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This Collection Of Graphic Short Stories Written By Dan Bar El Contains Three Separate Tales Of Strange And Surprising Events That All Happen One Halloween Night In Broom With A View, A Girl S Broom For Her Witch Costume Mistakenly Gets Switched With A Broom Belonging To A Real Witch Featured In Tentacles Under The Tub Are Two Rambunctious Boys Who Fight Sea Monsters While Trick Or Treating As Aqua Heroes, Only To Discover That Their Biggest Challenge Still Awaits In The Bathtub In The Fang Gang, Everything Gets Turned Around For Four Wannabe Vampire Girls When They Meet Up With The Real Thing Naturally, All The Parents Are Clueless About What S Going On Though In One, The Pet Dog Is In On Things The Stories Are Just Spooky Enough And Tempered With A Touch Of Silly Humor They Re An Easy Read With Minimal Text Some Panels Are Even Completely Wordless Or Contain Only Sound Effects Along With The Art The Engaging Comic Illustrations By David Huyck Are Darkly Toned With Lots Of Softly Focused Scenes, Adding To The Mysterious Allure Sharp Eyed Readers Will Notice Characters From One Story Making An Appearance In The Artwork Of Another This Book Is A Perfect Classroom Choice Around Halloween, Either As A Fun Read Aloud Or As A Great Reference For Discussing Why We Celebrate This Holiday And The Cultural Origins Of Legends About Witches, Vampires And The Like But It Would Also Be Enjoyed Year Round By Children Who Like Scary Plots With Not Quite Human Characters

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    A graphic novel for those just getting into the genre There are 3 stories collected here Broom with a View10,000 Tentacles under the tubThe Fang GangI really enjoy the 10000 tentacles story The kids in the tub found a doorway to another underwater world That was excellent.Broom story a girl gets to take a ride on a broom with a real witch for Halloween.Fang Gang was good too Some girls trick or treating meet up with some real monsters that leads to a scary night never to forget It s a good story for young teens 10 14 There are some nice ideas here I didn t think the art was great, but it told the story It did have personality in spades The age really came through.

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    Three short stories are combined into one, telling the story of that one spooky night In the first story, which was my favorite, a young girl, Giselle, picks out her witch costume for trick or treating On her way home from the costume shop she accidentally bumps right into a genuine witch and they unknowingly switch brooms When the real witch magicks her broom back to her, Giselle follows it and spend the evening flying around with the witch delivering homemade soup to other monsters It s the night of her life In the 2nd story two obnoxious twin boys who haven t listened to their bedraggled father even once throughout the Halloween night discover their bubble bath suddenly leads to a mermaid filled lagoon The mermaids, though, are not all Disney and Ariel sweetness, and the boys efforts to escape them lead them into even greater dangers Personally, I thought the boys were little snots, and since this was supposed to be scary, I wanted them to get the fear of God put in em Instead, the poor, pitiful, exhausted dad just got yelled at some by the overbearing mother The last of the trio of stories centers on a group of girls who head out for a night of trick or treating and scaring, as they turn their girly costumes into frightening, monstrous ones They enjoy frightening other trick or treaters until they are invited to a Halloween party inside a house they ve never seen before A house which happens to be inhabited by genuine vampires The stories here aren t really scary, but they have a playful sense of Halloween fun Elementary kids will probably like it, though some will still ask for something scarier.

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    One night in particular is scary than the rest One book divided into three different stories, Halloween takes on a three different perspectives 1 Accidentally bumping into a real with and grabbing her broom instead of her fake, custom broom, a young girl is taken for the ride of her life 2 Two boys dressed as Aqua Ninja and Aqua Ranger go trick or treating with their dad When the boys come home needing a bath, they find their bathtub has been transformed into a bottomless lake complete with sea monsters, mermaids, and something with tentacles 3 Four girls set out to scare some nearby trick or treaters The girls run into another group of kids in costume or so that thought and are invited to a Halloween party where are they are meant to be a snack The girls narrowly escape with their lives That One Spooky Night is appropriate for ages 7 Grades 2 I like that this book was divided up into three short stories Each story was spooky, entertaining, and easy to read Graphic Novels are a great way to introduce early readers into the world of literature The stories are not scary enough to upset readers, but are wonderfully illustrated and will invoke creativity and fun The stories are not gender specific and will be enjoyed by everyone regardless of weather or not it is Halloween.

