst With Trouble is a simply delightful story filled with enough twists and turns to keep it light and highly entertaining The most enjoyable parts of the story were those spent inside Ben and Barbara’s minds and with their often self deprecating laugh out loud funny banter I’m so looking forward to reading by this very talented author A Tryst With Trouble was provided by netgalleycom in behalf of Dorchester Publishing

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    This was a light and fun historical romance Alyssa Everett has an engaging writing style and seems to prefer a light tone to her stories which makes reading them an enjoyable experience The romance was good I liked Barbara and Ben both as a couple and as individuals so it was easy to root for them It helps that they felt like a good match and genuinely seemed interested in each other The other thing I really liked was that both characters felt well fleshed out The story was told from the first person POV'S of both Ben and Barbara so we got to learn their back stories as well as learn why they both felt and acted as they did I liked this aspect of the story a lot It also played well for the comedy elements of the tale as we uickly got to learn how each character was feeling and thinking about what the other had just said or did The story had plenty of comedy and the format made all the misunderstandings that powered a lot of the comedy enjoyable rather than frustrating Outside of the romance there was a bit of mystery and intrigue to keep the story ticking along Some of the mystery was easy to figure out but Everett did manage to throw in just enough twists to keep me on my toes We also got a few interesting secondary characters who were interesting in their own right All in all I enjoyed this well written fun romantic comedyRating 35 starsAudio Note This was narrated by Lizzie Owensby She was nothing special but I still feel like she did a passable job

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    45 starsThe Maruess of Beningbrough or Ben for short has tried for many years to prove that he's not like his father a notorious homosexual He indulges in lightskirts boxing and other manly pursuits in order to prove his manliness However it becomes obvious pretty soon to the reader that behind his facade Ben is a decent and honorable man deeply devoted to his family and friends His devotion to family is the reason he gets involved in trying to solve a murder that took place inside Helen Jeffords' his cousin Teddy's fiance house; a murder for which Teddy steps in to take the blame when it becomes apparent that his fiance will get accused Now Ben is determined to find the real murderer in order to get his cousin cleared Eually determined that her sister won't get the blame instead is Helen's sister Barbara Barbara at 24 years of age is considered almost a spinster with a prickly feisty and outspoken nature that hasn't helped her gain any suitorsBarbara and Ben initially clash swords but soon agree to work on this case together for the sake of their respective families The they work together though the complicated their relationship gets as they begin to admire each other's devotion to family and intelligence along with courage This admiration of course leads to attraction but as soon as things begin to get interesting between them the murderer ups the ante and they have to fight for their lives and their newfound trust to each other is put to the testTo say that this book is ground breaking material would be a lie It would not be a lie though to say that it was charming witty fast paced and a true delight to read In a way it reminded me of Julia uinn's books with the easy camaraderie between the protagonists their witty banter the feisty but wallflower heroine and the likable hero That is not to say that the writing style or the plots are similar; it's not A Tryst with Trouble is written in the hero's and heroine's respective POV first person which though it took me a few pages to get used to didn't put me off in the end while the mystery is a major part of the story What thrilled me most besides the humorous witty dialogues was seeing their relationship evolve from dislike to admiration in a way that actually made sense and how the attraction developed to love after they'd spent some time together and got to know each otherIn short I loved reading this book and if I had one minor complain would be the lack of a good sex scene Though there are a few sensual scenes we never get to follow the heroes in the bedroom However I don't generally mind lack of sex in my books so I wasn't particularly peeved with this Had it not been for the fact that I'm mainly a fan of angstier darker romances this would be a solid 5 stars romance for me A wonderful debut and a writer to watch out for in the future ARC provided by NetGalley

