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bible Very good book about acting and playwrights I learned lots about how Ibsen introduced realism and how the Russians feel, so you must truly feel, too Acting has to be about action and nonaction there are pauses.Of course Adler said some things with which I didn t agree, but nobody is going to agree 100% with anybody else This is a great book and I recommend it for anybody who is studying theatre or wants to become an actor actress. . My favourite authors by Stella Adler.Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one This book is beautiful It was compiled from transcriptions of her preparation for a series of books The material in this book is literally from the first session she held because she died very shortly thereafter, and so I can t believe how dense this book is with good information and how vital it is to actors working in theatre or film today The best part about it is how every bit of it reads as though you are sitting in a master class with her while she runs you through your paces in the studio She s amazing If you are at all interested in acting, please pick this up and give it a read You will be so glad you did. An Original Member Of The Famed Group Theater, Stella Adler Was One Of The Most Influential Artists To Come Out Of The American Theater As A Stanislavsky Disciple And Founder Of Her Own Highly Esteemed Acting Conservatory, The Extravagant Actress Was Also An Eminent Acting Teacher, Training Her Students Among Them Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, And Robert DeNiro In The Art Of Script Interpretation The Classic Lectures Collected Here, Delivered Over A Period Of Forty Years, Bring To Life The Plays Of The Three Fathers Of Modern Drama Henrik Ibsen, August Strindberg, And Anton Chekhov With Passionate Conviction And Shrewd Insight, Adler Explains How Their Plays Forever Changed The World Of Dramaturgy While Offering Enduring Insights On Society, Class, Culture, And The Role Of The Actor She Explores The Struggles Of Ibsen S Characters To Free Themselves From Societal Convention, The Mortal Conflicts That Trap Strindberg S Men And Women, And The Pain Of Loss And Transition Lyrically Evoked By Chekhov A Majestic Volume, Stella Adler On Ibsen, Strindberg, And Chekhov Allows Us To Experience The Work Of These Masters As If To See, Hear And Feel Their Genius For The First Time William H Gass