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A man with a faded well worn notebook open in his lap A woman experiencing a morning ritual she doesn't understand Until he begins to read to her An achingly tender story about the enduring power of loveA man with a faded well worn notebook open in his lap A woman experiencing a morning ritual she doesn't understand Until he begins to read to her The Notebook is an achingly tender story about the enduring power of love a story of miracles that will stay with you forever Set amid the austere beauty of coastal North Carolina in 1946 The Notebook begins with the story of Noah Calhoun a rural Southerner returned home from World War II Noah thirty one is restoring a plantation home to its former glory and he is haunted by images of the beautiful girl he met fourteen years earlier a girl he loved like no other Unable to find her yet unwilling to forget the summer they spent together Noah is content to live with only memoriesuntil she unexpectedly returns to his town to see him once again Allie Nelson twenty nine is now engaged to another man but realizes that the original passion she felt for Noah has not dimmed with the passage of time Still the obstacles that once ended their previous relationship remain and the gulf between their worlds is too vast to ignore With her impending marriage only weeks away Allie is forced to confront her hopes and dreams for the future a future that only she can shape Like a puzzle within a puzzle the story of Noah and Allie is just the beginning As it unfolds their tale miraculously becomes something different with much higher stakes The result is a deeply moving portrait of love itself the tender moments and the fundamental changes that affect us all Shining with a beauty that is rarely found in current literature The Notebook establishes Nicholas Sparks as a classic storyteller with a uniue insight into the only emotion that really matters I am nothing special of this I am sure I am a common man with common thoughts and I've led a common life There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten but I've loved another with all my heart and soul and to me this has always been enough And so begins one of the most poignant and compelling love stories you will ever readThe Notebook

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    I love the movie but if you think that was sappy do not pick up this book I heard Nicholas Sparks had a knack for sap but I almost drowned in it and felt no spark at all The book was so frustratingly simple and obvious and laid out The dialoque droned I'll come back and add a real quote but it was something like thisDo you want to stay for dinner? he asked wondering what she would sayOkay she said and than asked What should we eat?Crabs he said She never had crabs They began to cook the crabs etc There is a quiver in his loins when he sees her in her transparent white dress as well Oh and the two become one when they make loveAnd then she is forced to leave when her fiance pays a surprise visit to down and she struggles to drive through her tears but fights through the blurry vision because she is a strong woman like her mother lalalalala Could the book be any contrived and gimicky? Who rated this above a one? And please enlighten meGag gag awful writing what a frustrating bore He left nothing to the imagination Unless you like getting dumber by the minute don't pick this one up