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A nutty NUUT readTranslated by Alfred Hayeshttp youtu.be UEBq gsdI58blurb Pushkin takes many lines straight from Henry IV P was impressed by the guilt ridden King after he had ordered the murder of Richard II and here is his version It is written for the Tsar Nikoli I as an apology for his Decemberist friends It is interesting to note that P was supposed to be in St.Petersberg to support his friends but a black cat had crossed his path so he returned home instead.Later the Tsar asked P which side he would of been on and the poet answers truthfully the Tsar then puts himself forward as to act as censor to P in future works bwhahaha nutty as fruitcakes but it is only 57 pages long 32 TBR Busting 2013 rus edebiyat odac ma yeni ekledi im pu kin in trajik, retilerle dolu, dostoyevski ak c l ndaki kitab boris godunov.bitirdi imde hissetti im tatmin hissinden bi t k daha ak lda kal c bir olay vard , o da, pu kin in pu kin isimli bir karakter yaratm olmas ve s k s k onu konu turmas ilkokulda kendi kendimi e lendirmek i in yazd m yk leri okuyan t rk e retmenim bir sonraki yk mde bir karaktere kendi ismimi vermemi ve nas l bir his oldu unu ona anlatmam istemi ti.deneyimim ok e lenceliydi, hem benden ba ms z olan hem de ne yaparsam yapay m hakk mda ipu lar veren bir karakteri konu turmaya al mak, en basit tabiriyle garip bir eydi.akl ma o yk geldi pu kin konu tuk aneyse, zne olmaktan k yorum ve tekrar kitaba d n yorum belki dimitri dir, belki d zmece gibi bir c mle var bir yerlerde okudu umda kitab n kalbinin oras oldu unu d nd m nedense asl nda pu kin biraz ters k e yapt beni h zl ca bitirece imi zannederken, sayfa sonlar nda d n yor halde buldum kendimi, g zel eyleri sorgulad m, g zel eyler rendim.mesela yle bir k s m vard sevgili o lum,kad n y z n n kan n co turdu u ya a giriyorsun,kutsal temizli ini, masumlu unu,gururlu utanga l n kaybetme.gen li inde duygular n i ren zevklere kapt rmaya al m olanlar,ya land k a kederli,kan d k c olurlar.zekalar vaktinden nce s nmeye y z tutar piiiiiifiyt gururlu utanga l k ok g zel bir tan mlama olmam m Update 13 5 19Still really like this play Update 4 2 19After rereading it to compare it withCinnaby Corneille,Richard IIIby Shakespeare andThe Resistible Rise of Arturo Uiby Bertold Brecht, I liked it even and made some great parallels Clearly, this play shows a vicious circle of corruption which pollutes the power of Russia and its tsars The Russian people is depicted as credulous, and wanting vengeance for Dimitri s death for them, Boris will always be tainted by the blood of the child he murdered But, when, finally, view spoiler the false Dimitri succeeds in reaching power, and becomes a tsar, he kills Boris s children, when they are innocent Fiodor and Xenia, and their mother, die because he is afraid of their power The people can t celebrate the false Dimitri any, because he did exactly what Boris did before I became a tsar kill the tsarevitch, an innocent and promising boy hide spoiler . Pushkin was a great poet, but, on the evidence of this work, not a great playwright The work, based on Shakepeare s Macbeth, suffers in comparison While it is eminently readable, and well constructed, it lacks variation Shakespeare knew the value of breaking the narrative with interludes, whether sinister the witches in Macbeth or humorous, as in the case of Falstaff s various appearances in his historical plays In contrast, Pushkin doggedly pursues the narrative Oh well, we can t ALL be Shakespeare Adrian Mitchell s adaption of Alexander Pushkin s Boris Gudonov is bright and fresh and a lot less stodgy than some translations of Pushkin s tale of 1600 s Russia that he wrote as an allegory of 1820 s Russian politics Pushkin drew heavily on Shakespeare for inspiration and there are clear flashes of Macbeth and the Histories, notably Richard III in the play As well as livening up the text and introducing some comic rhyming drunken monks the main deviation from the original is in one change in scene order which makes logical sense and improves the flow As an adaptation it s very strong and is a fitting last project for Mitchell.The play itself though remains fraught with issues Unlike virtually all Shakespeare plays in my view with the exception of Julius Caesar , it is a play that tends to work better as a read than in production in my view The story is fascinating though Boris Gudonov is the Tsar having murdered the young son of Ivan, Dimitry, who would normally have led the country However a bright young monk, Grigory, decides to adopt the persona of the murdered young prince, gaining support of the masses and international support to his claim.The problem in production with the play is that, while we are told of Boris s evil nature, whenever he appears on stage with the masses, he s behaving quite well and the advice he gives his own son on ruling is not too bad Grigory on the other hand is no than an upstart with high ambitions Shakespeare, for all his rounded characters, always made the evilness of his villains clear but it s not clear here who we should be siding with Mitchell isn t able to solve this fundamental issue with the play, but it is, nevertheless, a strong, modern adaptation of this Russian classic play. ,. When doing the tasks for a literary birthday Challenge I am participating in, I try each month to pick authors I have never read For June my choice was Alexander Pushkin, and I selected three titles of his, the first being Boris Godunov.I wanted to read a bit about Pushkin himself before starting so I visited wiki and while there read a separate link about this play which gave a short outline of the main details leading up to Boris becoming Tsar in the late 1500 s and what went on after that I am embarrassed to admit I had not known that Boris Godunov had been a real person This is a play with only 25 short scenes, but a lot happens throughout Court intrigue, mysterious deaths, battles, romance, treachery and murder But was Boris really guilty of causing the death of Ivan the Terrible s youngest but illegitimate son According to the wiki article, his guilt was never established in real life but Pushkin chose to believe Boris was guilty, in order to add drama to the play He also modeled this work on Shakespeare s Henry IV, which of course I will want to read soon so I can compare the two while Boris is still fresh in my mind.I liked the play it flowed smoothly from scene to scene, and I was so caught up in the action I found myself holding my breath in than one spot This is another work that has shown me that Russian history and literature is not always as intimidating as I have thought I am looking forward to exploring Russia thoroughly, and will start with two works by Pushkin. 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