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    A Tryst with Trouble was just a fun regency mad caper story With two at times a two hard headed leads whom both have something to lose and something to win by solving the death Maruess of Beningbrough or just Ben has had to dodge rumors of his father's homosexuality creating a cold shield around himself to protect himself from the harsh words throw at him Barbara has always felt she's played second fiddle to her prettier sister Because of her firey looks and her smarts she's always felt to be looked over When the sudden death of a sneaky footman Ben and Barbara suare off with Ben's cousin taking the blame for the murder and Barbara's sister knowing the footman There's then meets the eye in the whole situation and it's up to them to figure it out while trying not to kill one another or become overcome with the firey passion between them This was just plain old fashion fun read You have two fun characters that have misunderstandings don't see eye to eye but it it alot of fun to see them both fighting the attraction Both have their hidden scars from their pasts and the walls they hide behind The author did a great job of writing how Ben came to terms with his Father's past and Barbara not hiding her brains and just being herself There were alot of laugh out load moments that had me rolling with laughter and each moment with solid gold Although it was a tad disappointing with all the sexual tension between Ben and Barbara we're never given a good sex scene Still this was a small complaint to the overall fun I had with this wonderful debutDo you think you can stand?” “Of course I can stand” Ben said irritably “I told you it’s only a scratch” “Ah yes How fortunate the ball hit your head instead of some part of your body you actually use”

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    It was very well written very engaging and entertaining story I love very part of it Imo romance books with include suspence are not very successful At least I haven't read a good one until this oneIt's official now Alyssa Everett is a winer and one of favorites authors in HR genre for me

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    A Tryst with Trouble was a historical romance novel that made me laugh kept me interested with the storyline centered on a mystery murder and dealt effectively with issues such as sexuality insecurity and devotion to family The CharactersBen otherwise known as The Maruess of Beningbrough is a proud man trying to prove to society that he is not like his father Ben’s father a married man is a well known homosexual Ben tortured in school because of his father’s homosexuality has put up a wall and assumes the worst of all people Ben thinks if someone looks at him wrong says the wrong thing it’s because he is his father’s sonBarbara is a strong willed smart stubborn uniue beauty who speaks her mind but also has a heart of gold She lives with Helen her sister Barbara is extremely insecure because her father has spent too much of his life comparing Barbara’s stubborn personality to Helen’s lady like manner The father’s comments while not intending to be malicious come across to Barbara as hurtful and as a result Barbara truly believes there is no possible man out there for herThe Story While Barbara’s sister may come across as lady like in reality she is a schemer She is the central character in a murder mystery that brings Barbara and Ben together to solve it Ben is the cousin to Helen’s fiancéeWhile Barbara and Ben start off as mere partners in trying to solve the mystery for their families what develops is a serious physical attraction and eventually a mutual respect and love for each other Unfortunately their own insecurities cause severe doubt for about 80% of the book in each other’s motives and the result is a bounty of misunderstandings Because of this the reader is peppered with scenes that involve anger between Ben and Barbara and resulting action that should not have occurred but for simple communication between the two It became very frustrating to me how often the two main characters chose to assume the other’s feelingsthoughts rather than simply askThe relationship between Ben and his father was a big part of this book and I felt the author did a good job handling a sensitive topic The resolution was great and I was super happy that the author chose this routeThe dialogue was wittyBen reacting to his over protective mother’s desire to keep him safe from EVERYTHING “Yes yes I realize as much The night air is unhealthy and I could meet up with felons or low women with the pox to say nothing of the possibility that a hitherto undiscovered volcano might suddenly erupt and bury me in ash before I reach Piccadilly”The sexual tension was through the roof and often humorous at the same timeBen trying to convince Barbara that he finds her beautiful “Give me your hand” he said “What? Why?””Do you have to argue with everything?” Chastened I gave him my hand He set it through the worsted wool of his coat there was no mistaking the heavy thumping of his heart I nodded “Do you think my pulse always hammers that way?” “I don’t know” I gulped afraid to let myself believe I was the cause “You might have a heart condition”OverallI liked how the mystery evolved and I was very happy with the overall ending except for one small detailThe author left out the sex scene There was so much sexual tension plenty of kissing and even a few scenes which involved than kissing but no sex Oh well35 out of 5 stars

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    25 starsI like Everett a lot This I believe was her debut and she's writing better than this now and thank sweet Jesus and all the elves has left the first person behind I dislike the first person generally but in a historical it really doesn't work You're just never going to get into the head of someone from the nineteenth century It's hard enough in third person let alone opening yourself up to having to examine their introspection moment to moment There were also elements which felt totally off No one describes what their mother looks like to themselves in their head If you're going to write first person you have to be careful how you tackle description and so on In contemporaries you can just skip it because we all know what an iPhone looks like or the Empire State Building etc there's less world creation than when you're having to write an historical Suffice to say it bugged and it drags down the ratingThat said it would've been very easy for this to be anachronistic and stray into CILD territory and it did a bit but Everett makes a credible fist of first person historical writing Although I suppose I have nothing to compare her to never having read an historical in FP I don't thinkThings I did like the two main characters were good I felt the hero's insecurity about his father and the way it had shaped his character The heroine was feisty and intelligent and well done too and I liked them together Their dialogue was funny and engagingThe mystery element was clunky Too many notes dropped on the floor and peep holes and looking through curtains at events going on It was all a bit thin And then it was super obvious who did it although I really didn't care by the time we got there I wish these characters had been in a different novel with a different plot pulling them together Just compromise them into marriage and take it from thereSo bits of this worked and bits didn't leaving it all as a very middling affair

