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This was so much fun to read LUMBERJACK IN LOVE is a great sizzling hot and funny contemporary romance set in a small town in Vermont.Marcus AmiThis short story packs quite a bit into it Ami and Marcus are well developed characters, who at first appear to be as opposite as day and night She a city gal he a woodsman lumberjack that prefers the country But quickly we see an attraction burning between them, and their flirting was just so fun to read When things heated up and I mean HEATED UP I thought Marcus might well be the most perfect man and Ami the luckiest lady alive Yum The town folks congregate at a local general store, where we meet several other fun characters Ami misses the good coffee and wine found in the big city, but she is falling in love with the people here When a career changing opportunity gives her a chance to stay, she doesn t know what to do Marcus, on the other hand, wants nothing than to convince her to stay.The lumberjack jokes were fast and frequent, and kept me laughing The chemistry between Ami and Marcus sizzled, and despite them being so opposite it was easy to believe that these two belonged together There were some great scenes, very original.In summary, Lumber Jack in Love was a HOT, funny, small town romance with great chemistry and quirky characters It has an opposites attract theme that I also love I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a great feel good steamy romance read.Note the author Penny has been an online friend of mine for years, and I love to chat romance books with her But she did not ask me to read or review her book, I am simply a big fan of her writing And this is the best book she s written yet Finally, got me self this book thanks to KarLynP for lending it Babe, you re AWESOME.This is Lumberjack Marcus and he was plenty awesome as well.This was just a light funny read with lots of hot smexxings No intricate plots involving bad guys here Just a story about a tree hugger falling for a city slicker I enjoyed this and Marcus very much, hairy chest and all. Penny Watson has added an epilogue on her websiteWOOHOO Marcus and Ami 4 1 2 Stars Like melted butter and warm maple syrup on a stack of flapjacks this was DELICIOUS Marcus and Ami were a delightful couple, total opposites, or so you think The steam rises to the top quickly and then the sweet sets in, along with the fun Wonderful witty dialogue, accompanied by a plot that requires no thinking, it s just amusing, charming, and warms you to the soul An enjoyable read as these two try to find common ground on which to build their relationship Vermont s not that boring after all, not when you have a hunk of man like Marcus and his wondrous beard to keep you entertained YOWZA My only issue was the ending, it was somewhat abrupt and just a two page epilogue would have been nice a peek in to Marcus and Ami s future so I guess I ll just have to imagine one I see pink, lots and lots of pink If you re looking for a feel good read, that will heat you up and leave you smiling, then this is the book for you, and who doesn t want to smile Nicely done Penny Watson Edited 12 12 12Thank you Penny Watson for the laugh out loud funny, sexy epilogue Loved the Christmas setting Changed my rating to 5 Stars This was such a sweet, hot and funny read A real gem And it proves that bearded lumberjacks CAN be HOT AS HELL Here s how I picture him So, the story is about Ami and Marcus, two total opposites She s from the big city, used to all the noise and hordes of people He s kind of a mountain man her words , lives in a log cabin in the woods, loves nature and peace around him They re so great together, at first they can t stand each other, always throwing insults her mostly but their sexual attraction is something neither of them can avoid for long, so they have dinner one night, and end up together and what was supposed to be a one night stand turns out into something complicated considering Marcus is focused on winning Ami s heart Some parts of this book had me laughing so hard, boy it was funny, and 2 3 were connected with his facial and body hair and weirdly, it didn t turn me off I m rather against men who have gorilla type body hair No thank you But Marcus was painted very attractive here and I couldn t help but love him, and have the hots for him YES I know Crazy If you want to have a few good laughs, read a sweet story about a hot hunk of a bearded lumberjack, go for it 4 want to see my log lumberjack lovin starsLumberjack In Loveis all kinds of romantic, all kinds of sexy, and all kinds of fun Nothing too heavy, just a quick, delightful, entertaining story I m definitely looking forward to reading by Penny Watson Oh my Lordy runs screaming into the woods I have a serious case of lust for a certain bearded lumberjack Now THAT was NEVER a sentence I thought I would ever write in a romance review EVER But this book was off the charts with everything Funny, sassy heroine CHECK SMOKING HAWT, totally Alpha hero, who makes your cough unmentionables wet, who also happens to be a bearded lumberjack CHECKITY CHECK CHECK Zinging one liners and lumberjack double entendres you can poke a funny stick at lumber CHECK jack In short, a FREAKIN AWESOME read Again I m going to say hooray for authors going the self publishing route, because if not, I would not have been able to read the gem that is Lumberjack In Love A BIG, HAIRY, 5 STARS to your book and your fantastic storytelling skills, Ms Watson Clearly, you are a genius, because you have managed to achieve the unachievable in my opinion you made a big, hairy lumberjack, SEXY AS HELL YOWZA This Is An Alternate Cover Edition ASIN BTOGECity Slicker Ami Jordan Was Just Dumped By Her Back Stabbing Boyfriend, Has No Job Prospects, And Can T Find A Decent Cup Of Coffee In The Entire State Of Vermont The Last Thing She Needs Is A Sexy, Bearded Lumberjack Complicating Her Life Tree House Builder, Environmental Champion, And Bulldog Owner Marcus Anderson Has No Patience For Flatlanders With An Attitude But When Landscape Designer Ami Jordan Shows Up At His Log Cabin, He Suddenly Develops A Hankering For A High Maintenance City Gal Now His House Looks Like A Jungle, His Recycling Is In Disarray, And His Libido S On FireHe S A Lumberjack In LoveFree Epilogue Available For Download Story Rating 5 StarsCharacter Rating 5 StarsRomance Rating 5 StarsHeal Level 3.5 StarsOverall Rating PRICELESS This was such a cute sexy read and I absolutely LOVED every moment I was smiling the whole way through The Hh were fantastic together and man the sparks sure did fly.For a short book it really had a great story line to it with some very sweet and also funny moments I m sure glad that Karlyn recommended it to me because I sure would have lost out on a wonderful read, THANK YOU KARLYN This review shall mainly consist of bearded men pictures For that alone I have to thank this book Book BasicsGenreContemporary RomanceSeriesStand AloneWritingThird person Dual POVMain CharactersAmi Jordan, city clicker, has just been dumped and screwed over by her ex and is visiting her sisters family in Vermont.Marcus Anderson, massive specimen of masculinity, Mr Mountain Manly, tree house designer, environmental champion and Bulldog OwnerLove triangleview spoiler No hide spoiler It was cute and a little fun, but I didn t connect with it It was a great read to pass the time I hope that doesn t sound harsh I enjoy the opposites attract tropes, but there was something missing from the MC s chemistry and from the plot I also really didn t like the ending It was an HEA, but before we got to the HEA I felt like the heroine was selfish and I really wanted the hero to give her his middle finger and move on.