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A girl who has lost her voice and a boy who carries a world of anger bottled up insideA girl haunted by soul crushing guilt and regret and a boy who knows he can't afford the weakness of feeling—not if he is to surviveSummer and Seth meet by chance and become unlikely friends In each other they find a safe haven and respite from the darkness haunting them both Until they are betrayedCan they ever regain their friendship? And if they do can they trust each other enough to take the biggest risk of all falling in love?Genre Mature YANew Adult Romance

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    SPOILER FREE REVIEW mature content reader discretion is advised3 STARS out of 5Genre YA Romance Mature 'I can understand this truly I can He's popular handsome headed for a successful future He can have anything he wants in the world So why should he want me by his side? I have nothing to offer him but myself an orphaned nightmare plagued messed up wreck of a girl' SummerIn Summer's desire we get alternating pov's from both the Hero and heroine but the book is mostly told through the eyes of the heroine Summer This is a love story about lost love and hopeSummer and Seth meet as children when she is left an orphan after her parents brutal murder She is taken in by Seth’s grandmother at the age of 5 Summer and Seth become the best of friends you never see one without the other close by Summer is affectionately nicknamed Sunny by Seth but to everyone else she is known as Seth’s Shadow Unfortunately another one of life's tragedies strike causing these two separation but they vow to stay connected But they don't 'His heart that Summer had awakened was gradually engulfed by the cold spreading inside him once again Finally it was no than a block of ice' Seth5 years laterThings don’t workout the way Summer and Seth hoped Unbeknownst to them someone has kept them separated on purpose 5 years past since Summer left Seth has had to become a man he is now living on his own and about to graduate high school on a football scholarship He is very popular and well loved by the ladies His also is notoriously known for not being with the same girl twice But you know as well as I do that his bad boy ways change the second he lays his eyes on Summer againHis once cold heart begins to thaw ‘How could she ever be afraid of her best friend and protector? She already loved him than anything else in the world’ SummerReconnected is half the battle Staying together trusting one another and trying to out think others is the other half Summer and Seth have a true love story that proves just how meant to be they are for each otherMy ThoughtsThis was a good love story I think the author did a good job with breaking the characters down and allowing you to see the struggles they have as kids These struggles shape them and force them in to early adulthood The author was smart she gives you all the right ingredients alpha male virgin girl catty females which leads to drama drama and drama2 evil mother figures ect Main character descriptionsSeth an alpha male who is the love them and leave them type with a cold heart left by the one who got awaySummer docile innocent in a very virginal type way Very smart She is shy always keeping to her self And she has had a very traumatic life altering experience as a child which left her feeling brokenThe foundations laid out for these two characters will pull at the heart strings While I did enjoy this read and I thought it was a very touching love story Some things just stood in the way of me rating this book higher than 3 stars I am BIG on character interactions and although this book possessed a good amount of interaction it also possessed an overwhelming amount of inner monologues Summer was in her head too muchshe thought too much and it caused me to skim too muchAlso I understand Summer being mature for her age but she did not talk like a normal 16yr old girl Example 'Alex a strapping boy with sandy colored hair and light brown eyes'Strapping? I never referred to a guy as strapping in my 20 plus years of living She is 16 just say he is HOT or FINE AS HELLLOL Not strapping that does not trigger any swoon inducing feelings for me She also uses other words like dickens well maybe that is normal but then there is rudderlessbeseechabscondedI will not keep going you get the pointOverall I think the author did good for this to be her first novel She had identifiable characters you will love and hate And she threw in a nice twist in the end which I thought was really good I see the potential in this writer and I look forward to reading of her booksMy RatingsCharacters loved some hated someWriting Style FairPlotStoryline Good it will definitely evoke emotions from youSteam Factor PG 13low on a light simmer fade to black sex scenesOverall I like itNow go forth and read Then come tell us about it on GoodreadsFor reviews got to Copy kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    Before I begin writing my review of Summer's Desire I would like to say thisI don't usually write any reviews on this site this is actually my first one yet This is Because I am a student and therefore don’t have much free time and because I really enjoy reading so I want to save at least some of my free time for reading because I truly can’t imagine how I would live without it so when I finish one book no matter how much I like it or how much effect it has one me I immediately start searching for a book to read next and never really think about writing a review for the previous one I know this is probably kind of selfish of me because I often read reviews from other readers to help me decide whether to read some book or not so I guess I should probably do it too So as you can see I decided to write a review for the book Summer's Desire written by Olivia Lynde since I really enjoyed this book but mostly because the author asked me so kindly and I just didn’t have the heart to refuseTherefore I am writing this and I sincerely hope that my review will help to get people to read this wonderful book But because I have no experience in doing this and since English isn't my first language and I'm not very good at it it's much easier for me to read something in English than to write in this language although you would probably expect otherwise from someone who reads so much in one language even if it is foreign I ask you to forgive any spelling or other mistakes I make in this review and my not so perfect and exciting writing style and look past it when you think about reading this bookAnd now finally this is my reviewWhen I started reading this book I didn't really know what to expect but I read it anyway since I liked the summary But once I started reading I just couldn’t stop and read it all until the very end The main characters Summer Sunny and Seth were so likeable and I was so angry because so many bad things happened to them that I just couldn't put the story down I had to know what would happen to them in the endThe story is like I already said about Sunny and Seth who had known each other since they were kids They have both had terrible heartbreaking things happened to them but they still remained strong and never gave up hope for the happy ending no matter what happened no matter who stood in their way They knew since they first met that they were meant to be together and that together they can achieve anything they wantSunny was such a great and likable person and I was really sad for because of what happened Her parents were murdered in front of her when she was just 5 years old and she had nightmares about that night every time she went to sleep Because of her screams at night most foster parents with whom she was staying heartless rejected her Nobody knew how to help her but nobody even tried to help her The longest she stayed in one place was when she was taken in by Seth's grandmother 6 months after the murder And there she first met Seth who was 2 years older than her whose mother was a terrible person I just can't imagine how a parent can treat her own child the way she did and she sometimes left Seth with his grandmother which was probably the best thing she ever did for him When Seth heard Sunny's screams the first night he went to her room to comfort her and so they found out that when they sleep together the nightmares are gone They became best friends and they had spent most of their time together even when they started going to school But 5 years later a real tragedy happens and they are separated and they lose contact because of interferences of some really reaaallllly mean girl I'm usually a really peaceful and non hateful person but I truly hated her with all my heart So after this happens Sunny changes many foster homes and Seth faces other terrible challenges on his own until luckily 5 years later or rather because of some really nice lady whose name I won't tell they meet again and now I will just have stop before I say too much because I don't want to ruin to story for anyone you will just have to read it and see what happensBut I still want to say this Sunny and Seth were both so wonderful and so unselfishly and unconditionally in love with each other and I really wanted them to have their happy ending I also think people can learn many things from both of them I like the fact that no matter happened they remained loyal to their principles and didn't give up on trying to do something with their lives Many people in their situation would change completely or become depressed or turn to drug and alcohol but they didn't and I really respected them for it and I think this is really important message you can find in the story as for some mistakes that Seth did in the mine time I will gladly forgive because his was in a though situation and I still think he is a great person And despite the fact that many tragic things happen in the story and it also made me cry at one point it was a very sweet and enjoyable reading and it all turned out well for the persons who deserved itSo If you find my review unsystematic and you think a have a really bad writing style and even if you my review bores you if you can't decide what to think about this book because not many persons read it yet and there are not many reviews and ratings but you like the summary you like young adult romance books than you definitely need to read this one It really made my day yesterday and I will definitely read any other books from this author if there will be in the future I truly believe many other readers will enjoy Summer’s desire as much as I did so just in case if I didn’t made myself clear enough I will tell you again just read this amazing book

