Free pdf Find 'Em, Chase 'Em, Sink 'Em: The Mysterious Loss of the WWII Submarine USS GudgeonAuthor Mike Ostlund –

In AprilThe Highly Decorated Submarine USS Gudgeon Slipped Beneath The Waves In One Of The Most Dangerous Patrol Areas In The Most Dangerous Military Service During World War Two Neither The Gudgeon Nor The Crew Were Ever Seen Again This Volume Gives An Account Of This Submarine S Exploits, The Men Aboard And Her Demise

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    It s a great book with a lot of well researched details, but it probably needs another round of copy editing to really deserve 5 stars There are a decent number of typos and the structures of some paragraphs are confusing and must be re read in order to make sense of them I m giving it 5 because I think it does a great job of adding the human touch to WWII submariner s lives.

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    I surprisingly became so attached to the brave men who served on the Gudgeon while reading this incredible book I initially wanted to read it because the author is my cousin and the book was about the sub that my grandpa s beloved older brother Bill served on and ultimately lost his life on when it mysteriously sank I definitely gained insight on our family s legendary Uncle Bill but than that I learned so much about such an incredible time in our country s history and the amazing courage, unbelievable sacrifices, and unforgettable skills that these Americans displayed for our country, for us I recommend this book to EVERYONE It reads like a novel and will forever have a place in your heart Thank you Cousin Mike for giving us this treasure.

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    Excellent Highly recommend