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    Smut-A-Thon: Author of Color & Second Chance Romance

    I didn't hate this one guys.

    I thought I would but I didn't. I mean its not a great book but it was entertaining. The sex scenes were hot and only slightly cringy.

    A Passion For Him is about Amelia who years ago lost the love of her life and is still suffering. Though she is engaged to another man upon meeting a mystery man at costume party feels drawn to him.

    Like almost all romance novels this one was highly predictable but that's part of its charm. Who our heroine ends up with is never in doubt and I think we all know who the mystery man turns out to be.

    If you love Historical Romance with a side of Hot Sex then consider picking this book up.

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    Stay away from this book if you don't like heroes who keep pushing the heroine away and sleeping with other women while supposedly pining after her. His reasons for both = love for the heroine and the fact that he thinks he doesn't deserve her.

    Its a similar premise to Kleypas' novel - gypsy hero who is beneath the heroine, socially and is secretly uberly in love with her. And surprisingly, the heroines were scarily similar in that they were both so protected and sheltered by everybody and wanted to be free of that.

    I love Sylvia Day's writing but the hero does not endear me in any way. Sure he 'sacrificed' his life to become richer and be the man he thinks the heroine would want, but in turn, he pretended for years that he was dead leaving everyone who cared about him to grieve horribly. And have I mentioned that he actually reasoned his lust for other women (and his use of them) as a way to gain expertise to satisfy the heroine? Puh-leeze, man up and speak the truth.

    I think why I find these type of novels so irritating and throw-to-the-wall worthy is that there is no real power balance between the hero and heroine. The women are always so chaste and suppressed. I don't like the idea that if the hero were to die (for real) she would just stop living. In fact, she did stop living when she believed he was dead and I understand that some would think this so romantic and that it would symbolize how greatly she loved. On the other hand, I think a love like that is too destructive; its not positive. I would much rather prefer that the heroine appreciated that life she had, and be changed by it, but not so until she cannot live at all.

    Or maybe, the hero in this story was just not worth mourning for a whole lifetime... his rival was a whole lot sexier in my mind.

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    Well... I absolutely forgot that Christopher was mentioned in the first book. Of course, they are all related! But I read Ask For It long time ago...

    At the beginning, I thought that his reasons were a bit stupid, but when he explain himself, gosh he has a point... But I understand her feelings completely. So, I had a conflict with myself for a while(?

    (Psss! This is a hot moment)

    (view spoiler)

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    Rating: 2 stars - OK

    Had a really hard time connecting with the characters in A Passion For Him. I felt the plot was all over the place. I did not like how the first sex scene was about to take place but then ends and starts something else in the plot with other characters. Then it gets back to the sex scene. I do love good steamy scenes but the first one did drag on.

    The characters were all over the place. Ware who is Amelia fiancé makes it very clear he does not want her interacting with Colin because it looks bad since they are to be wed and she needs to decide if she is going to be his wife then she needs to act like his fiancé and not pursue Colin but all the while Ware is sleeping with someone else. Colin one minute his character is flat, and kind of cheesy but the next he a sexy dominate hero with a dirty talking mouth.

    I really wanted to like A Passion For Him. Love the idea of lost love. The synopsis grabbed my interest and even though it is the 3rd in the Georgian series I was not lost at all. Sylvia Day does a great job at letting the readers know what happened before but unfortunately it did not hold my interest enough and have no desire to read the pervious novels. I have yet to read The Crossfire series and heard great things about this series. I do look forward to trying that series out.

    ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest Review

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    Review featured on

    I really did not enjoy this book. I couldn’t stand the fact that Colin doesn’t just tell Amelia who he is and plays the game of “come to me, I must let you go” and he sleeps with other women while he is supposedly so in love with Amelia. Colin did nothing for me and I really couldn’t care less if he had stayed away from Amelia. In fact I like Ware much better than Colin.

