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Lanie Heron Isn T Looking For Love No Surprise, Considering Her Last Serious Relationship Nearly Got Her Killed So When Lanie Propositions Hop Kincaid, All She Wants Is One Wild Night With The Hot As Hell Biker Who Patrols With The Chaos Motorcycle ClubFor Hop, Lanie Has Always Been Untouchable She S Too Polished And Too Classy For His Taste But When She Gives Hop The Once Over With Her Bedroom Eyes And Offers Him A Night In Paradise, He Can T Say No And He Doesn T Regret It When He Finds That Lanie Is The Best Thing That S Ever Happened To Him In Or Out Of Bed Now The Trick Will Be To Convince Her Of That

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    4 Hop Won My Heart StarsHOLY MOLY The impossible happened I actually fell head over heels in love with Hop, which shocked me to no end because I was NOT, and I repeat, NOT his biggest fan in Motorcycle Man In fact, I put off reading his book until now because I had no desire to read his story I could kick myself for waiting so long and not trusting Kristen Ashley s ability to make me fall in love with her hero I should have known better I ll admit, I struggled with Lanie s character at first she was a bit too wishy washy for my tastes, but she won me over BIG TIME by the end And don t get me started on how much I adored Hop s kids His daughter and son were just too cute for words I m alway in awe of Kristen Ashley s ability to write children that feel authentic and palatable The kids in her stories always add substance and delight to what is already compelling plot.Overall, I enjoyed this book but I also felt it had a few flaws Mainly, it should have been a novella instead of a full length book and placed at the end of the Dream Man series instead of the second book in the Chaos series There just wasn t enough plot substance for it to keep my full and undivided attention considering it paralleled Own the Wind s timeline and events Basically, it brought nothing new to the series arc Not to mention, the Chaos series main focus is on the YOUNGER club members not the older ones Still, I very much enjoyed this book, and like all Kristen Ashley stories, the epilogue left a huge smile on my face and happiness in my heart ARC kindly provided to Swept Away By Romance courtesy of Grand Central Publishing. Follow Kristen Ashley on Facebook and Twitter If you re already a Kristen Ashley addict, or interested in checking out her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict s Support Group here on Goodreads

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    Full review coming soon Here s my fav quote he used you as a shield No way would I let you put yourself in the path of anything for me You ll learn to trust me, the brothers, Tack I don t use you as a shield I am the goddamn shield BLURB Lanie Heron isn t looking for love no surprise, considering her last serious relationship nearly got her killed So when Lanie propositions Hop Kincaid, all she wants is one wild night with the hot as hell biker who patrols with the Chaos Motorcycle ClubFor Hop, Lanie has always been untouchable She s too polished and too classy for his tastes But when she gives Hop the once over with her bedroom eyes and offers him a night in paradise, he can t say no And he doesn t regret it when he finds that Lanie is the best thing that s ever happened to him in or out of bed Now the trick will be to convince her of that Release date June 4th

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    Re read 4 15 16 I m not just in a book slump, I have some major fucking PMS am in a total slump, period Nothing I m reading is appealing to me as a result, thusRe reading a favorite Re read 8 30 15Re read 1 17 15I ve re read this so many times it s not even funny And I always love it Hop and Lanie are one of my favorite KA couples for sureXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX FIRE INSIDEHopLanie You ll Accomp ny Me by Bob Seger I ll tell you now, I do not have a replacement There s only one me You want it, you find, he jerked his thumb at his chest, leaning toward me and concluded, me.

