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Full review now posted 4 MADE ME SMILE Stars Jagged may not be my favorite Kristen Ashley book it was too short for one thing, and I struggled with certain aspects of the hero s behavior but I still loved so much about this story I loved the heroine, Zara I admired her spirit, backbone, and strength of character I also loved the secondary characters, especially Maybelline She was a true friend to Zara and really looked out for her I even came to mildly love the hero, Reece I can t call him Ham I just can t Truth be told, I struggled with Reece s character throughout much of this book I liked him but I didn t admire him I felt Zara and I m glad she agreed with me deserved than what he was willing to give her during the years they were seeing each other He was a drifter and unwilling to commit to one women much to Zara s disappointment I didn t care for his behavior and lack of respect for her knowing full well how much she cared for him He wanted to have his cake and eat it too, and for me, that does NOT make a swoonworthy hero Still, I ended up liking him and I will admit he did a great job of redeeming himself by the end That said, I also believe had the book been longer I would have had the chance to fall completely and hopelessly in love with him All in all, I enjoyed this book, but I feel a little of the heart and soul I ve come to expect in a Kristen Ashley story was missing One thing is for sure, though no one, and I mean NO ONE, can write an epilogue like her It ROCKED In fact, it s the reason I gave this book 4 stars ARC kindly provided to Swept Away By Romance courtesy of Grand Central Publishing If you re already a Kristen Ashley addict, or interested in checking out her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict s Support Group here on Goodreads I ve read better by her 2 Second Place Stars There will be spoilers and rantsHam, you re the one for me and it doesn t feel good knowin you don t feel the same Zara Having read and loved the first 4 books in this series I went into reading Jagged just knowing it would be awesome I was so ready for the awesome I could taste it, but what I got was cold leftovers The book wasn t awful I didn t hate it but I didn t really like it either My 2 main problems was I didn t buy Ham s love for Zara and I just didn t like Ham A smaller problem I had that didn t really take away from the book but just annoyed me were the nicknames Ham and Cookie They were so cheesy and lame it throw me off every time they called each other that Just sayinCause you re my cookie, you re easy, you re funny, you re honest, you re fuckin sexy, you love my dick, and you re not hard on the eyes That was all awesome But somehow it also was not It was flat Luckily, he wasn t done And I want kids Hope I didn t wait too long but I want them I want a family, always have Lost my parents young, Mom when I was seventeen, Dad when I was twenty one, didn t have any brothers or sisters but had it good with Mom and Dad I want that back, want to give that to kids You want them, too, and I know, what went down with your family, you ve learned So you ll be a great mom Ham I knew when I drove away from her the first time, I shouldn t be doin it I knew when I let her walk away from me three and a half years ago, it struck deep I found out she lost her house, I sunk everything I had into buying it back Never owned a piece of property in my life Was once tied to a woman but never owned a house Got myself loose from that woman and learned What I learned after years was how to spot a good one And what I learned seven months ago was that I was never gonna watch a good one walk away again So yeah I m sure about settlin down and I ll answer the question you didn t ask I m also sure about Zara Ham Let me start my thoughts on Ham by saying that I didn t read For You from The Burg series so I didn t get to read Ham and Feb s story I only got what this book tells me and a few reviews I went back and read on For You after I realized he was a side character from another book So going into this read I had no thoughts that Ham was hung up on another woman I didn t even know who he was That being said right out the gate my first impression was less than greatYou weren t my first, babe, but you re gonna be my last, he declared Unthinking, too ticked to think, I shot back, Lucky me Feb was taken, or I wouldn t get that Ham and Zara So, tell me, Ham, February Owens wasn t pregnant somewhere in Indiana, livin with her high school boyfriend reunited, would you be standin here with me Zara So the book started off with Zara breaking off her and Ham s booty call relationship and moving on so she can have a real relationship So in this prologue I learned that not only is Ham a man slut which was fine I don t really have a problem with man whores But he is sleeping