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The author decided to tell the same story two times The novel introduces you to characters and their secrets, the play brings on stage the reality.A satirical comedy and contemporary, in which you recognize someone you may know in the characters A family portrait in fact, to remind that desire doesn t have a morality neither religion.Go for it A Novel Play The Burqa Master Is A Drama Narrating The Paradoxical Life Of An Iranian Family Exiled In LondonWith Irony And Humour A Religious Fundamentalist Comes Face To Face With The Devil When His Son In Law Converts To Buddhism And Becomes A VegetarianHow Can He Justify The Stray Dog That Has Wormed Its Way Into His Affections And What To Do With A Son Who S An Unrepentant Adulterer In The End He Has To Face His Own Hypocrisy And Past Crimes, Which Ends In Religious AnarchyThe Old Man, A Diabetic Sugar Addict Is Lost Betweenthe Mosque And Turkish Delight He Shoots Up Insulin Passing From Stupor And Self Pity To Holy Fervour, Crashing About, Shouting Sermons And Dropping Syringes Around The HouseHis Son Hamid, Living The Muslim Paradise Here And Now, Tries To Humour His Father By Working In The Family Shop And Taking Part In The Dawn Prayers Accompanied By Muezzin Chants On The Ghetto BlasterBut Hamid Also Has A Secret Life Recruiting Female Shop Clients To Sex SessionsDisguised As A Widow In A Burqa He Gives English Lessons To These Muslim Housewives In The Privacy Of Their Bedrooms, While Their Husbands Happily PayHamid Rescues A Stray Puppy His Father Declares The Dog Is Forbidden And To Chuck Him Back Out In The Street, And So Begins A Daily Battle Which In The End The Dog WinsThe Precarious Harmony Between Father And Son Is Destroyed By A Series Of Accidents Whichare Farcical Yet Tragic, Causing The Old Man To Relive A Dark Secret Buried In His Faded Memories As He Relives His Own Public Flogging For A Crime He D Commit Again Given The Chance A great combination of satire, prose and drama I loved this format, which has play dialogue and novel intertwined.The story line is brilliant, Hamid s dangerous and immoral exploits come face to face with his fathers hypocritical religious dogmas.For me the most moving storyline was the growing relationship between the old man and the forbidden dog The dialogues in particular are hard hitting and dynamic, I laughed out loud many times. This novel play is amazing.It has brilliant dialogue, poetry and narrative, all combined to make a compelling story.A tale of the relationship between an old man and his son living in London faraway fromTehran.The novel is full of paradox humour and satire. A one act play and a novel play are presented The novel play genre is disjointed and difficult to follow.Editing is needed to correct the problem with commas.I received this book free through the goodreads FIRST READS program. I received this as a first read book I enjoyed both the novel play and the play The characters come to life in both. Mad, Magnificent, and acutely observed east meets west story. This is a marvelous experimental fiction, which combines fast paced theatre dialogue with prose poetry and passages written in stream of conciousness The writer has been extremely brave breaking with traditional formats and mixing them into an exciting series of scenes.Unlike the traditional novel, this will keep you on your toes, the novel leads you through a strange and wild journey with twists and turns into the past and present, revealing dreams and fluid poetry entwined with narrative I highly recommend.