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    This reminded me a lot of the old style comic books for kids I loved the illustrations as they really brought the story to life There are three individual stories in this book, each with a Halloween theme for kids 7 and older This is the first graphic novel I have read that was intended for a younger audience, and I think it really worked well The stories are geared toward having fun than being very frightening and the characters are cute There are so many illustrations on each page that it is difficult to get bored with so much to look at With three stories, you and your child have choices about how much you want to read at once The text is easy enough for a new reader and the stories are filled with adventure and excitement My personal favorite was the first story in the book, but the others were really good as well I also liked the way this book didn t seem to show a preference for a female or male audience It would work for either.I would recommend this book to parents It would make a fun addition to a Halloween sleepover This review is based on a digital copy from the publisher.

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    These three spooky tales are perfect for Halloween, but young readers will be back to reread them again and again Done in graphic novel form, the illustrations by David Huyck are as funny as the stories are creepy but not too creepy.In A Broom With a View, Giselle finds the perfect witch costume and completes it with a broom When she dresses for trick or treating her broom s behavior leads her into trouble Her one spooky night is just beginning.In 10,000 Tentacles Under the Tub, two brothers dress up as Aqua Heroes After leading their dad on a laugh filled Halloween journey as they keep Sea Monsters in check, they return home for a bath The bath is just the beginning of a scary adventure that could only happen on that one spooky night My favorite part of this story involves the dog.In The Fang Gang, four friends are laughed at because their costumes aren t scary enough They change costumes and change that one spooky night for everyone.

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    This JLG Graphic Novel selection is a surefire winner Kids love scary books and graphic novels, and this Halloween themed 3 story collection will keep them happy The artwork is really lovely I particularly liked the orange and green tones used in the first story of a girl who gets her costume broom mixed up with a real witch broom in a collision at a street corner Kids will love playing spot the fairy tale as the girl accompanies the witch on her Halloween rounds The second story of terrible twins who almost become monster bait in their own bathtub will induce shivers and delight, and the third story about mean girl trick or treaters who encounter REAL scary girls is great too This one will fly off the shelves of my K 5 library It s just scary enough to keep those little ones happy.

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    This book contains three stories about Halloween night The first is about a girl who dresses up as a witch for Halloween and she accidentally switches her broom with a real witch s broom Story two is about two wild boys They misbehave while trick or treating and even when they take a bath They got a surprise though I felt bad for the dad in this story.The third story is about a group of girls who go trick or treating for Halloween They dress up as a nurse, fairy, a mermaid and a ballerina But, later, when no one is around, they pull out their real Halloween costumes and begin scaring everyone they can They eventually get a surprise too.Overall, it was a fun read Not really spooky, but fun and enjoyable I liked the first and third stories the best.

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    This graphic novel collects three completely unrelated stories about Halloween A young girl dressed up as a witch accidentally switches brooms with a real witch and accompanies her on her errands, two obnoxious boys grapple with a tentacle monster in their bathtub, and a posse of tween girls dressed up as vampires scare the pants off the kids in their neighborhood before meeting a posse of actual tween vampires I guess the stories are a little related since they all deal with kids unexpectedly running into real monsters on Halloween night But I wanted them to be connected, some reason that they were here together As separate stories, each felt pretty flat and short But hey, kids love graphic novels and kids love Halloween most kids, anyway.

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    This cute little graphic novel is all about Halloween Three of the four stories were excellent The fourth, a simple frame for the book, was nothing special, but the main stories were a lot of fun Two stories Broom with a View and The Fang Gang were about kids meeting real versions of the things they dress as on Halloween Both produce clever and unpredictable results, and 10,000 Tentacles Under the Tub, a story about two boys getting a little too caught up in the spirit of their costumes, is delightfully goofy Their father will win no parenting prizes, though, as he is rightly criticized by his wife and his neighbors for his inattention to his children.Kids who like funny stories about scary things will love this.

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    I really liked the cover of this graphic novel, so I was surprised when I started reading and didn t really enjoy this book The book features three separate spooky Halloween stories Broom with a View 10,000 Tentacles Under the Tub and The Fang Gang The first two were mediocre with pretty annoying characters, but the last story, The Fang Gang, really bothered me I know it s a made up story, but it involved young children going into the homes of strangers and it creeped me out, and not in the Halloween spooky way Kids will read it because it s a graphic novel and many of them tend to like scary stories, but there are better ones out there