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Every Year On The First Day Of December, Christopher Byrne Traveled From His Farm In Nova Scotia To Sell His Christmas Trees On The Streets Of Manhattan But This Year There D Be No Cheer For The Widower And His Twelve Year Old Daughter, Bridget For New York City Had Taken Christy S Only Son, Headstrong Sixteen Year Old Danny, Who D Run Off Without A TraceLibrarian Catherine Tierney Used To Love The Holidays The Lights, The Carols, The Nip In The Air But After Her Husband S Death On Christmas Eve Three Years Ago, The Festivities Seemed To Start Too Early And Last Too Long Just Before He Died, Brian Told His Wife That He D Never Leave Her, That Every Christmas He D Send Catherine A Sign On The Quaint Chelsea Street Where She Lives, Catherine Will Meet The Tree Seller From Novia Scotia Both Figured The World Had Forgotten The True Meaning Of Christmas But They Hadn T Counted On Finding Each Other, On Fate, On Second Chances And On A Holiday Gift Of New Love And New Hope To Last A Lifetime From The Hardcover Edition

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    I very much enjoyed this story My first time reading this author It was a very heartwarming story that takes place during the Christmas season.

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    For a book that was approximately 200 pages, the plot was surprisingly complex And by complex, what I actually mean is coincidentally complex, because by the end, everyone and everything was neatly tied up with a Christmas bow and a heaping helping of Christmas magic Now, let s try a game How many Christmas clich s can you count Christopher Byrne, aka Christy Widower Christmas tree farmer Canadian Travels to New York City with his children every December to sell trees in Chelsea Expects his son will take over the Christmas tree farm someday Engaged in a domestic disturbance fight with his son last Christmas.Danny Byrne Christy s son Wants to become a weatherman Does not want to take over the Christmas tree farm Teenage runaway who has been living on the streets of New York City since last Christmas.Bridget Byrne Christy s daughter Danny s kid sister Misses Danny Desperately Catherine Tierney New Yorker Widow Husband died three Christmases ago Dresses in black Librarian for a private family library Hoping to see her dead husband s ghost Living in the past Doesn t go to church any.Brian Tierney MIA ghost Dead husband Touched by an angel.Lizzie New Yorker Last name forgotten Catherine s best friend Feeds the homeless Goes to church Artistic Boutique owner She knits She embellishes recycles items from a thrift store and sells them in her boutique I d probably get along with her.Lucy Lizzie s young daughter Helps her mom feed the homeless Knits scarves with her mom.Officer Rip Collins Member of NYPD s finest Arrested Christy last Christmas for beating up Danny Dropped charges and becomes Christy s quasi friend contact in the search for Danny the runaway.Sylvester Rheinbeck Sr Catherine s doddering old man boss Ultra wealthy Former captain of industry turned philanthropist humanitarian Sylvester Rheinbeck Jr Head of Rheinbeck Corporation Money grubbing capitalist Wishes his daddy would have hugged him often when he was a young tot Overall, the book was okay It was a fast read Perfectly timed for the season And it was heartwarming But it was beyond cheesy and the coincidences made me roll my eyes Each character was motivated by some Serious Issue and by the end some other character came to the rescue and Saved the other And on top of that, two new romances were formed by the end of the book I m not a big fan of chick lit, which may explain the 2 stars rather than 3, because the book didn t quite live up to my expectations, which seems to be the story of my life where chick lit is concerned.