with Zara and other women at the same time and Zara knows this and just accepts it because He s a rolling stone Pfff I also learned that this has been going on for 5 years That at first 5 years ago they dated for 4 months exclusive then he moved on and used her as a booty call here and there for the next 5 years when he was in town all while fucking other women I know I said that already once but it bares repeating One who I later read was Feb Already at this point I have lost respect for Ham Like I said I am okay with man whores but to being sleeping with the heroine and other women for 5 years and I am suppose to believe that this is a love story If after 5 fucking years he didn t know he loved her then he didn t I don t buy itFuck yeah, Zara I care about you enough to lay roots with you I care about you enough to fight for your nephew with you I care about you enough to make babies with you His hand grabbed mine, yanked it up, and pressed it flat against his shoulder where the smooth, puckered skin of the ugly scar left by an ax marred his flesh I care about you enough to take another one of these if a man was comin after you Both my parents are dead I got no siblings I got no roots The only thing I got, the only thing I realized months ago I ve had for a long fuckin time, is what I ve kept as close as I could until I was ready to take it all the way, and that s fuckin you Ham So I don t wanna talk about her because I lost her and she means somethin to me But it upsets you so there it is The thing you gotta take from all this is, Feb is not you She was never an option She would never be where you are right now She wouldn t give me that And I always knew that I also always knew, from the first time I said good bye to you, that I was a special kind of fuckwit for doin it because I was drivin away from the best woman I d ever known And years have passed, Zara, and you re still that woman It s just that now, I m never gonna drive away I m never gonna leave you and I m not gonna let you leave me Ham He had a Exclusive Relationship with Zara for 4 months where they pretty much lived together Then he just moves on He stays in contact, comes to visit and get some 5 years of ups and downs, hours of phone calls, and being there for each other Then because Zara couldn t take it no she lets him go and moves on and he lets her go He let her walk away For 3 years And I am suppose to believe that he came back because he realized that he loved her That even though he moved on with Feb February Owens almost got killed by Feb s stalker, then Feb break it off with him for her ex high school sweetheart Which according to others reviews of For You He tells Feb how he doesn t want to lose her and that he could be that man for her and settle down try harder now I am suppose to believe that he has this epiphany that he wants to settle down with Zara and it s totally not because Feb isn t availableFebruary Owens is a good woman She was good to me I was good to her And I care about her But she was never gonna be mine, and it sucked, losin her, but thinkin on it, I knew that deep down from the moment I met her And that s precisely why I started it up with her But, cookie, you were mine from the moment I met you That mattered to me I took care of it as best as I could, until I came to a place in my life where I could give you what you should have and lucked the fuck out you were available for me to give it And that s the big difference you gotta get Ham Douchebag cough Drove away from you nine years ago, knew it was wrong then, didn t know that it was the biggest mistake I d make in my life, Ham Top all of that off with the fact that I felt like he acted like an asshole for most of the first part of the book and you get me not liking the hero at all I will say that at about the 50% mark Ham was good to Zara Treated her well and there were sweet moments in this book Which softened my hate for him to a dislike I just never felt his love for her My God I can t tell you how many times he says he cares for Feb, how great she is and how much it hurt losing her Really I felt he settled for second best and she got ripped Even Zara felt she was the runner up prize and when she tells him so his sorry ass explanation as to why Zara is the one and not second to Feb made me convinced that he would have been with Feb if he could and that Zara wasn t the love of his life just the next best thingBabe, you lost your home You lost your shop You lost nine years of your nephew You been sittin on millions of dollars you didn t know you had for nearly three years You got married to a guy you cared about but you picked him for safety, figured out you fucked up, cut those ties, and moved on but did it torturing yourself because you picked wrong even though he did too None of that shit would have happened if I d been where I knew when I fuckin drove