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One of my Favorite books It offers a marvelous insight into war,peace, politics and diplomacy Also read WW2 behind closed doors by Laurence Rees. Alliance provides the unbelievable experience of diving into this behind the closed door negotiation process It gives the understanding that even most influential world leaders are still humans, with stomach aches and hangovers, and they tend to get vulnearable sometimes, too Yet, they re ones, who have been chosen to determine the destinies of the millions. The Gripping, Behind The Scenes, True Account Of A Critical Time In Modern History, Brought To New Life Through The Accounts Of Three Remarkable Men At Its Core The History Of The Second World War Is Typically Told Through Its Decisive Battles And Campaigns But Behind The Front Lines, Behind Even The Command Centers Of Allied Generals And Military Planners, A Different Level Of Strategic Thinking Was Taking Place Throughout The War, Winston Churchill, Franklin D Roosevelt, And Joseph Stalin The Big Three Met In Various Permutations And Locations To Hash Out Ways To Defeat Nazi Germany And, Just As Important, To Determine The Shape Of The Postwar World Focusing On The Riveting Interplay Between These Three Larger Than Life Personalities, Jonathan Fenby S Vivid Narrative Ranges From The Great Conferences At Tehran And Yalta To A Secret Shipboard Meeting In A Deserted Newfoundland Cove, From Late Night Vodka Fueled Sessions In The Kremlin To Summer Picnics At The Presidential Estate Through A Rich Assortment Of Original Documents, Telling Anecdotes, And Detailed Character Portraits, We Learn How This Remarkable Alliance Was Constructed And Maintained, And How It Finally Crumbled, Introducing The World To A New Kind Of Cold Warfare I m not really into politics, so I found this book for the most part boring There were some interesting portions, especially the personal parts, but there were many parts that could have been changed the author needs to include the interpretations of his Latin and French words also, what is a CIGS And the spelling could have been checked again desert is not the meal that comes after dinner. 6 10 Good coverage of all the WWII conferences between Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin It focuses on the conferences and not battles It loses points for the bad Kindle formatting, which is not the author s fault, but it s the publisher s fault for not fixing this It s not divided by chapters, and opening a footnote caused my Kindle to crash and reboot. A history of the World War 2 allies as seen through the personal interactions of the three leaders I learned some stuff here Stalin comes across as a cold hearted bastard who could be charming when he wanted something, and Roosevelt is treated as not as clever and manipulative as he thought he was Stalin won Rated PG for some coarse language 3 5 I found this book really insightful into how the personalities and the relationships of the Big Three played into creating the Alliance, but also the subsequent Cold War. So detailed couldn t get through it Nothing new here and less than I d hoped. sadly. A book which focus s is on the leaders of the Second World War A step by step on the political issues surrounding the Alliance between U.S.A., U.K., and U.S.S.R One constant strain on the alliance was Stalin, U.S.S.R dictator wanting to regain the older frontier, the frontier that would potentially influence the future of Europe after the Second World War The concern in this book is only for the social aspects of the three leaders and the cultural difference, alongside the hardships each faced The strategies discussed are only superficially mentioned An understanding is rarely given for why each side opposed it or wanted a particular strategy.