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    5 StarsBefore I start this review, I really struggled on how to rate this book I started out with a 4 star rating, then I realized my problem Although it was closer to a 5 star read for me, a lot of KA s books were better than a 5 I m not sure how to explain it, but for me, it was just a 5, not a 5 plus, blew me away, fantastic 5 like some of her others make sense It does to me anyway, so on to the review It was only supposed to be one night We first meet Lanie in Motorcycle Man She is Tyra s Tack s old lady best friend It s been eight long years since Lanie s life changed drastically Eight years since her fiance was killed, she was hurt She is still not over it, after all this time, she still can t let anyone in She is not willing to take that risk again Not now, not ever You have something, you have something to lose Hopper Kincade has been with Chaos MC for over 15 years, ever since he s been 24 He is a badass biker guy, but he is also a big sweetheart He is a devoted father who is divorced You really get the wrong impression of Hop in MM I was worried I wouldn t like him in this because of that, but I couldn t have been wrong Hopper is a caring guy, he is there for you when you need him Anything you need, babe I m there for you One way or another When Lanie and Hop start this thing between them, Hopper is hesitent He knows what Lanie has been through Tack is his brother, Tyra is Lanie s best friend He knows it could get complicated Messy But he can t resist Lanie And once he s had her, one night is not enough The best I ever had Lanie has a lot to work through As much as she doesn t want to admit it, she likes being with Hopper She enjoys his company, she just knows its not a good idea to get involved with him, with anyone He just wants a chance Take a chance on me He wants her to let him in I ll wear you down You won t let me in, I ll break in, sneak in, blast in You won t get in Let you in on a secret, babe I m already in Just gotta wait for you to realize it He wants Lanie to live again, to enjoy life Most importantly, he wants to protect her, for her to realize that he is there for her He has her back I don t use you as a shield I am the goddamn shield Lanie knows she and Hop have something, something special When Lanie actually lets Hop in, there time together is beautiful, amazing But she has a bad habit of shutting him out, putting up walls Hop tries to be patient with her, but their relationship is difficult at times And Lanie is insisting it be kept secret, for now Hop is an alpha, biker guy, badass, he is funny and he has a soft side I wasn t sure if I would like him, but I really did He isn t my favorite KA alpha, but he was still pretty great He was just the guy Lanie needed He knows Lanie is a classy lady, so thats what he calls her Lady So we ve established Hop is a badass biker with the tats and all, a sweet caring guy but did I mention he plays guitar and sings And he dedicated a song to Lanie freaking swooning Okay Hop and Lanie s relationship was far from perfect, but once they got it situated, I loved them together The epilogue was PERFECT I may have teared up a bit but I do that in every KA epilogue view spoiler He d done it Pulled her out of the shadows and brought her into the light of family hide spoiler

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    A solid 4.5 stars for me I tried to stay away from the reviews before reading this one but saw that it was not getting the usual RAVE reviews that a KA book usually gets I loved it, I did I thought it was right back there with her older books got my first KA in November 2011 Sweet Dreams ah, the good old days We knew Hop and Lanie already from some previous books and wasn t sure if I was going to like Hop too much you guys know what happened at the Club We won t say anything But I did like him, a lot Not as much as Tate or Tack nobody can surpass those guys I seriously don t think KA can write a bad book I have given most of her books 4 and 5 stars there was the one that only got 3 stars from me, but all her books have a familiarity that I like I love her Hero s, although their stamina in the bedroom is to be taken with a grain of salt I could be mistaken but if any of you lovely Goodreads people have a person in your life with THAT kind of stamina I, for one, would sure love to know ENJOY IT I m already in Just gotta wait for you to realize it Yeah, I liked skank, he bit off Liked the taste Wild, free and easy Went back for Repeatedly But that was before I had my mouth between the legs of a lady You get that, you don t go back LOL such a sweet talker I m not taking a chance on you, I declared I am not taking a chance on anybody I swear to God these KA Hero s must be on fucking Viagra for the amount of times they are able to get it UP Please be real Lady, I m as real as it gets view spoiler 52% in when he went on stage and did that Fuck Me Pink even if the rest of the book was total shite, he HAD me there hide spoiler