away nine years ago I should have stuck At your side Ham Yes, this woman interrupted my wife s dinner in an extremely unpleasant way, Greg contradicted She s not your wife, Ham grunted Uh oh Shocking the crap out of me, Greg, with narrowed eyes and anger contorting his face, instantly fired back at Ham, She ll always be my wife I went still The table went still I fancied the restaurant went still as I was pretty certain I watched ice form in a thick layer, crackling and groaning all around Ham Well shit His words were sarcastic but that didn t mean they weren t dripping icicles See I m in a position to apologize since I fucked your wife against the wall before we left to come here Greg and Ham Even with Nina, Max, Mindy and Jeff and all the sweet or funny moments this book for me was still just a depressing 2 star read It left me angry, sad and disappointed It s hard to enjoy a love story when you don t buy the love part Maybe if it was longer it would have helped but I doubt it The whole premise of their relationship just sucks Maybe if he didn t have his past in another book with Feb and just left for years and came back I could have bought it but this book was a total miss for me I hope the next one is betterChampagne I heard Nina shout as Ham lifted his mouth from mine and we both turned to see her close Two counts of assault and trespassing she declared and clapped with excitement Isn t that great she asked but didn t wait for an answer I could probably rate this as 5 stars without even reading it WOOHOO I love this series Halfway through reading this one, I sort of said to myself, Oh, here we go again, another same old same old Then, again, that is probably why I love KA books because they have a familiarity about them that makes them feel like comfort food If you worked hard for it, if you didn t give up, even when you found your way and you thought you had everything, life found a way to give you If you worked hard for it, if you didn t give up, even when you found your way and you thought you had everything, life found a way to give you Back to Colorado again Reece or Ham had appeared in a previous book in the series Zara and himself have a good relationship he drops in when he can, they hook up, have a good time Of course the sex is out of this world seriously every KA hero can get it up without any bother No wonder I wanted to move to Colorado the first time I read a KA book But Zara wants Reece cannot give it They split up A few years later Zara is not in a good place, she has lost her house, her business and Reece arrives Truth hurts Then again, it also sets you free Must say, that Jimmy Cotton is a man of few words but when he does speak, he speaks words of wisdom I had the weird sensation that, even when you thought you had everything, life found ways to give you Did we ever find out whey he called her Cookie It took me a while to realize why his nickname was Ham Bit slow on the uptake there.We had the drama with her family, we had her great friends, we had great sex, we had a Harley Yep, typical KA Just like meeting old friends.Copy provided by NETGALLEY, which was much appreciated.check out this great song also.http www.youtube.com watch v 9RWnku 2.5 disappointing starsAnother epic buddy read with the Girls say that I was really looking forward to this book would be an understatement I was than looking forward to this For one, KA s Colorado Mountain Series is my fave series of hers This series is what started me off on my KA obsession Tate was the reason I got into the whole alpha male bandwagon Heck, Tate is the reason I got acquainted with alpha males in the first place, so it s no surprise that this series is very dear to my heart Sadly, Jagged, the fifth in the series didn t do it for me It missed the mark for me in so many ways For one, I wasn t crazy about Graham Ham Reece He may talk like a KA alpha but something was missing Yes, he did redeemed himself, somewhat, but for me he lacked the KA alpha man magic Half way through the book I was still struggling how to picture him in my head Plus, the nickname didn t help at all I have nothing against ham but seriously, that nickname, which was supposed to be a term of endearment for him, just didn t do it for me I did not find it sexy at all What s wrong with Reece Or Graham for that matter Another thing I didn t like was the story itself It felt watered down I didn t know whether it was the length of the novel that was the problem or that the plot was thin in the first place There really wasn t anything aside from Reece s inability to commit and Zara rebuilding her life I felt disconnected with drama between her family It wasn t really fleshed out Instead of the story unfolding before our very eyes, we are instead told how horrible her family was With the previous books in the series, the story always took its sweet time to unfold We