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    There is just something about this semester that has me craving brain candy and sweet and sappy stories This is obviously not going to become the next literary classic, but if you re looking for a story to get yourself in the holiday mood, I recommend giving Luanne Rice a try This is one of the rare and I mean very rare occasions where I ve seen the movie before reading the book I actually had no idea that this book existed until I had watched the Hallmark movie adaptation I liked the movie a lot, and quickly added it to my Christmas movie repertoire I was then planning on checking this out of my library until I realized that I owned a copy D oh When I first started this, I wasn t too sure about it It just didn t grab me like I had been hoping it would Once I gave it the time to develop the plot a little bit, I started enjoying it immensely I found myself looking forward to the little breaks I had in between homework assignments so that I could curl up with this I eventually found myself surprised at how much they had changed or left out from the movie, even though that shouldn t really surprise me The plot of the story always kept me interested, but be forewarned that it can get pretty cheesy However, despite that, it was not predictable at all The chronology of the book is completely different than the movie, so it even had me guessing from time to time The only thing that I found a little predictable was the location of the silver bells, but it was easy to look past that This was such a heartwarming story, and one of my favorite parts about reading this book was that it completely transported me to NYC at Christmas time I m not quite as familiar with NYC as the author, so some of the streets and area descriptions were lost on me I did get chills though when she described the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting Rice really had a handle on the hustle and bustle of the city during the holiday season, and I enjoyed the escape from end of semester work that this book gave I also enjoyed each of the characters Rice gives enough background to let the reader know her characters and to get a feel for the way that they would act We know and understand why Catherine is haunted, why Christy can be hard on his son, and why Danny wanted to escape to NYC so badly The dialogue was written effectively, too It just seemed completely natural, which made it easy to forget that I was actually reading a book I heard the voices perfectly, even down to the inflections of the words Overall, it s the perfect book to curl up with if you re in the mood for some cheesy holiday fun It s an easy read if you re looking to take your mind off of some stress, and will be guaranteed to leave you with a smile.

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    I really loved this sweet holiday story.

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    I ve read Luanne Rice before and think she writes well She s an author I sometimes choose when looking for a heart warming read with interesting characters and some complexity There s often some romance involved but it s definitely not Harlequinesque and doesn t include any heavy duty love scenes, neither of which are my cup of tea Rice focuses on peoples inter relationships in her stories.When looking through holiday reads on display at the library, I saw Silver Bells and thought I d give it a try During this time of year I look for warm and fuzzy stories and it is the one time of year when I m not looking for realism or plausibility but rather light, happy reads with tied up in a bow endings.Silver Bells delivered and despite being only 200 pages, it really tugged at my heart strings There was some mystery thrown in as well, a genre that I enjoy along with some family dynamics, friendships, magic and romance.As usual Luanne Rice did a good job of developing all her characters I thought her plot development wasn t bad either Besides the romance, there was a mystery woven throughout the book which was an added bonus.All in all, I really felt along with all the characters the widow, widower, the widower s children and others Many were full of feelings and love for each other but also poor at communication or expressing their feelings and fears I also empathized with the other issues and difficulties that some of the characters grappled with such as moving on, adapting to change and trying new things I could really understand the son s desire to move to a big city away from the rural roots he d grown up with but also understood his father s fear and wish to keep his family together where they had grown up.Silver Bells has characters who seem very real and with whom I easily connected It was a tear jerker and all the pieces of the puzzle came together for an excellent holiday read 4 stars.

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    Christopher Christy Byrne is a tree farmer from Nova Scotia, who travels to NYC every year to sell his trees His wife died four years ago and he d been raising his son and daughter and trying to keep the business on track Then, the previous year, his son ran away right before they were to return to Nova Scotia Now he and his daughter are back to sell trees and are hoping to find Danny Catherine Tierney s husband died three years ago right before Christmas and it s always the toughest time of the year for her She witnessed the fight between Danny and his father before he ran off, and has been helping him out the past year And she hopes that the two will reconcile now that Christy is back in town This was a heartwarming, but also often sad, tale of grief and family For the first half of the story I kept feeling I had read it before I m still not sure if I did and forgot the ending, or if I ve read something similar in the past The one thing I wasn t crazy about was the many POV s too many characters had their hands in this pie But overall it was a touching Christmas story.

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    So this book could have been so much better I just felt like the author whom I do love left out the heart in this book.it was almost there at times but the characters still left me flat Maybe it was just me This book was turned into a Hallmark movie so maybe my expectations were too high but the relationships felt forcedand unrealistic and that s from someone who enjoys fantasy, especially in love And by the end I was bothered by how it was all wrapped up No full answers to what the heck all the drama was really for It did have a good theme of Christmas and looking around you etc a some goose bump kissing moments PG and for that I ve given it three stars instead of two.

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    An old favorite at Christmas Love the background story of missing what is right in front of you Take the time to look up

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    had a hard time getting used to Christy as a man s name.

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    Blech Where to start If you are going to write a story involving police, learn the rudimentaries of police procedure For instance, if someone reports spotting a runaway, you don t send several cars with sirens blaring to apprehend him The characters were flat, I couldn t relate to any of them The storyline was fuzzy at best Waste of time.