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Read for college history class. you talk about an oddball book! The question of whether or not Mussolini sought to rebuild the Roman Empire during his reign has never been truly answered and this book does not seek to do so. While mistitled the book does offer a very good account and narrative of Mussolini's tenure in office. It is a basic overview of foreign policy and how the world viewed Italy during his reign. Dennis Mack Smith is an excellent historian and his biography of Mussolini is among the best that can be found although it is written more than a decade after this book. This is a great start to understanding what occurred via Italy during the World War II era. The book goes beyond a simple biography of Mussolini and does try to take in a snapshot of Italy as a whole. It is a decent place to start for a narrative but this should not be taken as the complete picture. RJ Bosworth's newest book Mussolini's Italy is a great source for what occurred in Italy both domestically and from a foreign policy perspective. While this book was great at the time it was published one can probably find more complete references elsewhere. The information here is still mostly good and has been challenged in some ways but it can be an excellent start to understanding Italy in World War II. Mussolini S Roman Empire The New York Times Certainly Mussolini S Cosmopolitan Projects In What He Conceived To Be The Grand Manner Of Imperial Rome Turned Out To Be The Most Disastrous Of His Enterprises It Was In His Foreign And ColonialMussolini S Roman Empire Denis Mack SmithNotRetrouvez Mussolini S Roman Empire Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Mussolini S Roman Empire Analysis ENotes His Latest Book, Mussolini S Roman Empire, Concentrates, As The Title Suggests, On Fascist Foreign Policy The Theme Of This Book Is How Benito Mussolini, As The Fascist Dictator Of Italy, The EUR Mussolini S New Rome Warfare History Mussolini Initiated Ambitious Plans To Turn Italy S Capital City Into A Grand And Glorious Mecca For Visitors From Around The Globe And To Rehabilitate Its Former Dominance As The Greatest City In The Western World In Mussolini S Vision, The City Would Become The Capital Of A New Fascist Roman Empire Mussolini S Battle For The Roman Past The AncientConstructed Of Materials Associated With The Roman Empire Like Travertine Limestone And Marble, The New City Center Broke Ground In , Suspended In , And Resumed After The War Perhaps The Most Defining Feature Of The EUR However Is The Palazzo Della Civilta Italiana, What Has Colloquially Become Simply The Colosseo Quadrato, The Square Colosseum The True Embodiment Of Mussolini S Mussolini Believed That He Could Rebuild The Ancient The Romans Built Their Empire Over The Course Of Centuries Even After They Gained Hegemony Over The Mediterranean By Defeating Hannibal, It Still Took Centuries For Them To Expand To Their Maximum Borders Mussolini Attempted To Conquer His New Roman Empire In One Lifetime Stable Empires, As A General Rule, Aren T Conquered In One Lifetime, The Exception Being The Achaemenid Empire, Whose First Ruler Was