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I wasn t sure I was going to like this book at first I struggled to get into it for the first couple of chapters but boy is it worth it once you do get going There is so much going on in this book murder, abuse, cheating affairs to name just a few Faith discovers she s pregnant by her cheating husband just as he leaves her for his rich mistress Deciding to start a fresh she buys herself a house down in Dorset away from the hustle and bustle of London Faith can t believe her luckthat a famous interior designer commissions her to do some paintings for her and thinks her luck is finally changing Joz the interior designer decides the house Faith bought is just right for her and nothing is going to stand in her way of her dream home for her and her brother Thomas I don t want to give any spoilers so I will just say read it for yourself you won t be disappointed Thank you Netgalley for the advance copy of this book for an honest review You Belong to Me by author Elizabeth McGregor is a tangle of psychological suspense horror which opens with Roz Cecily Joscelyne , an interior designer attending the wedding of her brother When I read a suspense story, I really want to like the character the book opens with, but not the case here Roz is a damaged woman with much contempt for others She was abused by her stepfather, but also has an unnatural attachment to her brother Thomas So, maybe the way the book opened was the primary reason for my dislike uhmm no not really Faith Collins is an artist who is unfortunate to cross paths with Roz Faith is pregnant and living in isolation She does not want her ex husband, to know about her pregnancy because of his heartless emotional and psychological treatment of her during their life together Now starts the twists and turns of this story This is not just suspense, but horror and shows the character s mental condition deteriorating Roz is obsessed with taking Faith s place of sanctuary I understand there are different levels of suspense for all readers, but this is horror The thoughts, actions, and lack of humanity Roz inflicts on others was disconcerting for me I don t usually post spoilers, but when I read the part with the animal cruelty, I felt sick and just did not want to read any further I have read about animals being mistreated and suddenly killed in other books, but I do not want to read of prolonged neglect and the pleading eyes of a poor dog But I did manage to continue on to the end. 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This is one of those psychological thrillers with an added dash of horror level suspense that will have you gripping the book and flipping pages as your attention is captured by an intense storyline Beware you may find yourself staying up late into the night trying to get from one cover to the next without stopping if you do, you won t be disappointed It s definitely one of theunique thrillers on the market.The creepy, skin tingling factor is set on high as you re taken through a story that will yank you through twists and turns you never saw coming It s not overly fast paced but what she lacks for in pep isthan made up in character development with a complex group of people who are richly described and given realistic storylines.Fair warning, the book opens with a bit of a rough start and a character it s hard to care about, in fact she irritated me to the point I wanted to pay for her therapy myself Something horrific is also done to a living entity and I m just going to leave it at that one of the character s is channeling their inner sociopath so let s just say it was pretty rough reading for a bit. Cecily Joz Joscelyne is, in simple terms, a sociopath She s a famous interior designer but this woman definitely has issues She has battled mental abuse for many years from her stepfather, a very rich man, a very manipulative man She also has a close relationship in her eyes with her brother, Thomas.When she and Thomas were children, he promised her to always be there for her They used to imagine a small house on an island where they would live together forever She is close to a mental breakdown, especially when her beloved brother marries another woman Meet Faith Collins, a woman separated from her husband who finds herself pregnant by him She leaves the city, where everything reminds her of him and moves to a small rundown cottage on an island off the coast of Dorset.Faith is an artist she copies masterpieces for a living When Joz calls her and places an order for several pictures, Faith thinks her problems are getting somewhat smaller But she is in for a huge surprise.Joz wants her house and she s willing to do anything, anything at all, to get it.This is an exceptional story of a woman s mental illness, an obsession borne of abuse from the time she was a small child With no one watching over Joz s medical condition, she loses all touch with reality and bodies fall in her wake.WARNING There is one instance of animal abuse dog , somewhat graphic Feel free to skip those pages if you read this book.Many thanks to the author Endeavour Press Negalley for the digital copy of this book Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own. Talk about a psychological thriller I m scarred for life reading this genius written horrendous story I can t get Cecily and Randolph off my mind their relationship is so out of this world insane I can t even fathom such sociopathic narcissism The conclusion was so mind blowing with Thomas, as if he was the one with all the mental health problems I do think Ruth and Thomas knewthan meets the eye, and all misgivings about Randolph seeped through them both in a detrimental way but not as severe as Cecily Faith and Alex really should have kept their distance because something just isn t right with Chloe or Thomas being he s been seeing her not too long after his wife s death Guy told faith, Randolph told Cecily, and Ruth knew it all and allowed this fuckery and all it s foolishness to play out I just want to know when reading this story thoroughly, Ruth and Thomas agreed Cecily killed her friend, but it seemed they knew all along who did and was protecting the lie I was flabbergasted with alot of the wording and British dialect, but the storyline was great I was unsure during the opening chapters as to whether I would enjoy this book On reading some scenes depicting cruelty to a dog, I truly had to stop reading, and then when I could face it again I read this part of the story with horror However, I m pleased I stuck with it.It s a slow building, multi faceted story line with well developed characters Faith finds herself pregnant shortly after her husband left her for another woman She decides to buy a ramshackle house on an island off the south west coast to build a new life for herself and her child Then she comes into contact with Joz.Joz is, without a doubt, a sociopath possibly a product of nurture rather than nature Her actions throughout the book instilled so many emotions in me horror, repulsion, incredulity, and surprisingly some pity It does make for some difficult reading and it s definitely not for the squeamish, but it s a well told story that builds towards a great climax. Cecile Josselyne is a woman that is larger than life Loud voice, commanding attitude but under the influence of her step father she crumbles Faith is a painter who finds herself pregnant shortly after her husband Guy ups and leaves her Trying to finally be free she buys a run down house on a little island Alex her handsome next door neighbour is all too happy to lend a hand when work needs carrying out on her house Cecily and Faiths world s connect through a business deal and Faith finds herself being propositioned by Cecily Thinking Cecily is joking Faith does not take her serously But Cecily always gets what she wants..how far will she go This book was a fascinating read While it was not fast paced I was completely taken in by the story as it built and as the all charachters lives crossed The narrative comes from all the main charachters point of view and builds to finish with one big beautifully woven ending This is a fantastic read Well deserved five stars This is a psychological thriller with horror.It had lots of twists and turns and kept me reading to find out what happened.Thank you to netgalley the Author and Publisher for a chance to read this book..