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People Always Ask Me About Life After Childhood Stardom What Would I Say To Parents Of Children In The Industry My Only Advice, Honestly, Is To Get These Kids Out Of Hollywood And Let Them Lead Normal Lives Corey Feldman A Deeply Personal And Revealing Hollywood Survival StoryLovable Child Star By Age Ten, International Teen Idol By Fifteen, And To This Day A Perennial Pop Culture Staple, Corey Feldman Has Not Only Spent The Entirety Of His Life In The Spotlight, He S Become Just As Famous For His Off Screen Exploits As For His Roles In Such Classic Films As Gremlins, The Goonies, And Stand By Me He S Been Linked To A Slew Of Hollywood Starlets Including Drew Barry, Vanessa Marcil, And Adult Entertainer Ginger Lynn , Shared A Highly Publicized Friendship With Michael Jackson, And With His Frequent Costar Corey Haim Enjoyed Immeasurable Success As One Half Of The Wildly Popular Duo The Two Coreys, Spawning Seven Films, A Number, And Coreymania In The Process What Child Of The Eighties Didn T Have A Corey Feldman Poster Hanging In Her Bedroom, Or A Pile Of Tiger Beats Stashed In His Closet Now, In This Brave And Moving Memoir, Corey Is Revealing The Truth About What His Life Was Like Behind The Scenes His Is A Past That Included Physical, Drug, And Sexual Abuse, A Dysfunctional Family From Which He Was Emancipated At Age Fifteen, Three High Profile Arrests For Drug Possession, A Nine Month Stint In Rehab, And A Long, Slow Crawl Back To The Top Of The Box OfficeWhile Corey Has Managed To Overcome The Traps That Ensnared So Many Other Entertainers Of His Generation He S Still Acting, Is A Touring Musician, And Is A Proud Father To His Son, Zen Many Of Those Closest To Him Haven T Been So Lucky In The Span Of One Year, He Mourned The Passing Of Seven Friends And Family Members, Including Corey Haim And Michael Jackson In The Wake Of Those Tragedies, He S Spoken Publicly About The Dark Side Of Fame, Lobbied For Legislation Affording Greater Protections For Children In The Entertainment Industry, And Lifted The Lid Off Of What He Calls Hollywood S Biggest Secret Coreyography Is His Surprising Account Of Survival And Redemption

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    Once you get past the ridiculous title and intense cover photo, this is a good memoir I read very few celebrity biographies, but Corey Feldman s appealed to me because I grew up watching his movies I loved The Goonies and Stand By Me, and even the campiness of The Lost Boys What I didn t know back then was that Corey s personal life was hell His parents were abusive and neglectful, and for much of his childhood he was the sole breadwinner of the family He had started acting in commercials when he was 3, and he worked steadily until he was a teenager Both of his parents did drugs and Corey s paychecks were frittered away If he lost an acting job, his mother would beat him Once she beat him so hard that he blacked out She also tormented him by constantly telling him he was fat and ugly, and that he was klutz Corey was so miserable that he tried to kill himself When he was 12, he swallowed a bottle of aspirin Later he found one of his grandfather s guns and came close to pulling the trigger, but he couldn t go through with it.The first time Corey slept over at a friend s house, he was shocked when the boy s parents tucked his friend in at bedtime and said they loved him Corey realized what he was missing and that his family wasn t normal He often cried himself to sleep and wished he could escape Eventually he started experimenting with drugs and alcohol, which set him on a path to addiction and gave him a bad reputation.As if that wasn t awful enough, Corey wrote about how he was frequently molested by older men, and said pedophilia is a serious problem in the entertainment business His longtime friend and fellow actor, Corey Haim, was raped on a movie set when he was just 11 In a disturbing description, Feldman looked at a photo from his 15th birthday party and saw that there were five different child molesters in the picture, along with himself and Haim He said they were surrounded by monsters Feldman said he later tried to bring charges against one of his abusers, but the statute of limitations had run out One of Corey s childhood idols was Michael Jackson, who became a good friend Corey s home life was so screwed up that Michael s house was a safe haven for him The memoir has several sweet stories of hanging out with Michael, going to Disneyland with him while wearing a disguise, and attending Michael s elaborate parties Years later, when MJ was accused of molesting children, Corey spoke up in his defense In 2001, Michael broke off their friendship when he heard a rumor that Corey was writing a book about him, which Corey