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Damiana Is Safe Keeper In The Small Village Of Tambleham Neighbors And Strangers Alike Come One By One, In Secret, To Tell Her Things They Dare Not Share With Anyone Else, Knowing That Damiana Will Keep Silent One Late Night, A Mysterious Visitor From The City Arrives With An Unusual Secret For The Safe Keepera Newborn Baby Damiana, Who Is Expecting Her Own Child, Names The Foundling Reed And Raises Him Side By Side With Her Daughter, Fiona As The Years Pass And The Two Children Grow Into Teenagers And Come Of Age, They Must Come To Terms With Who They Areand Who They May Be Sharon Shinn S Many Fantasy Novels Have Won Her A Loyal Following This Book, Firmly In The Tradition Of Robin McKinley S Bestselling Spindle S End And Shinn S Own Summers At Castle Auburn An ALA Best Book For Young Adults , Is Thoughtful, Warm Hearted, And A Sheer Delight To Read

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    This is a mixed review, and I don t know what number of stars to give this book Normally, I just wouldn t review it in those circumstances, but this time, the issue is too important for me not to talk about it in public.So.This is a beautifully written book, with wonderful characters, in a series that I otherwise adored The Truth Teller s Tale is one of my very favorite books this year 10 pages into reading this one, I was in a Happy Book DazeUntil the first introduction of a character with chronic illness A friend of the heroine s family is married to a woman with severe fatigue and chronic pain, caused by a terrible accident in the past The wife, Victoria, is perfectly pleasant to everyone, but she tires quickly and can t take full part in all the social activities.And oh, does EVERYONE feel terrible for the poor man who s married to her He married her after her accident, btw, because he loved her, and he has never complained about her physical limitations The heroine herself says that if she d been him, she would have preferred Victoria to have been killed in the accident rather than come back to him disabled The others shush her quickly, but only because she s been unkind, not because they disagree with her.Later in the book, it s revealed that shock, horror even though Victoria always claimed she couldn t cope with pregnancy and children, actually a Truth Teller confirms this she physically could have managed to bear a child without lasting injury So the only conclusion drawn by the other characters and the text is what a selfish cow How could she be so selfish as to not get pregnant, when she knows that her husband wanted children so much After all, it wouldn t actually have killed her Yes That really is the exact reaction.Now, I have a chronic illness, too M.E CFS , which leads to intense fatigue and physical limitations I don t have chronic pain, thank God, but even without that, I have to tell you pregnancy was an intense challenge for me because of my illness Raising little kids and dealing with sleepless nights, with M.E., is incredibly hard And I have no pain issues to make the difficulty even worse I can t imagine how much harder pregnancy and childbirth would be for someone dealing with chronic pain For me, in my personal situation, all of that difficulty is 100% worthwhile because I wanted children so badly But the idea that a woman with chronic fatigue and pain is not allowed to decide that that difficulty is NOT worthwhile to her That making that choice makes her a terrible, selfish person Honestly, I almost put the book down at that point But I kept reading, because I so hoped that there would be some turnaround at the end I kept thinking that that first scene where the heroine said that if it were her, she d rather the person she loved was killed than became disabled would lead to an ending where the guy she really did love would become disabled and she d realize that what mattered was him, not his physical abilities Or that she would have to deal with disability herself, and learn from that That never happened Eventually, Victoria dies and everyone is so, so happy for her husband, finally no longer chained to a disabled wife Just to be clear, he hadn t even been a physical caretaker for her he was a rich merchant, so they d hired helpers who did the physical work of looking after her And everyone says that Victoria loved her helper and treated her like a daughter Just to be extra clear, there is never a single moment when Victoria is shown or reported to be saying anything mean or unpleasant to anyone, ever She just says at various points that she needs to lie down and rest, which leads every time to the heroine and all the other characters looking at her husband with great sympathy Indeed Your wife can t keep going and having fun How terrible and hard for you You re certainly much to be empathized with, unlike her People sometimes, piously, express pity for Victoria in this book They never, ever feel any empathy for her, and neither does the text incite the reader to feel it.Making it worse, there s a bit of a theme of chronic illness in this book at another point, a woman says, oh, she s just terribly weak and frail and the heroine realizes that that woman s chronic illness is completely imaginary, just used to get out of doing unpleasant things.Another time, a woman one who s not even an important enough character to get a name pleads a headache to get out of the hard work that everyone else is doing that day, but then of course she recovers quickly once it s dinner time and everyone wants to party.At that point I almost started to laugh in disbelief.I did finish the book The writing is beautiful, as I said before, and as always with Sharon Shinn The characters are well drawn, and there s an enormous amount of fun stuff in this novel.But I ll be giving it away next time I go into town And reading it, as a woman with a chronic illness, made me feel like I was getting slapped, again and again and again.Sharon Shinn is one of my very favorite writers, and I ll continue to read her other novels, because I ve loved every other book of hers I ve read That issue has never been repeated in any other works she s written, and this is an older book, not necessarily representative of her current work But I was really, really disappointed by this one.

