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Dangerously Burned Out, Ex LA Cop Cam Starrett Imagines His New Job In A Small, Central California Town Will Be A Haven From The Tragedy, Grief, And Anger That Have Shattered His Heart His Battered Soul Cries Out For Peace And Quiet And Merciful Boredom Instead During His Very First Day In The New Town He Fires A Gun, Delivers An Unusual Baby, And Hauls A Passionate Young Woman Into His Embrace For A Kiss Of Pure, Scorching Hunger Shaken, He S Left Stunned, Perplexed, Extremely Hot And Bothered But Not One Bit Bored Despite Her Training As A School Guidance Counselor, Meredith Hayden Secretly Admits That People Especially Men Baffle Her Confused And Embarrassed By Her Reckless Abandon In The Arms Of Dangerous Looking Cam Starrett, She Resolves To Keep Him At A Distance, Tempting And Torturing Them Both All The But When They Uncover An Escalating Pattern Of Bigotry And Violence That Threatens The Lives Of Everyone In The Community, Cam And Merry Face An Ordeal That Will Test Not Only The Limits Of Their Courage And Trust, But Also The True Depth Of Their Passion

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    This was good Kept my interest But I wanted done with the plot and how things resolved.The resolutions felt skipped over I wanted to see bad guys suffer or be confronted or face consequences for their actions Not enough happened with that which made it less fulfilling.There was a lot of time spent with the community and victims during an out of control fire I was impatient with that section I wanted to get back to what was going on with the culprits and characters.I liked the two main characters Meredith and Cam But their conflicts and resisting their feelings for each other were not interesting enough I ve read better.There was one kind of date rape scene in Meredith s past The guy kept begging and pleading for sex She eventually said ok, but she didn t want to.The ghost of a little girl Shayla was in three scenes It was a tiny part, but I liked it.DATA Narrative mode 3rd person Kindle count length 5,381 336 pages Swearing language mild Sexual language none to mild Number of sex scenes 5 Setting current day central California town Copyright 2011 Genre romantic suspense with a little fantasy.

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    Dangerous by Lorrie Farrelly showed up in my recommendations Though it isn t my normal genre, the book is a Readers Favorite selection, so I decided to give it a read.Synopsis from the author Dangerously burned out, ex LA cop Cam Starrett imagines his new job in a small, central California town will be a haven from the tragedy, grief, and anger that have shattered his heart His battered soul cries out for peace and quiet and merciful boredom.Instead during his very first day in the new town he fires a gun, delivers an unusual baby, and hauls a passionate young woman into his embrace for a kiss of pure, scorching hunger Shaken, he s left stunned, perplexed, extremely hot and bothered but not one bit bored.Despite her training as a school guidance counselor, Meredith Hayden secretly admits that people especially men baffle her Confused and embarrassed by her reckless abandon in the arms of dangerous looking Cam Starrett, she resolves to keep him at a distance, tempting and torturing them both all the .But when they uncover an escalating pattern of bigotry and violence that threatens the lives of everyone in the community, Cam and Merry face an ordeal that will test not only the limits of their courage and trust, but also the true depth of their passion.What I liked Some of the things I look for in a good book are well developed characters, an enjoyable story, and enough twists and turns to keep me interested Dangerous had them all The story starts with Cam losing it as an LA cop and goes from there Merry and Cam have a smoldering flirtation, a fire provides the backdrop for a mystery, and the community pulling together in the face of tragedy adds the twists and intrigue All told, Dangerous is an excellent story What I didn t like I thought some of the background were too stereotypical and I would have liked to know about the mayor and his family, especially between the mayor and his wife I think it would have added to the story Other than that, no complaints from me Overall impression Dangerous by Lorrie Farrelly is well written, well paced, and an interesting read The characters are well developed, the romance hot, and the story moves along nicely Read this one if you are a fan of romance My Rating 5 Stars

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    Delivering a foal links two strangers for life in Lorrie Farrelly s book Dangerous The cozy environs of Chima Valley, California is the setting for Farrelly s tale as the town s new Chief of Police Cam Starrett and guidance counselor Meredith Merry Hayden are brought together after a tragic accident A blessing emerges out of the tragedy as the pair is confronted with the unexpected circumstances of having to deliver a newborn foal The scene puts a smile on the reader s face, although what causes the tragic accident, which leaves the foal s mother dead as well as the driver of the horse trailer, incites suspicions.Farrelly s characters are strongly defined They are either good or bad Very few of them fall in a gray shade Farrelly s descriptions of the scenery paint a vivid image in the reader s mind, and her characterization gives readers insight into the emotional currents leading the characters Farrelly takes the reader inside the person beneath the surface as the characters weigh their options when determining a decision and reflecting over past memories They are people whom the reader can relate to and either adore or despise There is no middle ground when it comes to the readers feelings for the characters It s one or the other.Cam and Merry are two well adjusted people who band together to investigate an underground movement in Chima Valley fostered by the Paramilitary Aryan Resistance The movement is terrorizing residents of Chima Valley and fueling discontent It s discovered that the members of the movement were the ones behind the tragic accident which caused a foal to be orphaned The clues which Farrelly lines up for the reader follows a logical progression, supplying practical information which readers can apply to their own lives.Farrelly taps into a heavy issue that holds significance in modern society Like the foal emerging out of a tragic accident, blessings emerge from such dark periods in her story, giving readers sprigs of hope that life has a proclivity to veer towards happy pastures She makes this fantasy seem quite possible in reality.