learned about each and every character as the story moves along But here, it was like rammed down our throats basically Again, I don t know whether because of this book is much, much shorter than the other books in the series or what but that s how it felt like for me Overall, Jagged just felt awkward and doesn t feel at all connected to this series It just felt flat for me I wish I could say I loved it or even liked it but I found myself skimming pretty much throughout the book But don t let my review discourage you from reading this book or this series There is magic to be found in the pages of a KA book that s really unique Sadly, for me, this one wasn t it for me An ARC was provided by Forever GCP via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Eeep Look at that gorgeous cover 2 STARS WARNING THERE S PUPPET PORN IN THIS REVIEW I am having a Maverick Goose moment with this book Pour the tequila, bust out the karaoke.And I swear, to the old gods and the new, this will be my last from this author For reals Stop laughin I m bein serious and shit.In the latest installment of The Colorado Mountain Series and you know it s probably going to go on longer than it should now because, hot diggity it now has an official series logo , we are going to hear about the happily ever after of Graham Reece and Zara Cinder Graham is February Owens old flame who got hacked by her crazy axe wielding stalker in For You Jagged starts off before the chop choppering with a goodbye between the vagabond Reece and his favorite FUBU with feels, Zara Cinder Zara loves and yearns for this man but she wants the fairytale, something Graham isn t willing to give, so Zara decides to marry Greg instead So they part ways.Fast forward to three years after, around the time of the hacking incident which serves as the point that made these um, star crossed lovers reconnect Zara is now divorced and broke, Graham is the man who will rescue her from that dire circumstance by finally planting his roots in Gnaw Bone and giving Zara a job in the bar he s managing, a decent home by essentially forcing her to move in with him and a means to reconnect to the community and her family Her fairytale.I m going to do away with what I liked about this book before I get to the gnarly bits I ve read all the books in this series, the Rock Chick books except Ally s , the Burg series, the Mystery Men books okay I ve read a lot of Kristen Ashley s backlist And I am glad to see she has already reined in her love of describing every little detail on the heroine s fashion choices down to the little tinkly bells on her sandals with explanation why those bells even exists I think there was one explicit outfit litany here and that s some welcome change And while Zara is far from perfect see rant below , I do like that her immaturity s kept to a minimum True that s really of a feature of the Rock Chick heroines but I m counting my blessings here.Everyone s going to complain how the hero and the heroine is basically every other hero heroine combo in the KA verse Yes that s true for this book as well I don t think the author s even trying any, it s like there s already a pre written KA book somewhere and she just changes the hero s name, the heroine s nickname, the drama issue here its Zara s parental abuse and a custody battle for her dead sister s son , the quirky supporting cast there s always the sassy friend and the intrusive town s people which is passed off as being caring and a bar.Speaking of, if its an attempt at being original or quirky or cute or an attempt at anything, naming your hero after cured pork is never going to be a good idea in Contemporary Romance.I m sorry but I never got over the Hamming I just lose it every time he and Zara get into a fight or have steamy sex where Zara moans, Ham and he groans, in that JAGGED voice of his, Cookie What is this, puppet porn Or better yet Setting aside that ridiculous name what s wrong with Reece Seriously and the fact that he refuses to use proper pronouns or enunciate words endin in g s its a battle with autocorrect typing that by the way , it was a tad hilarious how he was described as Super Bartender whose swoony abilities include vaulting over the bar counter and pouring a drink while making change I mean, I m sure it s a taxing and stressful job but the way he was made out here just seemed like he s saving the world by selling alcohol And maybe I can get why Zara would fall head over heels over this guy but I have no idea why he d fall for Zara.The thing with making a romance book about the other guy from an earlier, successful book is that no matter how you spin it, you re still fighting the successful delivery of the character at first sight, which in this case is the guy who lost Feb to Colt And when you try to give him his HEA, there s always the burden to not make him come across like he s settling