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I had high hopes for this novel I really enjoy historical fiction and the novel mentioned many historically accurate battles and figures, but the author threw all this away by making the centered female character a hussy for a handsome british soldier and his equally attractive cousin slash half brother spoiler alert, but not really because it s completely obvious from very early on but the author still tries to make it some jaw dropping revelation and it all ends up being super anti climactic and unnecessary because it does very little for the plot The author had this incredible way to show the American Revolution form a woman s perspective She had set up a great way to show it through a character that was linked with actual events and people but she justfor lack of a better phrasetook a dump on it all, and demeaned this character and all that she did by making her just as sex starved as all the other woman in modern novels And this woman was a quaker, and of course that doesn t bode well for the story because she needs to have sex with both the steamy british soldier and his abusive, but also kind what half brother How demeaning Don t worry, though, because she is still conflicted when it comes to spying on the loyalists because of her quaker roots, even though her father works for General Washington Because that just makes a whole lot of sense. I pretty much agree with these reviews but my rating is 3.5 stars.Jill s Review the Pirate Wench s Review s review Finished this book in early February I ve been a real slacker lately in terms of reviews, this book is one of 12 books still sitting in my currently reading pile If I had rated this shortly after reading I think I would have given this 4.5 5 Stars I ve had some time to think and this heroines ease at falling into un Quaker like behavior doesn t sit well with me Though I m not a Quaker, years ago I used to attend meeting on Sunday and was active with their community, read their pamphlets and read some of their published religious literature I know a little about the Quakers not an expert, but have experience with it.The author has expert knowledge of the time period, events etc currently the author writes for a Tv show called Salem And it shows This is heavier on the history than we might be used to in HR Writing HF is a side hustle for this author and is the pity By now now I have completed 3 4 of this series and it is all kinds of amazing Don t let my quibble stop you if you want to try this This was an excellent read and very exciting Caveat Pay close attention to the minor and supporting characters They either show up again or are discussed in subsequent books in a way that they are a part of the other books, even if the character doesn t have on page dialog The underlying sub plot of this war and it s activities is spread out across these books, so pay attention cool sexy New York Times bestselling author Meg Cabot awesome Corey May, Assassin s Creed 3 A stay up all night, swashbuckling, breath holding adventure of a novel An extraordinary book about an extraordinary heroine Lauren Willig, National Bestselling Author of the Pink Carnation series Fabulous A world of spies, suspense, skullduggery, and sex You won t want to stop reading New York Times Bestselling Author William Martin Very entertaining New York Times bestselling author Margaret George Setting Colonial AmericaAfter witnessing the rape of her pregnant best friend by marauding British Soldiers, Kate Grey abandons her pacifist Quaker ways to become an operative reporting to The Merry Widow, George Washington s most notorious spymaster Under the Widow s tutelage, country mouse Kate becomes a femme fatale whose wholesome beauty and razor sharp intelligence ensnare two British officers, the disgraced Peter Tremayne and his cousin the jealous and sadistic Bayard Caird When Kate s cover is blown,she must choose between two men and two countries,no longer certain where her political,romantic and sexual loyalties lie The Turncoat for me was an exhilarating, intelligent, and superbly written intricate spy thriller romance with a great historical backdrop that kept its tension on a vibrating level at all times with surprises aplenty till the last page While Kate our Heroine was a strong and memorable character,I do have a wee quibble here For a supposedly sheltered young Quaker woman, she was barely fazed by the moral compromises she had to continually make And not the least of which included her involvement in a vicious, bloody war and her intensifying fascination with her fiance s sexual deviance But because the story was told so well and kept me up late turning pages,I just let this wee quibble go and just enjoyed the story I look forward to reading the next book in this series by this author.Highly recommend Having not read an American Revolution novel in awhile I picked this one up and was pleasantly surprised with how it kept my interest The book follows Kate Grey who was a Quaker woman but would become a successful Rebel Spy Pinning herself among people on both sides of the war, she finds herself caught in a dangerous web which included intrigue as well as romance While a spy she becomes attracted to Peter Tremayne, a British officer, and it s through their relationship that she fully begins to understand the dangers of war.This novel is fast paced and an easy read about the American Revolution For one it was nice to read a novel which didn t paint the British in such a horrible light but still managed to show the struggles felt on both sides However on the other side of the coin I felt that the book didn t bring anything that was shockingly good to the table It was a good read but nothing that made me stop and say wow I ve never read something like this before Nevertheless if you re looking for a quick historical romance that can easily be read at the beach this would be a good choice. I have a tbr pile that I worry about First, because if it falls over it will crush one of my dogs and second, because I make so little progress There are novels I have been trying to read for months My lack of success has nothing to do with the novels themselves hiding in the stack may be the best novel I ll ever come across It s just life And I will not bore you with the details The way I came to read The Turncoat is it fell in my lap Somebody handed it to me and said, read the first chapter And sat down to stare at me until I had done just that I think I am hesitant to pick up historical novels because I am usually disappointed I can be disappointed in a historical than in a contemporary, because a historical