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Margaret Nee Hill McCarter Was A Topeka Novelist She Was Born In Indiana, Attended Earlham College For Two Years, Attended State Normal In Terre Haute And Then Began Teaching For Elementary Students Later She Became The Head Of The English Department At Goshen High School And InBecame The Head Of The English Department At Topeka High School Her Works Include The Cottonwood S Story, Cuddy S Baby, Cuddy And Other Stories, In Old Quivira, The Prince Of The Prairie A Story Of Kansas, The Peace Of The Solomon Valley, A Wall Of Men, A Master S Degree, Winning The Wilderness, The Corner Stone, Vanguards Of The Plains A Romance Of The Old Santa Fe Trail, The Reclaimers, Paying Mother, HomelandAnd Widening Waters

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    I honestly love the outdoorsy adventure feel of McCarter s books If you have read and enjoyed Bess Streeter Aldrich and Willa Cather, here s another author who has that deep awareness of people and that wide descriptive tone about the first inhabitants of the prairies This book in particular is about the Santa Fe Trail and all the colorful sights and dangers along the way.What stood out to me was realizing how many people went back and forth along the trails back in the day mainly I think of the Santa Fe and the Oregon as being mainly one way journeys, and here s a caste of characters that goes back and forth a bit.