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I thought the stories were good I would recommend this to anyone who loves animal stories and wants to help stop animal abuse when you purchase this book, 10% is donated to ASPCA. I liked all of the stories The story of Pascal made me cry. A Heartwarming Short Story Collection For Animal Lovers With % Of The Sale Price Donated To The ASPCA To Help Homeless Pets Becoming Sacred A Cow Plans To Escape The Farm And Move To India, Fulfilling A Promise He Made To His Late Father Pascal S Magic An Adopted Cat Has To Work His Special Brand Of Magic To Save His Family Abduction At Sea A Tale About A Special Needs Swordfish Who Is Obsessed With Aliens I Loved It I m not a child but I read it anyways I love books about animals and this was very cute I going to get her next book also. A very vegan book The cat story was the best. A creative book Consists of three stories Only 99 cents, but 10% of sales go to ASPCA Read my full review here For some time now, I have looked forward to reading this book, which contains three short stories about animals However, I was shocked to discover that each story contains great sadness The description says the book is suitable for children over the age of 10 Yet, I am 44, and feel completely traumatized by this book Because I am such a huge animal lover, I will be deleting it from my Kindle library The only good thing about it is that the author donated a certain percentage of profits to an animal charity. Animals and humans connectQuick read A different perspective written from an animal s point of view Makes us realize that all creatures benefit humanity from being part of the food chain to providing compassion for wounded hearts. Whether you love animals or not you ll be sure to enjoy this unusual trilogy of tales from author Kim Cano The author has a knack for putting herself in the shoes of the animals she writes about and tells the stories from their point of view Ever thought about being a cow A cat A swordfish Do they have problems Do they ever This is a delicious read and best of all, the author donates a percentage of sales to the ASPCA Grab a copy you ll be glad you did Three endearing stories told from the animal s pointof view that both kids and adults can enjoy Not your typical happy ever after stuff The stories deal with difficult topics like death, divorse, and where our meat and fish comes from Expect kids to have questions after reading it.