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    The Safe Keeper s Secret is a quiet, thoughtful YA fantasy, set in a medieval kingdom where a few people have magical powers Safe Keepers guard people s secrets Frankly I m still a little hazy on why you need an official secret keeper, but apparently some people in this world find it very useful Truth Tellers always tell the truth sometimes without even knowing how they know a particular fact to be true There is one Dream Maker at a time in this kingdom, a person has the power to grant the wishes of random people she comes in contact with as she travels about Understandably, the Dream Maker is a very popular person The current Dream Maker is a woman who s had deep sorrow in her own life, though granting others desires brings her some comfort She doesn t control who gets their wishes granted the magic decides that on its own but it s always fascinating when it happens The Safe Keeper s Secret begins with a mystery a man delivers a baby to the Secret Keeper of a small town, entrusting her with the secret of who the baby is until the child is older The Secret Keeper raises this baby together with her own child, who was born at about the same time The story follows these two children, Fiona and Reed, as they grow up and deal with the day to day struggles and mysteries in their lives, trying to figure out who they really are and what they want to become Actually, Fiona is completely certain of what she wants to become a Safe Keeper like her mother But is that really who she is meant to be Like its sequel, The Truth Teller s Tale, this book explores the impact of secrets and truths, primarily through the eyes of Fiona as she grows from a young girl to a young adult There s not a whole lot of action, romance or adventure to be found here, but it s a touching and pleasant tale with just a minor element of fantasy.3.5 stars, rounding up to 4.

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    Damiana is a safe keeper The people in her village can come to her and trust her with their secrets and unburden their hearts with the safety of knowing that she will never gossip or tell what they have told her She lives with her daughter Fiona, and her foster son Reed, brought to her door by a king s messenger the night Fiona was born Fiona plans to be a safe keeper like her mother, while Reed finds that his interests lie in apprenticing with a merchant in the next town over When Damaiana falls ill and dies, she leaves her final secret with Fiona It is a secret that will, over time, unravel to change the future for Fiona and Reed both.This is a quiet fantasy It takes place in a small English feeling village and never goes much farther than the next village over The book is all about Damiana, her children and their friends and their quiet life as they grow and learn and change, and even the twist ending is not loud and shocking, but like the final piece of a puzzle clicking quietly into place Jo Walton has a poem about the quiet things in life, the things that usually fall between the lines in stories, overe here I think Shinn has accomplished that She s found a compelling story in everyday life, a tale that stays in my head that isn t about saving the world or doing anything big or loud, but is rather about living life and becoming the person you want to be I loved this book, every quiet minute of it.

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    I read this when it first came out, and went back to re read, since I recently discovered that there are in this series I was reminded of what a lovely, warm writer Sharon Shinn is, though not in a totally wish fulfillment kind of way, because in many ways this is a book about coping with sadness, anger, and loss.

