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Every Book In This Series Has Earned The Classic Status Due To Its Popularity, Durability, And Uncompromising Quality All Books In The Unity Classic Library Series Feature Hardcover Binding With Gold Engraving, Colorful Endpapers, Library Nameplate Page, Author Photograph, And Biography The Series Makes A Beautiful Display On A Library Shelf, And Each Book Is A Respected Addition To Any Metaphysical CollectionCady Simplifies Metaphysics And Practical Christianity From The Perspective Of Her Personal Experiences

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    I love and prefer books that challenge my way of thinking, esp about matters related to God and spiritually You may or may not choose to agree with Cady However, you are forced to AT LEAST think about why you believe what you believe and determine if it s all or in part worth reexamining.

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    This book greatly enhanced my spiritual growth made me think about things a little deeper Reading this will make you think about what thoughts you have, the words you speak, what you believe why I think the last chapter of this book was the best

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    If you are reading this book I recommend you listen to Lessons in Truth series on the Truth Transforms podcast by Rev Gaylon McDowell It starts around February 2013 and he discusses a chapter per show and does a great job Here is a link..http www.unity.fm episode TruthTran

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    Very healing Embrace this book with an open heart and mind Once you understand some of the truths and ideas, you cannot go back to your old way of thinking Strengthened my awareness of my oneness with God One thing you must be seeking wisdom or fulfillment to understand this book If you are not ready, don t waste your time Keep the book on the shelf for when you are ready because you WILL need it someday Then read it over and over and over This is a book you keep for a lifetime of reference.

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    First published in 1894, this book makes clear many of the important tenets of the New Thought movement of the late 1800s The author emphasizes the indwelling of the Spirit in each person, that God is All in all, and the hopeful possibilities for the future as people become aware of this reality She was influenced by other New Thought teachers of her time Emma Curtis Hopkins, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Charles and Myrtle Fill, Emmet Fox and other great minds of the New Thought movement.

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    Cady presents New Thought philosophy to increase our personal empowerment transforming our thoughts, words, and beliefs Although first published over 100 years ago the relevance today is clear, dispite the old language She expounds on 12 truth principles to live by Emilie Cady s premise is of an indwelling Christ through whom and by whom come life, health, peace, power, all things Lessons in Truth is a part of the curriculum used at Unity School of Chrisitianity.

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    the one book that changed my life.

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    This book was my introduction to New Thought religion and philosophy Irreplaceable.

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    Half of the Book is WonderfulI will re read this book and see if the first half makes any sense in light of second For now, let me first place this book in the context of the 19th Century New Thought Movement, then look at chapters 7 9, and then 1 6 I hope my unusual approach will prove justified.Religious or spiritual movements like Christian Science and Unity, and, for that matter 20th Century best selling secular self help books like Napoleon Hill s Think and Grow Rich and Norman Vincent Peale s The Power of Positive Thinking can be traced back to a New England watchmaker named Phineas Quimby 1802 1866 New Thought may be America s sole original contribution to religion The common element in New Thought schools is the supremacy of mind over circumstances Of course, the religious sort had their own theology emphasizing the all ness of God and the unreality of evil sickness, poverty, death They became associated with healing, and with Unity, the broader applications presented in Cady s book of 12 Lessons.New Thought has survived primarily in the muddy power of positive thinking current while Christian Science and Unity are struggling The latter half of Cady s book is a very good practical exploration of what today we would call meditation While Christian Science focused on healing, Cady had no problems with dismantling resistance to any of God s good things This might be dismissed as a precursor to the prosperity gospel except Cady whose Yankee practicality is her most attractive feature seems to view the material benefits of answered prayer as God s way of proving the lessons in the book and leading the seeker to disinterested enlightenment.Cady gets into the nitty gritty of meditation or sitting in silence, giving good advice on what to do with intrusive thoughts, or why aspirations are better than trying to keep one s mind empty But the end of all this is what seems to be a touchingly sincere desire for people to find that their Lord is within them, and that God is not just the Father of cold divine principles, but a warm and loving personal Mother to whom we can turn in confidence.I read the second half with great interest The first half I read with exasperation, as my copious notes reflect.The first half of the book attempts to outline a theology underlying what I just described There are denials, and affirmations and demonstrations and who knows what all Frankly, it s a mess On its surface, it sounds Christian However, Cady borders on the unscrupulous in her appropriation of Christian terms, like Christ and God for concepts far removed from any orthodox understanding Similarly, she like Mary Baker Eddy is addicted to out of context proof texting from the Bible to support ideas that could not be further from the text Sometimes Cady seems to realize the weak intellectual foundations of her teachings and exhorts the reader to just forget about it and see if it works She is refreshingly endearing at those points But then she s back to argument by analogy and other tricks.Since there doesn t seem to be any essential link between New Thought and orthodox Christianity, I found myself wondering why people like Cady, and Mary Baker Eddy and Unity s Charles and Myrtle Fill bothered The historical Jesus does not seem to be God, but rather the greatest Master a sort of Western Buddha There doesn t seem to be sin, just illusion or error New Thought theology is pretty slippery, though In the first half of the book, it seems Cady can t write than two pages without contradicting herself Then again, she s walking a very fine line between both using and disabusing terms like sin However, America was a solidly Christian nation during the heyday of New Thought To give some perspective, Cady s lifetime spanned the Civil War and she did not even have the right to vote when she wrote this book A blatantly non Christian religious movement spearheaded by women would have had trouble gaining traction Moreover, she didn t have all the intellectual reference points we take for granted today When viewed in the context of her era, the second half is truly remarkable and the first is forgivable.Unity today seems to be spreading its wings beyond Christianity, perhaps in a conscious bid for the buying power of women attracted to a plethora of New Age ideas Cady s book is old style Unity, inspired by, if not based on, Christianity.While the thinking isn t always clear, the writing is often direct and fresh, and I enjoyed it, giving it a good study in just a few days Cady comes through as a sincere and appealing personality Among the New Thought canon, I enjoyed it much than the disjointed and labored Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures The second half makes a very intriguing and enlightening read I would recommend this to anyone interested in New Thought, and for admirers of Unity, especially those curious about its roots.

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    Profound and heat opening This book has expressed the deep truth and peeled back the layers of mental confusions It is learning and unlearning as well Thank you for opening the door within