    Amelia is just too much of a contradiction in how she is written. She is supposedly so chaste and innocent and protected but at times she is exactly opposite. She has mourned Colin for so many years and feels that she should marry Ware because they are such good friends and yet she goes and sleeps with Colin before she even knows who he really is.

    I think people will either like or dislike this book. Unfortunately I am in the dislike catagory.

    I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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    Believing her first and only love dead, she's set to marry an Earl she's been friends with for years.. Then a masked gentleman persues her at a ball and she can't forget him.And she becomes the pursuer. When he reveals he is the love she thought dead after a passionate night of making love. she's devastated that he would of let her hurt all these years thinking him dead. It doesn't matter that he told her she would have been in grave danger by being associated with him. And that he had to build up his fortune so that they could be together at last. She's not having any of it, she tells him they are done.Lots of passion and raw sex,it made for a great read. Read how the outcome turns out. Will she choose the Earl or him ? Sylvia Day writes with as much passion that fills her pages. Love her writing.

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    Damn!!! I can not put this book down.




    Full Review to Come after I finish reading this series!!! I can't put them down!!

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    I've developed a passion for this "Georgian" series! This story had a nice blend of intrigue and love!

    This is the 3rd book in this series but are written so they can be read as standalones.

    Loved the story of this couple! Amelia was sheltered and taken away from her sister, used as a pawn so her father can manipulate her older sister to doing his bidding...mainly for money. As her older sister dedicates her life to look for her, Amelia has been moved around and "protected" all her life. Nothing and no one is constant...except for the stable boy who becomes her best friend...her only friend. They love each other as only two who's been there for each other since childhood can. As they get older, Colin knows his love for Amelia is impossible. He's her servant and she's the daughter of a titled Lord.

    One fateful night, he risks his life to save her from abduction and is shot in the process. He was left for dead. Amelia, though rescued because of Colin, and reunited with her sister, mourns the loss of Colin - her one true love. It's a love that spans years and one that she's never been able to find again.

    Well Colin was shot but not quite dead. He defies his lowly station in life and becomes someone else, someone more, someone who is worthy of Amelia. Someone who can provide for her and give her what she deserves and can readily have with someone else.

    After years of obtaining wealth and a new identity, he seeks her out during a masquerade ball. She's instantly aware and drawn to the mask man. Her allure to the mystery stranger is undeniable and unexplainable. Her pursuit of Colin is rash but passionate. She puts aside a life of comfort and wealth for the stranger that has managed to make her feel passion for the first time since Colin.

    Oh how I waited anxiously for the reveal to happen! He loves her and she has always loved him! I just kept trying to read quickly so I can get to the reunion! It didn't quite go as beautifully as I wanted. She was more mad than first! She feels as if she suffered those many years missing and pining for him thinking he was gone forever. His reasons took some convincing. And the convincing was sweet. It pulled some butterflies even.

    Sorry that this review is a bit elementary. I don't usually go into so much plot detail but the plot was the draw of this book. I love the lost love but found love story! Colin and Amelia's chemistry was tangible and sweet and hot!

    I couldn't read this book fast enough then was a bit sad when it was done. On to the next one though!

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    This book was a delightful surprise. I love historical romance but lately all the books I came across were predictable. This was frustrating but A Passion For Him got me out of this slump. The lead pair was great and perfectly matched. Amelia was sweet and determined, Montoya was stubborn and resourceful. Amelia escaped from captivity but lost someone precious in the process. She is certain she will never love again till she runs into Montoya. This makes Amelia hope again but things are rarely that simple. Amelia discovers love and deception in the same place - Will she walk away or is his love enough to make her stay?
    I was bothered by the actions of the lead pair at times but could accept & understand their perspectives. This is why the book gets another star and I will be reading more from this author soon.

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    I love Sylvia's historical romance stories! This one is no exception. A Passion For Him is full of drama and so intense! The storyline is addictive and realistic to the time period! Love love loved it! And a tip for you while reading- have a spare pear of undies ladies! Count Montoya is hot hot hot