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    Read reviews on my blog Like me on FacebookSummer’s Desire by Olivia Lynde captured my attention from the very beginning It is a sweet but sad depressing story about childhood sweethearts who are force to separate and reunite five years later The story was also very touching I definitely shed a tear or two while I was readingIn Summer’s Desire you will meet Seth and Summer two young people who were brought together by their traumatic and sad childhoods Seth has been raised off and on by his poor excuse for a mom who would drop Seth off at his Grandmother’s house for months even years at a time His grandmother was his only source of a loving home When Seth was 7 his grandmother took in a foster child five year old Summer Summer’s parents had been killed in a traumatic way leaving Summer with night terrors and would not speak to anyone that is until she met Seth Seth was the only person Summer would speak to and who she felt safe with They spent a wonderful six years growing up together and falling in love Seth’s Grandma suddenly dies of a heart attack leaving 13 year old Seth to return to his druggie mother and 11 year old Summer to be returned to foster care system bouncing from house to house They both promised to find a way to stay in contact and be together again but for reasons out of their control they could not keep their promises Five years pass both are haunted by the other Now Seth is a big football stud who sleeps his way through the female student body without having real relationships and Summer hides herself behind baggy clothes and blends in with the crowd to not stand out With the hurt the years gone by and a conductive lying btch excuse my language trying to keep them apart can their love still survive? ”All through our childhood you were the best part of me the one pure perfect part of my life That you could turn your back on me so easily after you’d left Rockford thinking that crushed me” The first 65% or so of the book I really loved I absolutely love the story of Seth and Summer As sad and dramatic as their past they were able to see the good they had in each other even at a young age Their love and need for each other was quiet an astonishing thing for two young children and the fact they did not out grow it with the five years they were apart speaks volumes of how important they were to one anotherSummer and Seth were both really great characters I loved the fact the book starts off with Seth and Summer as very young children and as you read they get older The majority of the story is told when Summer and Seth are 16 18 years old and in high school I felt I was really able to connect to both characters reading about their relationship and how it grew from the very beginning My heart was breaking for the two when they were torn about from one another after Grandma died It was really sad knowing how much Summer or Sunny Seth called her depended on him I felt the most pain for her There reunion is not perfect They are hurt by the other for not keeping their promise but it wasn’t their fault they did keep their promise but a nasty villain got in their way from the very beginning I seriously HATED the character of Jessica I hate that she has my name She had it in her crazy mind to keep them apart from the moment she met Seth and when Summer returned she went crazy like seriously crazy in the head Stalker crazyThere were a few things that I tried to get past but I couldn’t The dialogue towards the end of the book when Seth and Summer get together again I found some of the loving words to each other to be a bit cheesy and over the top especially for two high school students Also they use a lot of big words and I have never heard high school students’ use and talk like that Second was the use of exclamation mark There were A LOT of sentences that ended with I felt it was not needed most of the time used Also I felt Summer’s foster father was a little loose with her considering he was a doctor and over all good guy I just didn’t believe how okay he was with “things” and Summer’s social worker at the end was just a little farfetched to believe for meWith that said I really did enjoy the story of Seth and Summer It was a beautiful story of two lost children who overcame a lot a lot is an understatement to end up together years later I really enjoyed the epilogue I would have liked a book 2 with Summer and Seth in college but the epilogue was perfect and I gave a wonderful closure to their story I found Ms Lynde to tell a touching story and look forward to reading from her in the futureI give Summer’s Desire 35 Stars This book was provided by the author in return for an honest review

