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Robyn Stafford , former Miss Rodeo Montana , just wants to get married and live happily ever after , but that s proving to be a rather difficult ambition Because it s 1461 , and Robyn s fiance is Edward of March , Yorkist heir to the Throne of England , and currently at war with the Lancasters Robyn is of two minds if Edward succeeds , he ll be crowned but King of England is a very precarious perch in these times. If he fails , he ll be executed , and Robyn will be burned as a witch.What s a 21st century girl to do This time travel romance skillfully avoids the trap of portraying 15th century culture from a 21st century perspective , all the while telling a suspenseful tale Spoiler look in the history books to see how it all turns out. R Garcia Y Robertson S Delightful Saga Of Time Travel And Romance, Which Began With Knight Errant And Continued Through Lady Robyn, Grows Even Irresistible As Robyn Stafford, A Savvy Hollywood Exec Mystically Transplanted To Th Century England, Works Overtime To Secure Happiness And True Love Amidst The Fratricidal Madness Of The War Of The RosesOnce A Thoroughly Modern Californian And Former Miss Rodeo Montana , Robyn Has Come To Savor Her New Life As Lady Robyn Of Pontefract, Betrothed To The Dashing Young Edward Plantagenet, Earl Of March, Duke Of York, And Heir To The English Throne Temporarily Stranded Back In St Century, She Wastes No Time Getting Back To , Albeit With A Few Unexpected Bumps Along The WayBut Her Troubles Hardly End When She Makes It Back To Merrie Olde England And The Arms Of Her Beloved Knight Errant War Is In The Air, With A Rebellious Tudor Army Challenging Edward S Forces At Home, And A French Invasion Force Gathering In The North, Preparing To March On London Having Witnessed Firsthand The Deadly Realities Of Medieval Politics, Robyn Is In No Hurry To See Edward Claim The Throne, But, Like It Or Not, He Is The Heir Apparent, And Robyn Must Use All Her Wits To Keep Their Love Alive Even If It Means Inventing Tabloid Journalism Several Centuries Early Look Out, London Lady Robyn Has Returned, So The Middle Ages Had Best Mind Its Manners the book was overal ok but i hate the ending, during witches night Edward slept with Elisabeth and Robyn just forgave him He wasn t even feeling guilty this wasn t how i thought he was.They didn t marry in the book and the baby isn t born by the end Good series, it is a fantasy, so don t take it too seriously, but the historical references on the War of the Roses are reasonably accurate I enjoy time travel, so it was fun. Love this series. This book was a disappointment after the other two Just really disappointed with how this trilogy ended. Well, I didn t see THAT coming Wydville Woodville Robyn is presumably the unknown mother of three daughters by Edward, the first, as the book predicts, being called Grace see.Speaking as an uncritical reader, I was shocked and dismayed to find Elizabeth Wydville in Edward s bed, even in a witch s flight Members of a discussion group on another site were disappointed that there would not be a sequel to this third book Given that Edward was so nearly perfect in the trilogy until Elizabeth and given what we know about Edward, his philandering, and his dissipation I m glad to see the story end where it ends, with Robyn happy.Still, the trilogy left me wanting muchof Robyn, or at least of Robertson and this charming little sub subgenre. Ahhhh stories about witches I never can resist them These modern day witches are sent back to another time where Kings and Queens ruled people rode horses for their means of transportation you know the midevil drill Mix it with pot smoking tight jean wearing witches well you get my drift Anyhow, this book is engaging and hokey enough to keep me going Not a show of masterful writing but makes for a beach read.