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What Is A Poem Figment Suggests Myriad Possible Answers A Post Confession, A Remnant Lyric, An Unerringly Wistful Invention Rebecca Wolff Makes Use Of Every Tool At Her Disposal To Create Charming, Discomfiting Poems, Spiked With Shrewd Summings Up And Nervy, Controlled Lyric Bursts Maureen N McLane, Chicago Tribune

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    I thought this book was uneven, I liked some poems a lot than others, and certain sections than others I thought Wolff s poetry was best when it was shorter, and I thought the poems that were many poems together under the same title weren t as good as the ones alone on a single subject The longer poems seemed vague, and I had a harder time following.The poems take some work to understand but her best poems are definitely worth the extra reading.Most of the poems seemed unconnected to each other, and I couldn t tell why they were grouped into sections I don t mind when a book is not cohesive, so it didn t bother me, but I thought I would mention it I also didn t mind that her line and stanza breaks seemed sort of random, and were not regular Wolff s titles were really good My favorite poems in the book After BalthusRoman PolanskiAutobiographia CopulariaLife of Sorts

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    Impressions I don t want to like these poems because I m supposed to like them and I so badly want her to like my poems and put me in Fence one of these days but damn if I m not liking this book Feels familiar, but satisfying Well, now I m feeling the limitations of the book The music is a bit stilted I like some of the sounds, but the rhythm is halting Reminds me of an album where all the songs are in the same key.

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    These poems are not easily digested or interpretted, but her wordplay and aletness to irony kept me engaged, even if I had to put it down a couple of times.

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    one of my favorite books of contemporary poetry some really killer, fun not often used words in these poems.