denied.Hollywood is so far removed from my world that I had never seriously considered the plight of child actors It s just not fair to put kids under such pressure to earn a living and support a family When parents ask Corey for advice on how to get their child into the movie industry, he tells them to get these kids out of Hollywood and let them lead normal lives I m glad I read this memoir, even though I ll never again be able to watch those beloved 80s movies the same way Corey tells some good behind the scenes stories about making Gremlins, The Goonies, Stand By Me, and The Lost Boys, and fans will probably appreciate this book But the details of his abuse and neglect are very disturbing and sensitive readers should be warned Corey closes the book on an upbeat note, saying he s been sober for years and he s happy to have a son, Zen, who is now 8, and is still focused on his movie and music career He hopes that talking about his abuse may help prevent other children from the same fate Note The title Coreyography is so hokey that when I first heard it, I thought it was a joke My husband says this book should have been called The Lost Boy I think he s right.

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    First of all, I was born in 1976 That makes all the difference in the world I had posters of the two Coreys on my bedroom wall, Stand by Me was the first rated R movie I watched it was the first rated R movie any of us watched , and, though it wasn t surprising, I was crushed when I heard that Corey Haim had passed away Basically, a good chunk of my childhood movie memories involve a movie starring Corey Feldman At the risk of sounding like an old timer, movies just aren t the same any And, I think you d have to be from my generation to thoroughly enjoy this book I really hope, though, that younger readers will give the book a chance I really enjoyed reading about his journey, but, again, I imagine that s because we grew up in the same generation To be honest, my biggest enjoyment of the book came from reading about the movies he was involved in Though I believe that he did suffer abuse at the hands of his mother and some of the men in Hollywood, I was interested in his film roles than the gossip about the world he grew up in One thing that struck me as refreshing was the fact that, even though I m sure he did witness and endure tragedies, he never really trash talked, bad mouthed, or spoke negatively about anyone he worked with or came into contact with Even when he was speaking about his abusers, he spoke in a manner that didn t feel hateful or vengeful It was just simple honesty I ve read angry reviews that seemed to suggest he was negatively outing Corey Haim as gay or putting Corey down now that he is dead I disagree completely The first thing I said to my husband was that you could tell he really and truly did love Corey He didn t stand up to Corey s abusers or his drug use for the same reason he had problems battling his own demons He was a child, naive and scared He had his own hurdles to conquer, but I think he helped Corey as much as he possibly could He hated his drug addiction, and he was disturbed by the child abuse surrounding them, but I don t think that he was speaking about Corey in a hurtful manner And, I don t think he was saying anything critical about homosexuality I think he was implying that, in their preteen and early teen years, they were both too young to be involved in that type of relationship with an older adult, male or female gay or straight He pretty much said what I thought he would say about Michael Jackson, though some of the details were, I ll admit, interesting I thought the 9 11 story was really sad I knew that Corey had always been vocal with his claims that Michael never abused him and the book stayed true to those claims Again, the tone of his stories about Michael weren t attention seeking or tabloid y They just felt truthful to me than anything else Since I ve been reading Corey s book, I ve re watched some of his movies It s hard to pick a favorite because I love them all My husband he s 6 years older than me and I got into an argument about whether or not The Lost Boys is scary I said, I was 11 when it came out at the theater and the first place I saw it was at a slumber party involving about six 12 year old girls To us, it was kinda creepy I hated Kiefer Sutherland during my younger years because he played such a delicious villain in the Lost Boys and Stand by Me Now, of course, I know that they were all just really good actors I understand now the movie may seem dated and silly But, to us, it wasn t, it was scary, campy, and fun The Lost Boys is one of my favorite movies from the 1980 s and I really enjoyed reading about his time filming the movie I think us 80 s kids have left behind a better legacy than Edward Cullen, at least If you re a fan of Corey s movies, I would suggest reading the book He s a good example of a child actor who seems to have weathered the storms of success fairly well He s overcome his drug abuse problems and I think he cares about young people and drug education Good, entertaining read I recommend it I m going to go watch The Goonies or The Gremlins, now

