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This book was a great read It s a shorter book but brilliantly done You re drawn in from the beginning and the plot moves along quite nicely, never too fast and definitely not slow I d have trouble deciding who was my favorite character, but I might have to settle on Andi who also happens to be the main character Even though this is a science fiction book it all felt and sounded real The author has obviously done her research and put in the time to create a plausible situation As a med student I appreciated the medical jargon sprinkled in, but it was all explained so one would never feel lost If I had to pick one thing I really liked about the book, it would have to be the characters They re all well developed and you find instant connections with all of them I also appreciated the parts where Andi refers to her Christian faith, especially to help herself and another crew member through a tough situation You never really get Christianity put into science fiction and I enjoyed the fresh take I look forward to readingin the Firmament series. August Enough said And if you have no idea what I m talking about, read the book Then you ll understand.Okay, I ll be serious now I ve followed this book since its early stages and have been in love with the characters since the rough draft As she revised the book, the author only gave mereasons to love her little creations Their personalities are brilliantly done, the situations are challenging, and the drama is thrilling Plenty of charm and lots of page turning intrigue to hold it together.A big plus this book is spotless Language, romance, sexuality you name it, it s NOT in here And the book doesn t need it It gets its appeal from elsewhere And for that reason, it s memorable.A great debut novel, competently written Read it And then tell me what you think of August.ETA I formatted the soon to be released shiny second edition of this book and took the opportunity to reread it AUGUST IS STILL SO UNBEARABLY CUTE especially at 2am when you re struggling to get it finished to meet your deadline even though your cold medication has already kicked in D oh. I love this book so much I was sick today so I listened through this book I really enjoyed the audio. Wow Seriously wow I honestly can t remember how I stumbled across this book, which makes me sad, because if all the you might also like suggestions or whatever similar list I found this in are this good, I would be in clover or maybe some variety of space clover I really love sci fi or truthfully, I really want to love sci fi but it s so hard to find it a clean and b without magical elements that I don t get to enjoy it that much Inventions with bizarre powers great Aliens I ll let it slide Super mind powers nope, you ve lost me This book was exactly the kind of sci fi I ve always wanted, with a Christian message to boot The writing style was excellent with exactly the amount of detail that I like enough to give me a very real sense of place but not bog me down with descriptions of every knob, uniform, and hallway The plot kept me on the edge of my seat without making me want to scream And the characters wow, the characters I really don t mind stock characters in action mystery stories, but if every author could layer characters and keep me guessing like this, I might have to change my mind At different points in the book, I came up against someone I didn t trust but thought maybe I was supposed to, someone I really wanted to trust but wasn t sure I could, and someone I knew was one of the good guys but wasn t sure would actually be any help view spoiler So, so conflicted when Crash first met August I was in love with August from first sight, and the fear that he might be a bad guy was awful And what was I doing trusting Crash s judgement anyway, when he d just proved himself much less than responsible But recklessness aside, I knew not to throw away his opinion hide spoiler I gave it 25% before I gave up on it The collision of a merchant ship with an asteroid at warp 8 instead of vaporizing the ship, and asteroid, yielded no significant damage, or injuries, just some malfuctions Propulsion which should be a force, was treated like a speed Totally ignoring physical laws Google Newtons Laws And the characters were barely developed. I love this book Clean, heart pounding, sci fi adventure Whatcould a girl ask for The characters are superb Andi is a lovable and easy to connect to protagonist, the Doctor is a well layered character, Crash iswell, Crash, August is sooo dang sweet 3 I want to seeAugust Mr Guilders, the Captain, Almira, all of them are great And the baddies Ooh CREEPY So, D well done The plot is so excting This is like Star Trek without the aliens and without the junk The storyline layered and developed I love all the medical references, you can tell J Grace did a great job researching them Well done, Ms Pennington Also, may I just say, LOVE that cover The Year IsAndi Lloyd Is Content With Her Life As The Assistant To Her Adoptive Father, A Starship Doctor, But Her Secure World Turns Upside Down When She Begins Uncovering Secrets From Her Past When Her Father Mysteriously Starts Losing His Mind, She Finds That She Can No Longer Count On Him To Guide Or Help Her With Mutiny Breaking Out On The Ship, And Two Factions Desperate For A Valuable Secret She Holds, She Must Race To Save Her Father And Herself Before Time Runs Out Book two I had really high expectations for Radialloy because of all the glowing reviews I ve seen, but from the first chapter my expectations were shattered I really wanted to find something to like, and while there s nothing questionable about the story, it justlacked quality.The first thing that bothered me was the writing style It completely lacked subtlety and subtext and faith that the reader isn t stupid Everything had to be thoroughly explained to make sure that the readers understands every iota of the story The second big thing that bothered me was the main character, Andi She was completely flat and unrealistic Her emotional journey was choppy, and big, important things happened to her that left absolutely no emotional impact on her Also she didn t develop or grow in any way by the end The biggest thing, however, that bothered me, was that she was an absolutely inactive character Pretty much all she does in the book is react to things that happen to her No goal, no purpose whatsoever When she does get something like a purpose, it was fifty percent into the book, and when she actually starts acting on it, it was seventy percent into the book And even then, when she gets resistance from the other characters who don t want her to accomplish that goal, she s not the one who gets herself out Other characters were always magically coming in to save her when she was in trouble.Which leads me straight to the climax It was somewhat tense and all, but the climax scene had absolutely nothing to do with Andi s goal In fact, once she gets saved from it via deux ex machina, she finds out that another character completed her goal and that s that Honestly the story would ve been a lotinteresting if told from the POV of one of the bad guys.Some positivity I did get a bit interested by a certain theme and the only theme I could identify during the climax scene, but it was just dropped in there without being developed at all from the beginning Some other things I liked where the medical facts I could tell that the author had done research to get that part realistic Also the whole sci fi setting was refreshing Hellooptimistic views of the future So basically, all in all, Radialloy could ve been a good story, but it just wasn t I have no doubt that the author has improved her talent since its publication, but I would not recommend this book in particular. I loved this audiobook I loved it before when I read it in both eBook and Paperback format, but it was so nice to be able to be on my exercise bike, do dishes, and clean the house while listening to the author read her own book It was great