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    Quentin Bell is so charming that I wish I d known him personally Raised in a strange way by Vanessa Bell, Quentin Bell, and Duncan Grant, he enjoyed the extraordinary benefits of knowing extended members of the Blo0msbury group of artists and intellectuals He is self effacing and witty in these brief portraits It is understandable why Leonard Woolf would encourage Bell to write the first full length biography of Virginia.The portraits proved too varied in approach to satisfy me The ones concerning his immediate family were most rich in depicting eccentric, lovable personalities The one on traitor Anthony Blunt was a surprise Who would know that Ethel Smyth was a noted composer Robert Medley and Mary Butts are curious inclusions, part of Bell s life than Bloomsbury s.Thus it struck me that those without a strong background in Bloomsbury would be confused because the reader is just plopped into some anecdotes without some helpful back story Perhaps its being his last book, published a year before he died, accounts for its uneveness Despite these concerns, the book is a useful addition to any Bloosmbury collector.

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    A great collection of Quentin s memoirs of various members of the core Bloomsbury group, and as the book progresses it diverges into memoirs of Quentin s friends who had visited Charleston The book ends with a short essay on Virginia s Three Guineas and a Room of One s Own and another on Maynard s My Early Beliefs As usual Quentin s writing is very fluid and enjoyable and you can almost hear him speaking the words Some great little anecdotes, giving further depth to the members of that circle One for fans of Bloomsbury.

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    This is a charming book if you are interested in an adult child s perspective of growing up in a bohemian lifestyle Quentin Bell gives compassionate insight into his families complicated and even tragic lives and an insiders view of the early 20th century modernist scene in Europe A companionable book on the Bloomsbury Group, I really enjoyed it.

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    I don t know why it took me so long to finish this book, esp as i really liked it.Who better to tell the story yet again of the Bloomsbury set, than Quentin Bell, son of Vanessa and nephew of Virginia Woolf I think it s the pace and organization of the book that slowed me down Bell jumps all over the place in terms of time and relationships Written as vignettes about individuals, there is little attempt to place things chronologicallyalmost as it he woke up each morning, decided who to write about and in which period of each person s unusual and varied life , then popped it into the ongoing book willy nilly It took a bit of getting used to, but for anyone interested in the fascinating subject matter, it s worth the effort.

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    A must read for anyone familiar with the Bloomsbury Group For my full review,