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    It was SO good I read it in 48 hours I grew up with The Coreys their movies, the teen idol fandom, etc I was a child of the 80 s so I really remember the Coreys Craze The book was definitely nostalgic for me It also was a veryhumblebook Feldman didn t come off as arrogant or unrepentant for his issues He also was clear that even though all this stuff happened to him, really as a result of his parents poor choices, bad parenting, selfishness, etc, he was really about forgiveness and just trying to work, hone his craft, do something he loves, and make a great, supportive life and environment for his son You can tell he s grown, matured, and it gave a new insight to a person who has often been made to seem like a joke over time On TV and interviews, he can come off as odd, weirdI don t know what But with the book, you really felt for himwhere he came from, how awful it was to try to have a childhood in his environment, and how easy it was to take advantage of kids not that long ago I m shocked at how many of these child stars were basically the sole breadwinner for their families Not because their parents couldn t work or needed help but because the parents were lazy, drugged up, selfish, disgusting excuses for parents and really, for human beings How children were solely responsible for where the family was able to live, whether there was food, etc These kids were made to think crazy dysfunction was normal The lens into Feldman s life was really eye opening He also talked about the sexual abuse he and Corey Haim endured People might think he used Haim s story as a ploy to make the book salacious or controversial But I think it was written about very well It explained a lot about Haim s personality in a general sense You could also really tell how much Feldman loved and misses Haim And how there is a certain guilt he feels over not doing enough to help him when there were things going on that shouldn t have but he just didn t have the emotional capacity to do so at the time What he s written is like a quiet reflection on his life, his times with Haim, his family life, having a child, talking about his vast body of work, and how he s come to be the man he is today I really enjoyed it It was the perfect mix of dish and emotion It started off with intensity, instantly pulling you in, and it never lets go or gets dull I ve read MANY celebrity memoirs and I have to say, this was one of the most compelling, leaving the reader with a real warmth about the actor.

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    I have always enjoyed Corey Feldman as an actor, but never really knew much about him personally I remember going to see STAND BY ME in college and just being blown away by the performances of the 4 young boys in the film, and Corey was just phenomenal I also saw THE LOST BOYS not long after that, and again, I was impressed by the humor and maturity that Feldman brought to his role I guess I lost track of Corey Feldman after the late 80 s and really wasn t too aware of how his career continued to develop or what he was even doing professionally In his memoir, COREYOGRAPHY, Corey Feldman does an excellent job of chronicling both his personal and professional life He started doing TV commercials when he was only 3 years old Feldman grew up in an incredibly dysfunctional family, and yet somehow he manged to persevere and even thrive at times during his childhood and adolescence His disturbing accounts of sexual molestation and drug abuse were very genuine and honest This guy went through a LOT, and he has helped to drastically improve child actor protection laws for the better in California. We tragically lost River Phoenix to drugs at a very young age, and also Corey Haim struggled greatly with drug abuse and died of pneumonia at the age of 38 He and Feldman were best friends After reading this book the thing I m most impressed about is the life Corey Feldman has made for himself despite all of the terrible experiences he s been through COREYOGRAPHY isn t a tell all, digging up dirt kind of Hollywood biography, at least to me I think the one word that best describes Corey Feldman is SURVIVOR, and this book takes us on his amazing life journey I want to believe that he told it like it was ,truthfully, painfully, and often times regretfully I really respect the story Corey Feldman has told in this compelling memoir.

