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    Dnf page 180

    Nope. I’m out. Nope.

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    Not sure why or how this book is so unknown, but it's so underrated! I first read this book when I was 15. I loved it then, and I still love it now 15 years later.
    It's so easy to read, the flow of the story is perfect. The characters are so memorable that everything I'd read about them came flooding back the second time round.
    I also ended up keeping a glossary of words I've never heard of before and having to look them up, (which I enjoyed doing as most YA novels are a little on the patronising side).
    Celia is one of my favourite fictional characters. She's funny, ballsy and unforgettable. Reading this book inside on a rainy day was bliss.

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    Celia walks out of an exam at school and goes to search for her birth mother. She leaves a note for her adopted parents to read (which slips down the back of a counter so they worry about her as they have no idea where she is) and goes to find the house where her mother apparently lived. She is 16, if I remember rightly. She finds the house where her mum apparently lived but she never lived there, just worked there. Celia is disappointed, but calls her parents to let them know that she's alright. They're freaking out as they haven't found the note, and her dad tells her to come home and she tells him that she's an adult, not a child, and can do as she wants. For some reason she tells him that (as proof that she's not a child) she thought she was pregnant last week. As a 10 year old I thought this made Celia really mature. Celia eventually finds her mum and her dad was a minister, hence why she gave her up for adoption. Her mum isn't what she expected and talks to her about blokes that she's dated and having sex. I can't remember what the outcome of the story is, but my memories of this book are pretty good considering I read this six years ago!

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    I read this book agggges ago, when i was like 10, 11 ?
    And either way, from what i can remember it was BRILLIANT!
    Seriously, i really recommend you reading it!
    I have really bad memory and seeing as i read it like 4 years ago, for me to still remember it is quite something :P
    I want to re-read it though, and oh yes, its about the story of a girl who walks out of her history GCSE to find her biological mum.

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    I read this when I was around 12, and I recall greatly enjoying it...it may not be as good as I remember, but I have to judge it on when I read it.
    It was very relatable, one of the first 'real-life', non fantasy books I ever read. It was an easy read, and not terribly written.