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Exploitive Relationships Can Create Trauma Bonds Chains Of Trust That Link You To Someone Who Is Dangerous, Abusive, And Toxic Divorce, Employee Relations, Litigation, Incest And Child Abuse, Family And Marital Systems, Domestic Violence, Hostage Situations, Kidnapping, Professional Exploitation And Religious Abuse Are All Areas Of Trauma Bonding Each Of These Relationships Shares One Thing It Is A Situation Of Incredible Intensity Or Importance Where There Is An Exploitation Of Trust Or Power

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    This is one of the most important books I have ever read It showed me that what I thought was just normal behavior my entire life was clearly emotional, physical, and sexual abuse For years I have struggled with depression and anxiety, diagnosed with label after label that never quite fit The labels explained some symptoms, but not others.Then, after reading this book and doing a very eye opening chart within, I realized just how much abuse I had endured every since childhood It laid the groundwork for me to discover the underlying cause of all my emotional struggle chronic PTSD from a lifetime of abuse.PTSD is cumulative, especially when it is not treated I ve written extensively on these topics on my blog you struggle with depression, anxiety, self injury, suicidal ideation, or any other similar symptoms, please read this book You might find the foundation of your issues within Then, healing can truly begin.

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    This is a well written and accessible account of the trauma bond, or betrayal bond, that humans are prone to due to our trust and need to connect with others.I got this book to better understand the commercially sexually exploited youth I work with how they can become so attached to the people to exploit them and give them so little The book very clearly makes sense of how this mechanism occurs and the many different forms it can take.I especially liked the different interactive aspects of the book and will be using them in groups to facilitate discussions and support the kiddos as they work to let go of the intense bond It s amazing to witness the bond in action, with someone being so aware of an unhealthy bond, but unable to let go emotionally I think it s hard to fathom if you haven t been there, but this book comes close to translating the process and experience.Very well done, as are all resources I ve had coming from The Meadows.

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    I felt dizzy and nauseas the entire time I was reading thisand I highly, highly recommend it.In brief

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    I found this book a tremendous guide to my own growth path The distortions between intensity and intimacy can become so clouded by a misguided upbringing Dr Carnes sheds a lot of light on the darkness that comes from such distortions and with some study, discussion and the help of therapeutic work, the clouds soon vanish and the light of Truth shines through There are many other facets to the book too, so get it and dive in the deep end The cleansing water is great.

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    Excellent book.Favorite line Loyalty to that which does not work, or worse, to a person who is toxic, exploitive or destructive to you, is a form of insanity Loc 134 Kindle

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    This book has been absolutely essential in my healing from being sexually abused by my former stepfather, when I read it in my early 20 s I can t recommend it enough All people that have been abused by a parent or by a person in a parental role can benefit from reading this book This book helps a person understand and break free from these exploitative relationships, and to form healthy relationships Understanding how we can love and protect someone that is harming us so deeply Also very important for people that stay in abusive relationships your children and family members will thank you for reading this book I was able to break the cycles and have an incredibly happy, intimate, successful marriage with an intelligent and kind man for almost 2 decades and counting And we are raising children in a safe, aware, and happy childhood.Patrick Carnes says in the introduction of this book, Unravel the tangled mess slowly, one string at a time There is great hope for you if you do You will acquire a depth of substance most people never achieve This book tells the stories of people who have done it, people who have let their suffering transform them Another book that I recommend is How Long Does It Hurt A Guide to Recovering from Incest and Sexual Abuse for Teenagers, Their Friends, and Their Families And also The Sociopath Next Door.

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    It s worth reading if you re in any kind of troubled relationship, or for that matter if you ve only been told that you are Read and decide for yourself I copied out this list of maxims for living from near the end of the book Admit the hard things about yourself Tell others the hard things they must hear, clearly Mislead no one Do not lead a secret life Abandon false fronts and false pride Be clear about your intent Tell the truth Do not hide from difficult moments Give up being _nice_ all the time State your needs and desires without shame Do not cover or lie for anyone.It will be painful getting there from here, but I console myself with the awareness that I have already made a great deal of progress I have friends I can actually tell the truth about myself I can do the same with my father and brother my mother is dead.

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    Fascinating I highly recommend this I have read many books over the years on psychological topics such as this and none of them addressed it quite like this one nor provided the accessible hands on worksheets and activities Wonder why you are attached to someone who hurts you Why you give multiple chances Do you wonder if you are being used by others even exploited Perhaps your brain has developed a trauma bond through the chemicals released during times of high stimulation It craves them again Give this book a shot Some of it may not apply, but I bet some of it does, as we all have experienced hurt and may even underestimate how our brain has reacted Developing proper boundaries and strategies is critical Thank you to the author who pieced this all out I expect this is a text I will revisit I really liked how it had you spell out the actions you should have taken in a given situation so that you are likely to correct your behavior, as opposed to just identifying and lamenting it For those of us who can be overly compassionate or give too many chances, this is a powerful step in breaking free.

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    This is a compassionate, I opening book about how trauma and betrayal can bond us to a person, even though the relationship is destructive and abusive Think of the Peanuts comic strip and cartoon where Luci always convinces Charlie Brown that she really will hold the football for him to kick this time, that he can trust her, and she won t let him down He trusts her and tries to kick the football Then she mocks him and taunts him, telling him why she shouldn t be trusted and why he was a loser to fall for it That is an example of one type of betrayal bond Along with clear explanations of how trauma works in our lives, the book contains several practical and powerful exercises to help you determine how trauma may have affected some of your relationships in the past or present You may find this book to be helpful if you have had a relationship with a person who either was abusive or dealt with one or addictions during the relationship.

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    I could relate well to this book, having created numerous betrayal bonds in my life I learned some new perspectives and ways of getting over my addictions to certain people idealistic versions of people I invent.