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Alonin Was The Rightful Lord Of Castle Caladon But The Ancient And Dread Dragon Thudredid Occupied The Castle, Terrorizing The Countryside And Destroying All Who Came Against It Every Lord Of Caladon Had Gone Against The Dragon As Soon As He Had A Male Heir And Every Lord Of Caladon Had Been Killed If He Chose, Alonin Could Remain With His Grandfather, King Clemmth, And Become Heir To A Kingdom But The Ancient Curse Of His Blood Called Him Back To Caladon He Knew That His Time Had Come And That He Must Challenge The Might Of Thudredid Only By Returning The Dragon S Stolen Dylcaer Jewel Would He Have Any Chance To Survive But The Jewel Lay In The Coffers Of Dread Witch Queen Urganni, Ruler Of An Island Of Invincible Pirates She Alone Was Immune To The Evil That Haunted The Dylcaer Dylcaer Or Thudredid Alonin Knew He Had Only A Choice Of Dooms Not bad For a generic and cliched plot, the book was very enjoyable The storytelling s excellent it didn t waste any time with prose and exceedingly long details of the world, it went straight to the point and adventure I like that It s THIS kind of storytelling that keeps me reading Too much dallying makes me quit early, no matter how well it s written.It s just too bad the story wasn tI felt like it could have been bigger Granted, the book is only a little over 200 pages But maybe if it were 100 or 200 pageswith extra development and side plots, it would have been even better Maybe. A shockingly decent novel a first novel even I was completely surprised that its pathos towards the end affected me The plot and world building are totally generic even by the dawn of Del Rey Fantasy standards but I ll be damned if I didn t get carried away by it anyway The one thing that so grated on my nerves at the beginning ended up being the major component as to why the protagonist could resolve the climax in the way he did, and so that early book annoyance ended up being for a reason, and not because the author was too new to his craft to see what he was doing.At any rate, I would give this book 3.5 stars if it was possible, but that s mainly because my expectations going in zero were exceeded in delightfully oddball ways More objectively, it s a light competent diversion, one whose hackwork frame is overcome by the storytelling.Oh, and the dragon is pretty boss.