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As The Children Of Snow White And Prince Ferdinand, Twins Eldric And Matilda Are Born Into The Wealth And Privileged Life Of Royalty But When A Witch Seeking Revenge Against Their Parents Kidnaps And Then Abandons The Babies, They Are Discovered By Seven Little Men With No Knowledge Of Their Past Life, The Children Are Raised By Their Foster Fathers, Who Shelter Them From The Outside World Perhaps Too Much Matilda Is Content To Keep House For The Family, While Eldric And The Dwarfs Work In The Mines But Eldric Eventually Grows Restless, Torn Between His Desire For Independence And His Loyalty To His Family, Especially MatildaWhen Eldric Gives In To His Curiosity About The World Outside Their Forest Home, He Runs Off In Search Of His Own Destiny, Leaving Matilda Behind It Isn T Long Before He Encounters The Mysterious Galina, Who Gives Him Jewels That, When Cracked Open, Will Change His Life Forever Will He Have The Courage To Open Them Without Knowing What Lies Inside Meanwhile, Matilda, Against Her Fathers Warnings, Opens The Door To A Bedraggled Stranger One Day While Home Alone During A Thunderstorm Thus Beginning A Journey To The Discovery Of Her Own Inner StrengthIn A Cottage We Once Knew Picks Up Where The Tale Of Snow White And Her Prince Leaves Off, Offering A Fresh Look At Romance, The Meaning Of Family, And The Courage Needed To Grow Up And Claim One S Own Place In The World

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