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    At first glance if you aren t used to reading a story in multiply points of view, you may have a hard time getting into this story Don t quit, keep going, it s worth it What you will find is a story about two very wounded people Both determined to never make the same mistakes again, therefore avoiding the hurt they ve suffered in the past In doing so, they almost miss out on the love they were always meant to experiencetogether.Cam Starrett is a broken police officer who has seen too much death and destruction by humans against other humans and who has an ex wife who nearly destroys him with lies and deceit He takes the job of Chief of Police in what he assumes is the sleepy little village of Chima Valley What he finds is a mayor who thinks he owns the town and everyone in it, including the police department and a hidden hotbed of bigotry and hate And then there s Meredith Merry Hayden, the high school guidance councilor She brings an entirely different set of problems Merry Hayden makes the mistake of trusting the wrong man with her innocence, like so many other girls their first time away from home When a popular and good looking boy at college, paid Merry the kind of attention the shy bookish girl had never had, she mistook it for love The hit to her fragile ego, with his eventual clear dismissal of her after raping her, was devastating Leaving her unable to trust anyone even herself Cam Starrett drew her like a moth to a flame and scared her beyond words Being determined to stay from the other, did not work for either of them Drawn to each other through the near devastation of the small town by hate filled teenagers on a rampage, Cam and Merry can t help themselves Ms Farrelly s descriptions of the Chima Valley area make a visual that is both breathtaking and horrifying when a fire rages through it I felt as if I was there seeing the fire and it s destruction through the eyes of the characters She also paints side characters that come to mean a lot to you as well in this story.Also, I found the Epilogue extremely satisfying in the way Ms Farrelly found HEA s for than just her two main characters A very good read.

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    Like she did with her Terms of Surrender, Ms Farrelly had me from the beginning with this book From the dangerous car accident to the raging bushfire to the difficulties of dealing with rural teenagers, with a kindling romance between two troubled charactersshe s an expert at contemporary romance as much as she is at Western romance Merry is the perfect guidance counsellor I wish I d had at school, while Cam is the police officer you d love to meet off dutyand Merry certainly does Thrown together by one emergency, these two only seem to meet when there s another crisis No ordinary dating scenarios in this book not even a meeting for coffee A brilliant combination of suspense and romance that kept me on my toes until the very end.

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    Dangerous RomanceVeteran cop Cam Starrett wants to escape the stress and heartache of big city crime Scarred by brutal events, he thinks a small town atmosphere will be peaceful He s proved wrong.Merry is a high school guidance counselor She feels equipped to help her students and she loves animals She thinks a large, haunted ex cop is beyond her understanding Dangerous, by Lorrie Farrelly, is a compelling story Ms Farrelly does an excellent job creating the believable characters Cam needs to put his demons to rest Merry is a lovely woman with a huge heart Through the story, Ms Farrelly weaves love and danger with a bit of the paranormal for a heartwarming romance.

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    Dangerous is an entertaining romance novel, with enough action to keep the reader turning pages The characters are well developed with enough background information to provide insight into their personalities, actions and reactions Don t skip the Prologue Set in California, the author touches on several issues of concern to many Gangs, politics, bullying, and prejudice all have a part in this story, as well as courage, sacrifice, and compassion The determination of the often under appreciated first responders, the police, the firemen and the EMTs, are prevalent and play a large part in the storyline Overall, I enjoyed the book and recommend it to anyone who likes an easy to read, entertaining story of romance, combined with some social issues and a bit of paranormal.

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    A sweet, contemporary love story I enjoyed the two main characters, Cam and Merry, very much The writing is sharp and plot based, getting to the point quickly It hooks your interest from the start and keeps it to the end, moving quickly and smoothly The author touches on themes such as bigotry and bullying without becoming overwhelmingly dark I loved the happy ending My only objection is that the author builds the initial tension masterfully, but the resolution to the conflict is somewhat anticlimactic I did, however, like the story very much and definitely recommend the novel I will definitely read by this author.

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    What a good book I thought I would read this whilst dying my hair The book should have a health warning on it I finally washed the stuff out 2 hours later I really couldn t put it down It s incredibly well written, I am completely smitten with Cam and I found the characters and situations plausible and engaging The reasons for Cam and Merry s emotional damage was refreshingly realistic and believable I loved the small town angle heaps and the image of the bellicose mayor throwing his weight about and I liked the kick in the action at the end Definitely recommend this but just make sure your whole afternoon is free and you won t have to be distracted by something important.

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    This is my second book I ve read from this author She writes wonderful romance novels I love the way this story starts Instantly, I was intrigued In that first paragraph, the author shows the depth of the hero s character.I was also impressed with the way the author set the meeting of the two main characters They go through so much trauma right from the start that they can t help but be connected through this connection.Ultimately, we find out the problems of the small town as well how the new cop comes and makes it all right again In the mean time, we enjoy how their love blossoms.If you want a light romance read to escape this is the book for you.