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Admired And Beloved By Movie Audiences For Over Sixty Years, Four Time Academy Award Winner Katharine Hepburn Is An American Classic Now Miss Hepburn Breaks Her Long Kept Silence About Her Private Life In This Absorbing And Provocative MemoirA NEW YORK TIMES Notable Book Of The YearA Book Of The Month Club Main Selection

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    Like listening to your grandma your crazy, crazy grandma tell you stories Except that your grandma is Katharine Hepburn Except that the stories are replete with digressions about that candy shop she used to visit as a child of course, it s been torn down now , and that time she went to Italy with that writer and drove his Maserati, except she didn t drive and she needs glasses, and anyway, they almost had sex, but didn t, probably because he was eleven years younger, and also, she s decided to tell you this entirely in script form Also, here s her recipe for currant cake It s what separates us from the animals.It s kind of charming but also kind of horrible And tedious But I learned much about Katharine Hepburn than I ever hoped to know, and it s made watching The Lion in Winter even epic Also, it s provided me with several new catchphrases As Katharine Hepburn says, FUCK THE ROOTS Upon re reading this review years later, I can t believe I didn t mention this much is made of her relationship with Spencer Tracy, while her relationships with women ahem are largely obscured This is probably the greatest tragedy of this book More stories about ladies fewer stories about currant cake Thank you.

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    When I write the story of my life, I will also title it ME This was a gem of a good bad book Chuckle worthy Passages Oh, I meant to tell you I was standing on my head the other day and I got to thinking how probably unusual it is for someone of my age to do this Everyone came and we made seventy five dollars to buy a Victrola for the Navajo Indians Putnam was a poet He was sort of medium sized and had a very handsome head.Any kind of English or WASP part I had a good chance for in those days And the half boy, half woman had been born It was agony We had to do it over and over again because of sound Agony I finally threw up and we had to try again the next day It was wartime, 1942, and it was also rush hour He was a man of considerable reputation with the ladies despite his rather sinister looks It was thrilling And thrilling is what we can do with ourselves if we really try They represented his dream a child s dream that once upon a time dream It s come true the prince the princess I m riding a great white stallion.So we got the credit and George didn t I wonder if I m right I think so I think this weakness went a long way toward ruining Howard s life and making him into an oddball.It was she who told me how when certain guests would come to dinner they would set the table with the cheap china and glassware and when the dinner was over she Beatrice would break the cheap china and glassware and throw it away I don t quite understand what this prived I once said to Howard, I think that if you picked your friends carefully you wouldn t have to break so much china I look back at our relationship and I think that we were both cool customers.You won t do anything else if you decide that you are going to resurrect and rearrange a human being I m like the Statue of Liberty to a lot of people Why this is so I do not know I ve made forty three pictures Naturally I m adorable in all of themHe was his true self a real cockney slightly plump and full of beans Another report about S.T How can I do a picture with a woman who has dirt under her fingernails and who is of ambiguous sexuality and always wears pants John Wayne is the hero of the thirties and forties and most of the fifties Before the creeps came creeping in They both thought it was fun It is fun But is it Well that s the end of the story about refurbishing the south bank of the swamp.They disgorged their passengers they drove on.For once I had sensible luggage You had two rather large suitcases, as I recall I had one Vuitton suitcase and two sort of duffel bags also Vuitton But for some trivial reason I didn t like the name Joey What kind of insecurity could so dominate a man that he could imagine that it meant any than that I meant exactly that that I didn t like the name I had a wonderful sleep, although the waterfall outside the window made a terrible noise I have a happy nature I like the rain I like the sun the heat the cold the mountains, the sea the flowers, the Well, I like life and I ve been so lucky Why shouldn t I be happy I don t lock doors I don t hold grudges Really the only thing I m not mad about is wind I find it disturbing I mean wind in the heavens.

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    I have always liked Katharine Hepburn, so I bought this book years ago All I remember is that she talked about her movies and not so much about herself I really don t care to hear about these things I wanted to know about her I also recall back then that I found a brownie recipe that was supposed to be hers, so I tried it out, and my own recipe was so much better I sent her one of my recipes, don t recall which one, and the woman in charge of her mail thanked me for it and said that Hepburn would try it I should have known better than to think that she would reply since she never gives out autographs.Here is my brownie recipe MY FAVORITE BROWNIES1 2 c plus 2 T butter 1 c sugar 1 4 t vanilla Pinch of salt1 4 c flour2 eggs6 to 8 T unsweetened cocoa 1 c chopped walnuts, optionalMix first five ingredients Add eggs and cocoa mix well Oil and flour an 8x8 inch cake pan or use one round cake pan Bake at 325 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes Comment A darker chocolate makes for a richer brownie.Katharine Hepburn s Brownies cup cocoa or 2 squares 2 oz unsweetened baker s chocolate.1 stick 1 2 cup unsalted butter.1 cup sugar.2 eggs.1 4 cup flour.1 teaspoon vanilla.Pinch of salt.1 cup roughly chopped walnuts or pecans.Important note The kind of butter you use is very important to the taste of of anything you cook I use only organic real butter, not just butter, and I don t use margarine I have actually found that I like cookies that have used shortening instead of butter, but I won t use shortening because it is unhealthy As for lard, forget it For example This a.m I buttered my toast, and it really tasted funny I went to look at the carton, and it was regular real butter My husband didn t buy organic for some reason He can eat it himself Note The only difference I see in her recipe than in mine is that she uses vanilla.