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    This one was a exciting ride full of hearbreakpassion and consuming loveBoth Seth and Summer are orphans with darkness hunting them bothbut through each other they find safe haven and become unlikely friendsBut soon they will get betrayed and will have to get separetad against their willMany years later they meet again in their youthThis time Seth has to grown up to be the most popular and cold hearted bad boy of the school and Summer has grown up as a beautiful and strong girl that have fought through her nightmaresThe innocent love that always has existed between them will grow to something powerful until they can`t breath without each otherSummer`s Desire is a high school romantic story that contains of mature subject matter that makes us understand what heave burdens many people can go throughThe romance in this book are beautiful and hot at the same time and i love it how naturally Seth`s and Summer`s relationship develops and how strong it isI cheered for them with all my heartSummer is a strong heroine and i truly like her character and how strong she can get when it comes to the boy she loves And when it comes to the Hero the hot badboy SethI love him so muchSO SO SO MUCH He is so beautifulso passionate and so bad ass and his love to Summer are so beautiful so immortal like and even i shed some tears every time he was breaking insideHe is a strong teenager and has the character of a alpha maleand even i hugged my pillow while i read the scenes every time he got angryIf you thought he growls even for one fucking moment that I would let you leave me again in this lifetime—then you have no fucking clue of who I amI worship this book entirelyThe plot and it`s main characters are amazingespecially the hot bad boy Seth

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    Awesome read as usual

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    The story of Summer and Seth is an emotional one that begins right from their first meeting As children their bond will tug at your heart and continues to tug at it until the end It's difficult to imagine two characters destined to be together Their teenage years however are jammed packed with a lot of drama and the kind of maturity level that sets in would have been appropriate in the new adult years Still it is a satisfying read and one that will keep the reader constantly hoping that Summer and Seth will find their happy ending 35 starsI received a copy in exchange for an honest review