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    Are you ready for Chaos in your lives Lanie Hop s only chance at redemption and just maybe, his own much deserved Happily Ever After.4 KA males, Badass Bikers and the Lives we choose for ourselves Stars Where rules didn t apply, only feelings did You went with your gut, you led with your heart, you did what you wanted and you didn t think of consequences You lived You were free.Kristen Ashley s Life Lessons Rule 1 There is always a happily ever after, especially if you think you don t deserve it.Rule 2 Whoever said to you that the above rule applies only to princes, knights, magicians and heroes, lied in your face YEAH, fairytales, I am talking to you and I callRule 3 no explanation needed This is Lanie Hop s story Gritty, emotional, passionate, realistic and their own No excuses needed No shame, because love always finds a way and life gives you a second, third and fourth chance if you fight hard enough for it Every step, every breath, every second I lived on this earth, I m thankful for, no matter how fucked up or whacked or hard or good, cause all that shit led me to you Lanie has been existing for the last 8 years Consumed by guilt, remorse and grief, she can t get past her fiance s involvement with the Russian Mob, that killed him and almost her and her best friend Tyra She has stopped living and breathing, afraid of taking a chance to love again Afraid to let her self go and risk getting hurt, to deal with her nightmares, to fight the monsters that live inside her head.But what if she doesn t have to slay them by herself What if knights, no longer wear shiny armors, but leather What if they are tattooed bikers, with their own past mistakes, long hair and silver rings Baby, his lips dropped to mine but his eyes didn t let mine go, Christ, I m beggin you, let me in Let me help Let me in so I can untie that shit you got wound up inside you A night of passion will open up the possibility of a future that both have too many scars to accept without fighting and making mistakes Without screwing up and dreading what s ahead Love Don t regret what you did Don t regret the decisions you made You did right You followed your heart and that is never wrong, darlin But shit went down and it was extreme That s over, Lanie Long over Move on The story that ran parallel to Shy and Tabby s in Own the Wind, is finally here and it follows the general rule of awesomeness that applies to KA stories Her heroes aren t always likeable and they don t make excuses They get to live and love and their stories are engaging and beautiful And they make you believe that you too will find the other half of your soulMy only complaint and reason of my rating I think we spent a tad too long in Lanie s head I get that she had a lot to deal with and overcome, but I needed interactions between all the characters and a mysterious dangerous plot Overall, a book that all KA lovers don t wanna miss Special Mention the one and only Tack AllenTACK, YOU ROCK MY WORLD READ NOW ARC courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Jo, amazing bestie, thanks for the heads up You are awesome

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    4 Stars Originally Read 8 29 2016 4 Stars Re Read Listen Audiobook 7 2 2019 Re Read Listen update This was an enjoyable audiobook I felt like the narrator did a great job with the different voices and storytelling I enjoyed the story again and realized that KA is an author that I need to seek out her stories for long road trips because her audiobooks are so long It worked for this trip for sure I enjoyed the story the second time around too Yes, both mcs ticked me off again with being stubborn but I felt like that was balanced well with the good stuff to make it forgivable I m going to keep my rating at 4 stars, because I do feel like I liked it again.Overall Opinion I am really liking this series I m not quite sure why I put it off for so long, but I m so happy I gave it a chance I started out with it being an audiobook, but I was so into it I had to download the ebook to read along It is really low drama for being a mc romance , but that s ok with me because that means it s higher on the romance side Hop was a pleasant surprise for me, because with experiencing him in Motorcycle Man along with Tyra I wasn t that huge of a fan of his tbh They were an awesome couple, a little frustrating at times with their stubbornness, but awesome I was smiling and happy when I finished with their HEA Brief Summary of the Storyline This is Lanie and Hop s story Lanie has been around Hop because her best friend is married to his mc s president They have always been friendly, but Lanie decides to take it a step farther and proposition him for a ONS He accepts, but doesn t agree to the one night part of their agreement They start a hot secret affair and stronger feelings start to develop There is some major baggage that they have to work through, a little family and mc drama, some hot sexy timesand they get a HEA ending.POV This was told mainly in Lanie s POV with a few chapters in Hop s.Overall Pace of Story Good I never skimmed, and I thought it flowed well.Instalove No They ve known each other for years.H rating 4.5 stars Hop He s going up there in my top favorite KA heroes with Tate and Tack still being my 1 2 He was unexpectedly sweet and gentle with the h, but also the typical hot alpha family man that I come to expect in KA books h rating 4 stars Lanie She was a little crazy, but I liked her crazy.Sadness level Low No tissues needed.Push Pull Yes view spoiler The h just wanted a ONS, but the H wasn t having that There is a time when both the h and H push away, and both of them pursue at varying times hide spoiler

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    3.5 starsOkay Here we goThis was me when I got my ARC for the book And this was me as I was reading through it Yeah I hate giving less than 4 stars to KA considering I enjoyed her books in the past Sadly, Fire Inside didn t live up to the hype for me Don t get me wrong, it was an okay read Most people might end up loving it but to me this was just lackluster I was waiting for that omph and it never came.Hop On the surface, this book has all the KA elements We have a good looking, badass biker, alpha male in Hopper Kincaid Even his name screams hot biker And get this he view spoiler sings and plays a guitar hide spoiler

