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Andy Roo Is The Proud Recipient Of TheKart Kids Book List Award For Creative Storytelling Andy Roo Is A Young Puppy Who Grew Long Legs And Feet Quite Different From The Other Kids At The Playground This Book Tells His Story, Especially How He Overcame His Differences Ad Became A Popular Player In Little League Games Andy Roo S Experiences Are Captured In Short Picture Stories That Will Appeal To The Young Reader In The Year Age Bracket A Moral Is Imbedded In Every Tale That Will Not Be Lost On The Young Reader But Will Be Remembered In Context With Andy Roo, The Character Most Of All, His Tales Always Make Children Smile Author Linda Hales has done it again This time it is not Sunshine alone that makes you smile, it s the incredible Andy Roo as he teaches all our adorable children of the world that being different is ok.Andy Roo with his big feet and sneakers turn out to be what the other children would all love to own while demonstrating being different can not only be challenging but a plus in life You need to put this book on your must own list and be one of the first in your group to read it to those young ones in your life The outstanding vivid color of the illustrations Author Linda Hales has provided her readers are simply spell bounding Each page you turn is better than the last.Mrs Hales provides you two entirely different books with her penmanship each entertaining while teaching your children how to respect one another The sweet innocence of her characters seem to scoop you up into their lives as though they were your family or close friends.Linda introduced a new book for her Sunshine series just recently along with activity books for both Sunshine and Andy Roo Be sure you pick then them all up as they will provide hours of constructive entertainment for your family and friends.Thank you Linda Hales for another wonderful tale I for one would love to see a book where Sunshine takes Andy Roo on a walk through the wildflowers sharing love and lessons along the way Rosemary Mamie AdkinsReflections of Mamie A Story of Survivalsoon to be released When I first received Andy Roo I have to admit, my first thought was that the characters reminded me of Bert and Gert you know the Stay Alert, Stay Safe bunnies Oh, well I m dating myself but I really enjoyed the story My girls and I have read this book several times and after reading it my daughter who just stared JK in September usually wants to have a conversation about recess who plays nicely, and who has friends to play with It gives us a great opportunity to talk about things like playing kindly, tolerance and how there will always be people who we are different from This is a great read for younger children I actually purchased a copy of this book for my kindle so we could take it with us The pages are not too wordy which is great for my 3 and 4 year old as they do no loose interest or get distracted when we are reading, and it is written in a way that they understand The illustrations leave a bit to be desired,they do look a bit like stock images but my girls didn t mind so I m not going to dwell on it Andy Roo is a young puppy who grew long legs and feet, quite different from the other kids at the playground This book tells his story, especially how he overcame his differences and became a popular player in little league games Andy Roo s experiences are captured in short picture stories that will appeal to the young reader in the 3 7 year age bracket A moral is imbedded in every tale that will not be lost on the young reader but will be remembered in context with Andy Roo, the character Most of all, his tales always make childrene smile