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I ve read some about Shackleton and the Endurance, but this book goes into detail, and talks about the man, his debts, his family, and the time between adventures. This is the second book of Roland Huntford s that I have read, and while he is quite irreverent, it is clear that he respects Sir Ernest Shackleton Shackleton was one of the greatest polar explorers and leaders our world has ever known His life shows how much force of character and determination can do. Ernest Shackleton was one tough SOB His life and specifically his explorations on the ice are nothing short of inspiring and humbling All the words one would associate with a great explorer facing desperate situations in an extremely harsh environment apply to him well, maybe except prepared The book does a nice job discussing a lot of the side characters that were important to Wild, for example This is also a great example of how a great leader can inspire people to do things they might not have been able to do on their own.The book itself is OK I really didn t like the authors over use of quotes and diary entries almost felt like I was reading two books a the same time At times the quotes were indeed necessary for describing the direness of the situation on the ice At other times they were just boring Even so, a well researched book, and the author deserves credit for his hard work. A bit of an epic Those Edwardian Ice explorers were all real amateurs compared to the well planned, well equipped professional explorers from Norway Still Shakleton was quite a character and although I suspect that his exaggeration and bragging would be wearing, I would probably fall victim to his blarney and of all the Brits, Shakleton would be the man you would want to look after your back It was quite a read and enlightened my knowledge of the three and a bit expeditions that he went on, all of which I have read about in other books. This was a masterful biography, which happens to contain the most amazing tale of leadership in the face of adversity As Huntford states in his book, if we knew this story we d be exclaiming Great Shack instead of Great Scott when we were surprised by magnificence. This book is well researched and well written Being a biography it is at times tedious in some non expedition details Shackleton s financial romantic affairs However, in my view, these details only enhnace the suspense And that s what s amazing about this story you know the outcome Yet the tale is still gripping If you are interested both early 20th century Antarctic history, you should not pass over this Biography. While it took me sometime to get thru this book, I enjoyed it Shackleton was flawed, but was a great leader of men He felt personally responsible for his teammates crew under him This leadership skill is unfortunately lacking in today s world recommended The epitome of one who works better under pressure Based on this account, it seemed Shackleton s many character flaws led to deep unhappiness and a need for escapism He was a tragic failure in most areas of his life but as is well known his leadership in dire circumstances was incredible. Roland Huntford s Shackleton is one of my favorite biographies He followed up his take on Roald Amundsen and Robert Scott s race to the South Pole with this detailed and always interesting story of the astonishing life of Ernest Shackleton The shocking survival tale of Shackleton s Endurance expedition is, of course, the centerpiece of the biography, but there was muchto the man s life and many other polar adventures to be told Though Alfred Lansing s 1959 Endurance was the bible on the Imperial Trans Antarctic Expedition for years and maybe still is , Huntford s take is, if anything, better About a third I m guessing of this 700 page biography concerns the Endurance tale, making the space devoted to it a little less than Lansing s book Huntford writes with a littleverve and includes many , andextensive, diary entries.Anyone who read Huntford s The Last Place on Earth, about the Amundsen Scott race, knows the author is opinionated Huntford frankly tears Scott a new one in that book he s still hard on Scott here, but as Scott plays less of a role, it spalatable Shackleton really is a perfectly good place to start for those interested in the Endurance tale there just is, obviously, a lotabout Shackleton s life in this biography I actually read the Shackleton biography long before tackling Lansing s chronicle Huntford fills in some gaps nicely, including some things Lansing almost completely omits, such as Frank Hurley s stunning photography of the Endurance expedition.If you read one biography of a polar explorer or anything about South Pole exploration , make it this one. The Acclaimed Biographer Of Robert Falcon Scott Masterfully Chronicles The Life Of One Of The Last Great Edwardian Heroes, Ernest Shackleton, From His Anglo Irish Childhood Through The Race For The South Pole To His Last Expedition To The North Pole Photos Maps