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    My thoughts Every now and then I stumble across a book that I never intend to read and this was one of them I was fortunate to win a copy of this story through a giveaway and was forewarned that this book is not for everyone That being said my first thought was to set it back down my TBR list but I was wanting a challenge yesterday morning and just decided to pick up and read it My curiosity just got the best of me so to say what can possibly make a story marked as not for everyone? I could always put it back down if it wasn't for me right? But oh my gosh right from the beginning this story drew me There are some dark aspects in the story but it was what made this book so much remarkable to me It was intense emotional dark and beautiful all rolled up into one The story starts with Summer who is five at the time she ends up in foster care after her parents are murdered She's been to a couple of trial adoption and foster homes within the past six months but she always gets turned down The social worker is desperate and decides to call Mrs Lewis to plead her case Hearing Summer's story Mrs Lewis decides to take her in Seth is seven and the biological grandson of Mrs Lewis He lives with his grandmother off and on depending on what his mom has gotten herself intoAs soon as Seth sees her his life is turned upside down After Seth gets her through the first couple nights of torment they become inseparable With her under Seth's tutelage Summer finally finds her peace and they both find happiness Their happiness does not last long soon enough Summer is ripped back into the foster care system and leaves Seth behind Seventeen foster homes and five years later they finally meet again Is it fate that brings them back together? Both are upset about broken promises that were made they both thought that their friendship was so much How could they let each other go for that long? Come to find out there was always someone to blame for their misery As they reconnect this person puts them through hell Question is can their friendship trust and love get them past the trials and tribulations thrown their way? Click here for a full review casting choice giveaway

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    My Rating 4 StarsMy ThoughtsI’ve read quite a lot of stories with the plot friends to romance but I must say that this is the best one I have read so far The writing was wonderful as where the characters and their passionate story The chemistry between Summer and Seth took my breath away From the very start of the story you get an insight into their childhood which were both full of overwhelming sorrow Summer was damaged after seeing both her parents brutally murdered at the age of five and so she was put in foster care where she ended up living with Seth and his grandma Their friendship was remarkably strong innocent and pure Even at their young age of seven Seth was fiercely protective if his Sunny and never let any harm come to her But eventually they were torn apart from each other After years of being apart they met again but at first it wasn’t same Both felt a sense of betrayal thinking the other didn’t try to keep in touch It was sad to see how hurt they both felt but were too afraid of confronting the other Of course at the time they were none the wiser and were unaware of the true reasons Once they reconciled it was truly beautiful They picked up right where they left off from when they were kids and their complete trust and love was incredible Whenever they faced troubles they didn’t lie or hide things from each other but instead faced them together A fair warning is that there were some parts that were pretty graphic because the deaths of Summer’s parents were depicted That being said it really helped to understand Summer’s character and the depth of her fear and pain and the cause behind the nightmares that plagued her sleep every night unless she was with Seth Overall this was at times a heartbreaking story but was overshadowed but the heartwarming friendship and romance that Seth and Summer shared

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    Best friends falling in love is my aphrodisiac my oyster my silver bullet with rechargeable batteries It's that one thing that gets me going every time I can't resist So how come I didn't five star this jack rabbit?? I wanted to I did It started off strongvery strong butbutI don't know It was good No really I enjoyed reading it but it had some flaws that kept it from pulling in those extra stars Flaws that didn't make this a bad book or a waste of time but flaws that had me swallowing my OMGsLike I said I loved the beginning However I did find the voice of Seth and Summer as children a little aged grownups trapped in children's bodies I know their tragic lives caused them to grow up way too early but it still seemed a bit misplaced Even when they meet again five years later as teenagers their dialogue was a little cheesy and unrealistic but either way I loved their story I loved their connection I loved Seth's deep seated need to protect Summer I LOVE IT WHEN CHILDHOOD FRIENDS FALL IN LOVEOlivia Lynde very much has a voice that mimics Kirsty Moseley Fans of The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window and Always You will really enjoy Summer's Desire However like Kirsty Moseley books the plot does get a little implausible and drawn out at times but you're still drawn in Even while writing this review and remembering Seth and Summer's story I question my rating I almost want to throw in starsalmost I'm torn really There's enough things I loved that almost gave me beer goggles to its faults but in the end I sobered up and realized that even though I wasn't in love with this book I enjoyed my time with itREAD ONMore reviews at

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    35 starsthis was a sweet love story