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    This is a uickie Review For the full review please visit The RomanceaholicExpected Release Date See note at the end of the reviewPublisher Dorchester PublishingImprint DPAuthor’s Website Source for This Book NetgalleyPart of a Series NoSeries Best Read In Order NASteam Level Warm SteamyTo be perfectly honest I was a little hesitant to read this book when I first read the synopsis ”Dogged for years by painful gossip about his father’s homosexuality the Maruess of Beningbrough—Ben to his friends—has protected himself by becoming the ultimate man’s man” — this made Ben sound as though he were the ultimate rake and seducer of women and frankly I was afraid that there would be a lot of “on screen” trolloping around on his partHowever despite Ben’s reputation and his own assertation that he’s spent plenty of time being intimate with tons of gorgeous women there’s no “in your face” evidence of his promiscuity While I think some readers may be disappointed about that fact especially if they were expecting this to be of a “spinster tames the notorious rake” type story I personally was uite happy with the situation I love a “reformed rake” as much as the next girl but one thing I tend to shy away from is when the hero makes free with another woman after meeting the heroine In Ben’s case there is no other woman from the moment that he lays eyes on Barbara which for me is supremely romanticWhile this novel wasn’t perfectly tame in regards to sexual content I would say that it wasn’t uite as steamy as I’d anticipated going in There is one scene in particular that pushed it into the “steamy” category as far as this blog’s RATING SYSTEM goes but there is no actual on screen lovemaking — merely uite a bit of fairly explicit foreplay However I enjoyed the banter between Ben and Barbara and combined the murder mystery that took front seat I did feel that the sensuality level was exactly where this story needed it to beIn short? I loved this book There were times when I was a bit frustrated by the constant misinterpretation of things by both Ben and Barbara but honestly the lovely angst on both their parts combined with the surprisingly good mystery far overshadowed those fleeting momentsA very solid 455 Stars This book originally had a release date set in March but was then moved back to April 1st The publisher Dorchester Publishing has been having financial problems and is currently “going through a reorganization and reassessment” of its product lines YOU CAN FIND THE LATEST INFORMATION ON THEIR SITUATION HERE

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    I really enjoyed this one provided by netgalley I'd read another one by this author Ruined by Rumor and enjoyed it but found it a bit lacking The heroine annoyed me a bit and the plot was too predictable With this one I didn't have those issues at allSo what did I enjoy? The hero and heroine are just wonderful Both of them And uite frankly how often can you say that you really enjoy reading about both main protagonists in a romance? You know how sometimes heroines are described as feisty in a Regency romance but really the sum total of their feistiness is daring to wear red or something eually pathetic? Well not this one She is really a lady knows what's proper but has a bit of a mouth on her and resorts to knee in groin when reuired The hero is a great match for her Built like a brick outhouse a veritable Adonis but essentially upright uptight and efficient The writing Oh the writing is wonderful The author uses the POVs of both the heroine and the hero and it's just superb I don't know why authors don't give this format a go because it just works so brilliantly Also it's refreshing to find an author not afraid to put in a few choice euphemisms and yet also essentially close the door on all but a couple of intimate moments The sexy stuff is cheeky rather than sexy smutty and I rather enjoyed the naughty light touch for a change The other characters normally the secondary characters can be rather insipid but there are enough interesting ones in this book to keep the whole thing chugging along very nicely The hero's father for example is rud to be homosexual not something which is usually included in Regency romances at all and although it is essentially handled with a slightly comic touch it didn't feel uncomfortable as a reader It was handled really wellWhat didn't I like so much?Hmm Have to think about that one and get back to it because honestly I can't think of one thing I didn't like5 stars It was amazing Can't wait to read the next one by this author