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    It s very difficult to rate this book I felt sick and angry reading about the horrific abuse of the author when he was a child and other child actors of the era The complete and utter failure of the adults who were supposed to protect them, from family, to their employers, judicial system to law enforcement It took me an inordinate amount of time to finish it because I just couldn t make it without taking long, sanity breaks I am still so very angry that despite the author so courageously giving a candid account, naming names, he remained a laughingstock Not until many, many years later, when bona fide stars started the snowball that turned into an avalanche with their tales of sexual abuse, casting couch and blackballing, did people sit up and actually listen Well, I don t think he is a laughingstock I am actually in awe of his strength for surviving what crushed and killed many others I am of the generation who worshipped those 80s Tiger Beat teen and kid celebrities They represented the unattainable, perfect, glam life I can t even tell you how many times my cousins and I watched and re watched License to Drive on VHS It was on a loop pretty much throughout our tween years If I catch the movie Lucas on TV nowadays, I still watch and I still cry These were talented, magical children who made so many happy but who were living nightmares that even now I can hardly fathom I am glad I read his story and 100% believe in everything he related What s , I know that this type of exploitation and abuse still continues I hope he achieves everything he seeks with his advocacy for child victim More people need to speak out about this but don t.

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    If you ve seen the media coverage of Corey Feldman in the last few years, reading this book will give you a new insight and appreciation for what he is enduring Thrown into the business of acting at age three, he and his sister quickly became the breadwinners for the entire family Living with an abusive, mentally unbalanced mother and a father who only showed any interest in him when it would monetarily benefit him, I m surprised that Feldman turned out as well as he has He relates multiple instances of abuse from his mother, who most likely suffers from manic depression or bipolar disorder, that will bring tears to your eyes The abuse he endures as a child actor should be a classic example of everything that is wrong with Hollywood He states that the best thing that could happen for any child actor is to get out of the business and I can t help but feel he is right His volatile relationship with his best friend Corey Haim, his oddly endearing yet ultimately sad friendship with Michael Jackson, and his two failed marriages are also detailed at great length I feel in my heart that all of these relationships were dysfunctional due to his lack of parental love Still, one of his greatest achievements, and you can tell it is heartfelt, is the love he has for his son, Zen I hope that he can share the love with him that he missed out on himself.His friendship with Corey Haim will break your heart, especially as he relates their last conversation together A really good read, especially for those who grew up watching the two Coreys like I did.

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    Corey Feldman s youth was so peppered with scandal, drugs, and bratty behavior, it s a wonder he never became mayor of Toronto.I grew up a child of the 80s, and as such Corey Feldman was one of those faces that always seemed to pop up in the movies I enjoyed Whether it be Stand by Me, The Lost Boys, or License to Drive, there he was emblazoned on the screen But like 95% of the child actors out there, he grew up and was quietly brushed aside, so the next fresh face in Hollywood could claim the spotlight for a few years Fair to say Macaulay Culkin picked up where Corey Feldman left off as the boy with a Gatling gun full of one liners But what happens when famous kids grow up In Feldman s case, a whole helluva lot especially when his personal life was even turbulent than his professional life.Now, I am loathe to read memoirs, especially celebrity memoirs I ve read a couple and found each to be thinly veiled exercises in stroking one s own ego The over inflated sense of self worth becomes apparent just by listening to the celeb in TV and radio interviews as he she promotes his her book Coreyography struck me as a little grounded than the usual fare, judging by the back cover blurb and being spared listening to any interviews beforehand, so I decided to give it a go.If Feldman has softened the lens on his life through this book, it s hard to tell because it gets dark, and quick, starting off with the death of Corey Haim, before going back to his early days in Hollywood as a young boy becoming the breadwinner for the family I ve long held the notion that child actors have a rough lot in life despite the fame and fortune, however fleeting, but if just half the things Feldman opens up about are true, then his is truly a cautionary tale for families with children on a similar career path It s not all bleak and abysmal, mind you Feldman is, after all, still breathing in and out, and raising a young son of his own these days And the reminiscing of the actual nuts and bolts of acting as a craft for a kid thrust into some pretty big effing films are enlightening and even amusing, since I tend to enjoy those behind the scenes looks at how movies are made.Some readers may go for the salacious aspects of the book, some may just want a nostalgia trip through the days of Coreymania, but don t expect a long winded diatribe from Feldman on any aspect of his life The book moves fast and covers a remarkable amount of time and tumult in well under three hundred pages The guy who wrote this book seems far mature than the guy I saw on TV a few years ago parading around L.A dressed like Michael Jackson with a couple of Corey s Angels at his side, much to the delight of paparazzi Feldman may have gotten out of Hollywood alive, but not unscathed.