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    I really enjoyed this book, and I am actually quite surprised at that fact There are several elements in this book that I typically despise in other novels, but for some reason, this time it didn t bother me.For one, nothing much really happened It starts off with a baby being secreted away to the house of a Safe keeper who happens to be giving birth to her own child The two children Reed Fiona grow up together as brother and sister, and the story follows them at age 10 and again from age 16 18 During this time, one major event occurs and everything else seems to be just filler Like I said, usually I would find this incredibly aggravating But this time, it worked for me I enjoyed being able to experience their childhood in an idyllic fashion and meander along with them as they tried to figure themselves out as adolescents.The second thing that should have bothered me but didn t as much as I thought it would was the view spoiler hint of romance between Reed and Fiona Usually, I would be beyond pissed off but I definitely saw this one coming So I was as prepared as I could be for it, and thankfully, the author only hints at it and doesn t spend much time actually on it hide spoiler

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    This is a beautifully written series I like her characters and the worlds she puts them in Some of the content was adult stuff tho Not for the younger reader 16 and up

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    Safe Keepers can be trusted to never reveal a secret So it s no surprise that when a royal bastard needs to be hidden, a Safe Keeper would be the logical place to hide the child When the royal messenger who left the infant in the dark of night with the Safe Keeper is found dead by his own hand a few miles away, the secret that the baby boy who was left behind becomes of an open secret The Safe Keeper decides to raise the child with her own daughter who was born that night But what happens when the King can t have any children, and starts looking for the child who may be his son Sharon Shinn develops an interesting idea here There are people in this society who are responsible for keeping secrets until they need to be told, people who have a mythical ability to know and tell the truth, and people whose presence grants the dreams of others One of the things about any system of magic is that it should come with a cost Dream Makers have lives of sorrow and challenge, Truth Tellers are generally feared and unwelcome, but the Safe Keepers don t seem to have that same cost, other than having to keep horrible secrets It seems a little unbalanced, though that may be because their powers are the weakest.The idea is intriguing, and I liked the development of the characters, but the plot was a little weak, especially the ending that wrapped up all the different story lines in about 15 pages so neatly that Martha would call it a good thing It sort of felt like she was only allowed to write a certain number of pages, and got so carried away that she had to slap an ending on as quickly as possible The idea is interesting enough that I ll seek out other books in this series I believe they are shared world rather than character to see what other stories unfold.

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    I have never read any of Sharon Shinn s young adult books before, and I was glad when this one held up to my expectations of her writing The Safe Keeper s Secret isn t filled with action and adventure there are a few ongoing mysteries throughout the novel, but most would consider this a slow book However, I read for the characters than the plot, so I really liked this story.As always, Shinn has created a brilliant world It s seems much the same as England in the 1100 s, except magic exists and there are certain people who do odd jobs There are Safe Keepers who are obligated to listen to people s secrets and keep them, Truth Tellers who always tell the truth no matter what, and one Dream Maker, whose mere presence may make a person s deepest wishes come true I thought this was a unique spin on things and really enjoyed learning about these different jobs and the people who perform them.Most of all, however, I loved the characters This book is mainly about life and the relationships that we form throughout our lifetimes I got to know Damiana, Reed, Fiona, and all the others as if they were my own family and was interested in what they were doing and what their dreams were, even if the action was simple Also, with Fiona s mother and aunt being Safe Keepers, and then becoming a Safe Keeper herself, there is a good bit of intrigue woven in.Halfway through if even that far , I figured out what was going to come about at the end, but figuring out the mystery wasn t really the point of the novel, I think Rather, it s about Fiona coming to terms with who she is as an individual, what she wants to do with her life This is a lovely story about the meaning of love and family I highly recommend it.Also posted on Purple People Readers.

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    I think Sharon Shinn may be my new favourite author I loved the gentle, sweet mood of this, all the homely things she describes, and the meals shared with family and friends I also found the idea of a safe keeper, a truth teller and a dream maker intriguing and original The way the story spans a number of years as it does in Summers at Castle Auburn, too makes you feel as though you ve really grown and journeyed with the characters, despite the book itself being fairly short in length.

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    Actual rating 3.5