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    This is my favorite actress so I will try not to be too biased lol One of my favorite autobiographies It isn t a chapter book It contains different stories of Kate s life as she remembers them A must have book if you are a Kate fan.

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    I am not disappointed I loved the storytelling and the pictures were lovely A remarkable woman.

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    God, I tried to slog through this It s Katherine Hepburn. It ought to be witty and profound and clever, and instead it was tedious and boring and who cares I left it in an airport.

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    Ms Hepurn s editor was napping on the job.

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    Not sixty seconds ago did I finish reading Katharine s words, all of them, and I am floored with emotions So many feelings, so many chaotic sensations tumbling through my body that I turn laughably poetic at just trying to express how deeply I am moved.I ve read many novels in my life, many nonfictional works designed to engage me, make me think, entertain me, do something And, yet, of the no doubt thousand bindings of paper and electronic ink I ve perused, never, ever, have I felt as I do now That is not hyperbole, or dramatization, that is simplistic fact.Oh, yes, I m a fan of Kath s movie, sure I have my favorites, and she s certainly unique on screen as she iswasin life But, reading Me Stories of my Life gave me what I always have wished for, what I used to dream about as a little kid, seeing Desk Set for the first time with no real comprehension of the plot All I knew was this pretty lady, with her pretty eyes and even prettier voice was fun I liked her Then, as I have until just tonight, I always wished to sit down with Kate, Kath, Miss Hepburnto justlisten to her, and her words Thank God she wrote this book, because I finally got that chance.Some would no doubt bemoan this book s meandering structure, its lighting fast pace and jumpy sequencing, but not I Rather, I feel blessed this book has such uniqueness, because, as is obvious, it s befitting of its creator Oh, there are flaws, no question Superfluous wrongs, such as a few dialogue entrances between Kate and William Rose and some such thing about planting plants, removing plants And, no reflection on Desk Set Three flaws, really, when considering it now And, that s it Three parts of lackluster in a 418 page volume Three moments Is it any wonder she was so fascinating It s cliche, but I laughed, I smiledand, shockingly, I cried Throughout the book, I had fun It was engaging, and an intimate saga that satisfied me, but tears that I absolutely did not expect I read this to hear whatever Kate wanted to tell, and did not hold to any expectations in regards to Spence In truth, Miss Hepburn held off on his subject until almost the very end, and such was perfectly fine by me, truly First, she tells of a relationship which, for me, took the romance out of Spence and Kate, for the picture she painted, and happily so, was one of total isolation and sacrifice on her part In point of fact, Kate notes not even being sure if Spence loved her, or how he felt about her as a woman Upon reading the above, well, I first got angry on her behalf Stupid me For, really, how could I I m not she, and she was happytruly, truly happy with Spence I thought I would surely read through the Spencer segment of her work with smiles, but certainty not emotional heart wrenching Damn, I was so wrong Kath tantalized us with Her and Spence, her first segment about him entitled Spencer, at page 275 It s short, barely three pages, and ends with But about Spencer later Don t be impatient I wasn t Oh, so typical Kate I read that, and heard her voice, so clearly, so tangibly in my head, my ear Classic Kate.Interestingly, the book somewhat concludes with Spencer, starting with the chapter Love, all the way later at page 389 This is where my heart hurt for her, the story she relates with no martyrdom of how, frankly, she loved him and gave him her all, but never knew if Spencer was hers, truly hers I m angry here, but not long into the Leaving the California House chapter, I m bawling Bawling like a little baby with massive tears rolling down my face I can t see the words on the page, so much I am crying And, this emotional gut punch concludes with the most beautiful, powerhouse, tell all subtly letter to Spencer that Kate wrote after his death What s , this is not by any means the first time I ve heard this letter Below is the link to Kate herself reading it, verbatim, and as within every viewing of the video, I cried right along with the transcript in the book.http www.youtube.com watch v aThAMGButwhat amazes me is that this work impacted me with a gut slam of emotion at the end Throughout my absorption of the book, and, hell, my whole inspiration and desperation for reading it was because I wanted to know I desperately, tirelessness wanted to know how she thought, what she did, what her struggles, her triumphs, her goals, her family, her childhood, her careerwhat all that was like Her father, mother, siblings, loss, love, growth I sound like a stalker, and I probably am, being half oh, hell, all in love with Katharine Hepburn I m so many generations removed from her, and I bet she s laughing at me in the afterlife right this very minute She pursued Hollywood for the goal of fame, but she wasn t much for being admired What a contradiction You were both, darling, and we miss you so terribly You d no doubt laugh at the cliche, but the world truly sucks for your absence Quotes Our house is gone Victorian Gothic three gables, trimmed with black lace The driveway the trees gracious, simple the brook the daffodils Gone Even the brook has been put into a pipe Well, that s the style today pipe things can things freeze things computerize things Have to be careful about that You can t develop a mind full of beauty or tender imagination and independence of spirit tearing along in a box without a bit of space and air number XY 133 609 00 Well, yes, there are indeed so many of us and we ve got to make room Everyone knew everyone They that is, most of them came from Washington Street in Hartford They were Brainards and Brainerds and Davises and Bulkeleys and Buckleys and Goodwins They were very nice very Republican very Aetna Life Insurance All of a sudden I heard Kate Kate Come here His tone of voice made me leap out of the tub I rushed in Luddy was in flames a trail of flames to the fireplace The kerosene can in Luddy s hand burning and he couldn t drop it I was stark naked I belted Luddy in the stomach, knocked him down, grabbed a throw rug, smothered the fire on Luddy and knocked the kerosene can out of his poor hand yelled, FIRE He was an angel However big the flop Well, I don t know, Miss Hepburn They just love you That s all I can say I just hear what they say You re the greatest All those heartwarming lies They keep you going Those liars who love you and protect you For better or for worse Till death do us part How lucky I ve been Howard Hughes was a curious fellow He had guts and he had a really fine mind, but he was deaf quite seriously deaf and he was apparently incapable of saying, Please speak up I m deaf This was tragicThis is the real tragedy of any sort of personal defect Just say it Admit it The person you say it to is not at all embarrassed He or she just speaks up He s just happy that he himself is not deaf I think that this weakness went a long way toward ruining Howard s life and making him into an oddball Then we got Cary Grant for the 150,000 for three weeks work He said that he would do it and that he wanted first billing over me O.K., I said, that s easy He gave his salary to the Red Cross It s rather the style now to romanticize certain of the older actorsNo matter what you want to say, you just can t toss the parental figure You can spit on it all you like, but eventually it has to come back It s the strong thing to us, because it affects us very early on It s something you can cling to John Wayne is the hero of the thirties and forties and most of the fifties Before the creeps came creeping in Before, in the sixties, the male hero slid right down into the valley of the weak and the misunderstood Before the women began dropping any pretense to virginity into the gutter With a disregard for truth which is indeed pathetic And unisex was born The hair grew long and the pride grew short And we were off to the anti hero and heroine Now, why don t you stop, Kath just admit it You re dead and go in and take a bath and lie downNo, I m not going to do that I m too proud I m going to stay out here and struggle until they quit or until I die And anyway, down went the tire and off came the lugs Then he jacked her up again and on went the good tire so that the tire spun free On went the screws again, and holding them with the handle wrench, he spun the tire, to wind one up Great, thrilling a ballet So lovely to change a tire, to know what you re doing Head down, enjoying it Now I m going to tell you about Spencer You may think you ve waited a long time But let s face it, so did I I was thirty three It seems to me I discovered what I love you really means It means I put you and your interests and your comfort ahead of my own interests and my own comfort because I love you What does this mean Think We use this expression very carelessly LOVE has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get only with what you are expecting to give which is everything I have no idea how Spence felt about me I can only say I think that if he hadn t liked me he wouldn t have hung around As simple as that He wouldn t talk about it and I didn t talk about it We just passed twenty seven years together in what was to me absolute bliss It is called LOVE.

