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First Published InThis Story Of Settlers In Post Civil War Kansas, Which Was The Author S First Novel, Went Through Three Editions In Its First Year Twenty Years After Its Publication She Had Earned , From Its Sale She Published Many Other Successful Novels, Including A Master S Degree, A Wall Of Men, And Homeland A Present Day Love Story

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    Two recent vintage novels that I read had protagonists who were rich and self seeking Their biggest obstacle to overcome was boredom So it was a relief to find a novel with a hero and heroine who put other people above themselves and refused to use others as a stepping stone to their happiness The book begins, This little love story of the prairies is dedicated to all who believe that the defense of the helpless is heroism that the protection of the home is splendid achievement and, that the storm, and stress, and patient endurance of the day will bring us at last to the peace of the purple twilight The Civil War has ended and families from both the North and the South are settling in Kansas to begin a new life With a love story at the novel s center, McCarter weaves actual history into the story with mentions of General Custer, Cheyenne Indians Black Kettle and Roman Nose, Kiowa Chief Satanta, the Indian War, and the Blizzard of 1868.She may have bitten off a little than she could chew because the plot got a little convoluted and melodramatic near the end And the book on my kindle was almost 500 pages I skimmed over a couple of chapters having to do with the Indian battles In spite of the very non PC view of Indians as irredeemable savages and two instances of the n word, this is better than most vintage fiction The Price of the Prairie was written in 1910.