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    Disappointed I will start out with saying that I LOVE Kristen Ashley she is my all time favorite author I ve read every single one of her books and most of them twice or I m a HUGE HUGE fan Sure, there were a couple in the past that were not 5 stars for me but I still enjoyed them. but for the first time ever..I ve read one that was so close to being put in my DNF pile that the only thing that saved it was that it was Kristen Ashley. any other writer and I would have put this book down by the halfway mark To me, the ONLY thing that rang out that this was a KA book was the way that Hop spoke. he had the typical bad ass biker voice that KA s men do so well Other than that, he still annoyed me To me, it was like his character was not really thought out very well. To me. he had this bad ass persona that didn t really mesh with his words He almost sounded to soft one minute then all growly and bad dude in the next sentence Hop s character just didn t do it for me. at all. FAILThen we have Lanie.she whined a a lot and it wasn t cute. the book referenced how much drama she could dish out and Hop constantly mentioned her drama melt downs but I never saw one. Shit, I was DYING for a drama melt down Something FAILThis book started out totally different than her other books too, which was a shame There was no build up at all to them gettin busy and neither wanted than one night and then the next thing its on every night I think the book focused too much on the fact that they had already known each other for 10 years through the club so there was no getting to know you phase Another FAIL.The sex. what in the hell happened to KA s super spicy descriptive encounters The sex scenes were just a few paragraphs if that. A few mild descriptions thrown in but they were nothing like KA s other books. nothing at all The sexy times sounded NOTHING like KA. nothing at all Big disappointment. FAILThe story line WHAT STORY LINE There wasn t one. just Lanie and Hop together and apart then together and apart There was no side drama like there usually is. no danger, no suspense , no edge of my seat what s going to happen NOTHING A little bitty side on local gangster Benito was mentioned a few times and at the end to let us know there will be in the next book but hells bells I needed something in THIS BOOK. FAIL le sigh A good book I can devour in less than a day. I don t think its ever taken me longer than a day, maybe 2 sometimes to munch down on a KA book This one, a little over 2 days as that s only because I skimmed some parts I was so bored bored bored bored bored Although I did not enjoy this one, this by no means will stop me from getting the next KA as soon as its released I m a fan for life and one crummy book isn t going to send me awayno way I know what KA is capable of and she remains my favorite author I don t know what happened with this one, I can only hope that it doesn t happen again In order to cleanse my mind from all that was wrong in this book. I m going to have to do a re read of one of my favorite KA books,Rock Chick Revenge I must have me some Luke and Ava to get past this whole Hop and Lanie mess. So until next time.

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    Review posted below giveaway information March 10, 2014 Facebook UpdateSpreading the Love GiveawayWhen Kit s happy, she wants everyone to be happy So for the next five days, I m giving away signed copies of FIRE INSIDE as well as signed ARC copies of LADY LUCK and KALEIDOSCOPE I know, they re random but they re the books I have that you can t get your hot little hands on in the storesso they re special.This is me celebrating my good friend coming to town, THE WILL coming out in less than a month pre orders available, so get to clicking Rock Chicks and FIRE INSIDE hitting the bookstores in print on March 25 pre orders also available.So, just tell me who said this in what book and you re entered You take me as I give it and I m takin my time The boring stuff I ll announce the winner the next day Five chances to win We ll post books internationally We ll only announce winners once, so please have a look to see if you ve won and get in touch with us If a winner doesn t claim their prize, an alternate winner will not be chosen Good luck Follow Kristen Ashley on Facebook and Twitter My reviewNo matter how many Kristen Ashley books I read and I ve read a lot I m ALWAYS left anxiously awaiting the next story, regardless of the genre or series Such was the case with Hop and Lanie s story in Fire Inside and this despite the drama that surrounds them and their turbulent pasts I know you ll get me when I say that, start to finish, this is one hell of an emotional ride And the epilogue Typical Kristen Ashley brilliance I m still grinning from ear to ear Read it and you ll feel it, too If you re already a Kristen Ashley addict, or interested in checking out her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict s Support Group here on Goodreads Follow Kristen Ashley on Facebook and Twitter