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    I would recommend this book through part 3, but don t bother with the rest The first 3 parts were pretty good It was interesting to hear about her life growing up on the East Coast, and how she got into theater and movies But by part 4 it turned into a random bunch of rambling stories about this person, or that strange conversation There were two very brief chapters about her relationship with Spencer Tracy At the end of the first one, she says, on Spencer later, but then the second Spencer chapter didn t deliver it sort of left me wondering if their relationship wasn t a great one, because it seemed like she didn t have much to say about him the saddest part to me is when she said, I have no idea how Spencer felt about me I can only say that I think that if he hadn t liked me, he wouldn t have hung around WOW, how sad to not know how your husband of almost 30 years feels about you Basically it seemed like after she talked about making the movies, she didn t have much else to say Also, I have to say because it drove me nuts the entire time that her writing style was SO ANNOYING Very fragmented sentences just trailing off into nothing em dash here em dash there random person talking here ellipses another em dash I wanted to scream WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING It got really old and I got older trying to stick with it and figure out what she was talking about.

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    If you like reading about film stars, and stage actresses from long ago, this book should fit the bill This memoir of Katharine Hepburn is very entertaining, as she grew up in a very unconventional family, and worked both on the stage and in the old movie studio system She had a long and exciting life, and dated a lot of high profile men, like Howard Hughes, and for nearly 30 years Spencer Tracy.