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    In pretty much all of his early films, from Stand by Me to Gremlins, I thought Feldman was a terrific actor Of course, off screen, as with most child stars, things aren t the paradise they seem to be Living a life riddled with drugs, neglectful parents and molestation, years of damage led to a battle with a drug addiction as an adult Coreyography is one of few books that really addresses the issues that child stars face, and it s also an inspirational memoir.

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    Andrew HicksCorey Feldman was a child actor whose most prominent mainstream output occurred in the mid to late 80s You may remember him from such films as Gremlins, The Goonies, Stand By Me and Meatballs 4 Philip Gibbons I never saw Meatballs 4 , nor any other Meatballs movies.Andrew HicksMeatballs was like a PG Porky s , like what s the point Philip GibbonsWhat s the point, indeed Like a PG 13 horror movie, except somehow worse.Andrew HicksIt wasn t even supposed to be a Meatballs movie It was a direct to video release that overnight, thanks to deal between producers and a studio, became a Meatballs movie Corey Feldman never would ve done that flick if he knew it was gonna be a Meatballs movie Just one of the many horrors he endured This book frequently goes dark.Philip GibbonsFeldman sets the tone on page one this is not going to be a comedic, light hearted book It s a dark, scary and brutally honest memoir about being a child star in Hollywood.Andrew HicksShit, he sets the tone on the front cover, like I dare you to smile at any cute stories about Goonies You think Gremlins was fun I got RAPED by a Gremlin Then the prologue starts off in 2010, with the tragic, sudden death of Corey Haim, Feldman s best friend and frequent costar We learn a whole lot about Corey Haim in Corey Feldman s book One of the first things we discover in the narrative is that Haim was raped by a Pretty Important Nameless Adult in Hollywood at age 11.Philip GibbonsA lot of the shadier Haim anecdotes are uncomfortable because Haim isn t here to defend himself I Guess Feldman s free to talk about Haim having loud sex in the next room with famed Hollywood child talent manager Martin Weiss Wait, Haim and Feldman were best friends, right Andrew HicksYou ve gotta wonder how much of this dirt he would ve dished or if there would ve been a book at all had Haim still been alive Feldman spares no details when it comes to his memories of Haim s sex life But when describing his own virginity loss, Feldman gives us a sentence or two about how he made love to his girlfriend on a bed of roses, or whatever.Philip GibbonsNow, Feldman was molested too, at age 15, and sexual abuse is never the victim s fault But everything else that happened to him, he blames on someone else His hotel room got trashed to the tune of 10,000, but that was because of the animals that unexpectedly dropped by Aside from getting coked up before a shoot on The Lost Boys and being screamed at by director Joel Schumacher, Corey never really admits to doing anything outrageous Everybody else is impulsive or a sex fiend or a control freak or all of the above Feldman is just a hapless bystander who has to pick up their pieces We don t really get speculation on their behavior or comparatives They re just like that Andrew HicksI came away from that Lost Boys coke scene thinking Schumacher was an out of control diva Feldman is still the tortured victim We get ugly depictions of Feldman s parents and mom s boyfriends he even goes off on other child actors from the time Jeremy Licht, you little bully Granted, I don t envy Corey s childhood I believe his depiction of a super shitty home life was overall pretty accurate.Philip GibbonsIt was interesting how his mother forbade him from doing any activities where he might get injured and lose acting gigs, yet she regularly beat the living shit out of him.Andrew HicksThen she d go back to sleep for a week I keep seeing this in celebrity memoirs the kid s doing all the work while the mom hides in