novel makes bigger demands of the writer, and many writers don t take that challenge seriously But Donna Thorland does Donna Thorland can write She can tell a story, and she has mastered the art of establishing time and place without hitting the reader over the head with it So once I started, I had to finish, and not once along the way did I look at the time The biggest compliment I can pay a writer is to say that I forgot to read like a writer There was no room in my head for noticing plot structure, because it was solid, balanced and quick moving, and the characters had all my attention.Another unusual point about this novel is that Thorland doesn t pull punches Most novels about the Revolutionary War especially love stories are sanitized Violence toward women is generally not considered in any depth She doesn t do this she looks the facts straight in the face, and so the reader must, too There are some wonderful characters here I haven t read any other novels by Thorland yet but I m hoping I ll run into some of them again Just a peek would do Thus five stars And I m looking forward to novels in the series. This review originally appeared on the Historical Novel Society s website Review copy provided by publisher.The Turncoat is a strong debut set mostly in British occupied Philadelphia during the Revolutionary years 1777 to 1780 Kate Grey, the Quaker daughter of a farmer turned revolutionary, is drawn into the world of espionage by a glamorous Rebel spy known as the Widow, but not before she has inadvertently given away her father s secret to British officer Peter Tremayne Tremayne does not betray Kate, but his loyalties are stretched farther when Kate turns up in Philadelphia under an assumed name and engaged to Tremayne s rake of a cousin, Bayard Caide.The American Revolution provides the novelist with plenty of scope for intrigue and action, and I think Thorland has made a good effort at doing the period justice The parallel between two closely related nations fighting over a land and two men with an intricately twisted family tree at odds over a woman is worth considering The Turncoat provides a strong historical background for readers, with plenty of action in the field of battle to balance out the society and bedroom scenes.On the minus side, there is a disconnect between Kate s origins as a Quaker woman and her sudden transformation into a glamorous demi mondaine, and I find it hard to believe she could lose her morals overnight In addition, it is disconcerting that bad boy Caide is in some ways every bit as attractive to the reader and to Kate as the hero, Tremayne Yet the complexity added by these jarring notes makes the novel interesting to me, as do the interesting cast of characters and the author s refusal to follow the conventional path of what could have been a straightforward romance These elements suit the background of intrigue and add up to a satisfying read. They Are Lovers On Opposite Sides Of A Brutal War, With Everything At Stake And No Possibility Of Retreat They Can Trust No One Especially Not Each Other Major Lord Peter Tremayne Is The Last Man Rebel Bluestocking Kate Grey Should Fall In Love With, But When The Handsome British Viscount Commandeers Her Home, Kate Throws Caution To The Wind And Responds To His Seduction She Is On The Verge Of Surrender When A Spy In Her Own Household Seizes The Opportunity To Steal The Military Dispatches Tremayne Carries, Ensuring His Disgrace And Implicating Kate In High Treason Painfully Awakened To The Risks Of War, Kate Determines To Put Duty Ahead Of Desire, And Offers General Washington Her Services As An Undercover Agent In The City Of Brotherly Love Months Later, Having Narrowly Escaped Court Martial And Hanging, Tremayne Returns To Decadent, British Occupied Philadelphia With No Stomach For His Current Assignment To Capture The Woman He Believes Betrayed Him Nor Does He Relish The Glittering Entertainments Being Held For General Howe S Idle Officers Worse, The Glamorous Woman In The Midst Of This Social Whirl, The Fianc E Of His Own Dissolute Cousin, Is None Other Than Kate Grey Herself And So Begins Their Dangerous Dance, Between Passion And Patriotism, Between Certain Death And The Promise Of A Brave New Future Together I am going to start this review off by saying this isn t a Romance, even though it is being reviewed on several Romance sites I am usually a reader of historical romance, because straight historical fiction tends to bore me to tears Nothing about this book even approximates boring It held me riveted I mean, take a long lunch break kind of riveted, because I couldn t bear to put it down and return to my desk.Thorland masterfully crafts Kate Grey as a Quaker woman turned Rebel spy, who remains true to herself even as she changes into someone she doesn t recognize The Revolutionay War was heart wrenching and harrowing, and Thorland shows it in all its unsentimental detail She doesn t need to embellish it her scenes suggesting rape or worse don t need details to shock, even as we understand and abhor that such things happen in war There is a hero and an anti hero whom both tug at Kate s heart, and enough historical detail to keep the time period front and center without losing a reader with a short attention span My favorite part of this book, however, was the writing The prose is breathtaking without being florid Thorland writes like Ken Follett, at his best High praise, as Follet is one of my all time favorite authors.My only criticism of the book is the ending, and I actually have to give kudos to Ms Thorland for not giving into what was surely an urge to gift the protagonists with a story book ending I wanted a happily ever after must be the romance reader in me I didn t get it Nor did I get clear closure on why the anti hero made the choices he did in the end, against what seemed to be clear motivating factors on his part However, I am adult enough to acknowledge that doesn t make the ending wrong Wonderful job, and I can t wait to see what Ms Thorland produces next I got about four five chapters read and gave up The history part is okay it was the interaction among the characters and some of the scenes, i.e., an American undercover spy woman galloping away from the bad guys while simultaneously turning around in her saddle to fire away at them with her pistol a pistol which in those days was only good for one or two shots C mon Only in Hollywood would such a thing be tried and then only in the old days of film And then another main character, a Quaker, acting like a hussey in British held Philadelphia I was really looking forward to this book Such a disappointment.