for second best That issue was tackled better here compared to how it was handled in Games of the Heart where it was a big fail which is great, but as its unavoidable to compare Feb and Zara, I m sorry but silver jewelry fangirl and fritata connoiseur Feb wins over the bland blonde who may or may not have some Cookie Monster fetish I m not a fan of the heroine who waits for a man to fix all her problems for her And I m certainly NOT a fan of the Xander with a Z storyline where Sara with a Z s idea of introducing herself to her unaware nephew is by view spoiler suing her loving aunt for, I suppose sole custody when he s being cared for quite well hide spoiler Full review now posted Why am I craving ham all of a sudden stars An Old Flame RekindledZara Cinders Always Knew Ham Reece Was The One, But He Wasn T Interested In Settling Down When She Found Someone Who Was, Ham Walked Out Of Her Life Three Years Later, Zara S Lost Her Business, Her Marriage, And She S Barely Getting By In A Tiny Apartment On The Wrong Side Of The Tracks As Soon As Ham Hears About Zara S Plight, He S On Her Doorstep Offering Her A Lifeline Now, It Will Take Every Ounce Of Will Power She Possesses To Resist All That He OffersHam Was Always A Traveling Man, Never One To Settle Down In One Town, With One Woman, For Time Than Absolutely Necessary But Ham S Faced His Own Demons, And He S Learned A Lot About Himself, And About The Life He Knows He S Meant To Live So When He Hears That Zara S Having A Rough Time, He Wants To Be The One To Help In Fact, He Wants To Do Than That For Zara A Lot But First, He Must Prove To Zara That He S A Changed Man This is a spoiler free review because I don t recap the plot I even use a term review loosely because below are mostly my opinion thoughts on the book.How excited was I to get my hands on a copy of Jagged before the release date If you are a fan of Kristen Ashley s work, you d know the answer to this question is VERY Her books are like a chicken soup for my soul 99% of the time they leave me feeling all warm and fuzzy, cure my book hangovers and just make me happy altogether When I say 99% of the time I mean, even though I am a HUGE fan of Kristen s, I refuse to fangirl over everything she puts out there Case in point are her last two books, Fire Inside Rock Chick Revolution which I didn t care for much Even though Fire Inside still got 4 star rating from me mainly due to this one epic scene that belongs to Hop , I couldn t help but 2 star Rock Chick Revolution because no amount of Ren in that story could save it from being my least favorite not only of the Rock Chick books but all of Kristen Ashley s books altogether Never in my life did I think I ll ever rate anything of Kristen s 2 stars but I guess there is a first time for everything Having said that, I was a little hesitant to pick up Jagged because I really didn t know what to expect I guess having no expectations turned out to be a very good thing in this case because I really enjoyed this book.I have heard from others readers that most of KA books are starting to sound very much alike alpha hero that s too pushy, heroine that s most of time a damsel in distress and plays way too hard to get, etc I get where these comments are coming from but I still say why fix something that isn t broken I ve enjoyed this formula of Kirsten s and, even though I am all for tough as nails heroine such as Sylvie from Creed , I really hated that approach in RC8 because Ally Knightingale s attempt at being so called badass bordered on annoying to me so I was THRILLED when Kristen stuck with her original macho guy and a heroine that needed him in this one A nice change for Ham s character was that he was waiting for Zara to realize that she was ready for them to be together so there wasn t much pushing on his part, just a lot of waiting Perhaps I am wired like a man because I identify with KA s male characters than I do with her female characters I know Reese appeared to be a jerk to many Personally, he is one of my favorite heroes of hers now so go figure The thing about most of KA s male leads is that they are ALWAYS upfront about what they want The way I see it, if a chick has a hard time dealing with it, that s her problem Zara was a breath of fresh air especially after I had to put up with Lanie and Ally s characters in the last two books of Kristen s because she was actually very likeable joy to read about It s been a while since I enjoyed both, hero and heroine, in a book so for that, I thank you, Kristen Ashley My only complaint about this story is that, even though we did encounter some of the characters from previous books of Colorado Mountain series, we didn t see the ones I was dying to see view spoiler like Tate and Lauren for example I didn t mind seeing Max and Nina but I would have loved some Ty and Lexie in that mix as well hide spoiler