bed.Philip GibbonsBefore Corey started getting work, his big sister Mindy was bringing home the bacon When your kids are successful actors, REM sleep is your 9 5 With all the under bus throwing Feldman did to his mom throughout the book, I expected Sheila Feldman to be as dead as Haim.Andrew HicksNope, she s alive, and she s denying that most of this is true She says Corey told her the book would be highly unflattering and that she should just go along with it Philip GibbonsWould you say that Corey Feldman is a bit of a unreliable narrator Andrew HicksHe definitely didn t tell the whole story Possibly as a coping mechanism over the years, he s repressed or simply rewritten the story and convinced himself of its veracity Every memoir so far that I ve read that was written by medium talent Steve Guttenberg, Jason Priestley, Pat O Brien takes painstaking measures to paint the self in a flattering light and in most cases ignore the ugly stuff outright For these guys, I suspect, the mere acknowledgment in print that they have massive egos, is enough of a confessional accomplishment.Philip GibbonsI guess it s easier to write an addiction memoir if you depict yourself as not as big an asshole as everybody else Regardless of his filtering, there are still seams where I feel his ego poking out Still, the impression I picked up by the final chapter was that Feldman is mature now, introspective, and probably a generally nice guy.Andrew HicksI don t dislike Feldman after reading his book, but I m super easy to please when it comes to celebrity memoirs Just tell me some random stories I don t already know about movies and people I do already know Tell me about some short lived sitcom you were on that I ve never heard of, about how you got to bone Drew Barry, and I m reading it all to the end It was surreal, though It almost seemed like it was told by three or four different narrators OUTTAKE Andrew HicksAnd there was Michael Jackson than I was expecting, especially when you consider that their friendship involved hero worship on Feldman s end, a few long phone conversations and just a couple times of hanging out in person.Philip GibbonsThe part where Michael called him and they talked on the phone for hours was interesting There seems to be a running theme of permissive parents when it comes to MJ and his underage pals in these stories They seemed to let their kids run off with MJ for sleepovers, trips to Disneyland and late night phone chats, no questions asked It s either a byproduct of Hollywood fuckedupness, broken homes, living vicariously through children, or all of the above.Andrew HicksThere s a weird dichotomy too between the pedophile cautionary intro and the reverential hero worship of Michael Jackson In any fiction book, after that foreshadowing, the Jackson character would turn out to be a pederast But all Feldman wanted was of Jackson s time.

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    I started this book yesterday and finished it today I grew up with and loved some of the movies he was in and just love him I have all of the Lost Boys movies, Stand By Me and The Goonies I want to see about getting some of his music Reading this memoir was really sad You hear so many things about child stars over the years and you don t know what is real or what isn t I was horrified at the way his family treated him I know this happens in a lot of families that you never hear about I know he said his mother had mental issues and I m glad he forgave her, but I sure wish someone could have really gotten him away from her when he was young No child should be beaten or called names all of the time The only good thing I saw she did was teach him to love animals He mentioned that as well It also goes to show you can t really trust anyone in the industry You say one thing and they change everything you say around I think the only one that always gave him a true interview or didn t change his words or anyone s words is Larry King I m very glad he was able to make it through all of the crap these child stars deal with and become the person he is today